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Andrew Pugliese Visual Resume

  1. 1. Photo Credit: Hello, I’m Drew Pugliese, and this is my personality
  2. 2. Photo Credit: I strive for fun as much as I enjoy creating it for others
  3. 3. My lifetime passion for gaming helped me find my calling in programming. Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  4. 4. Through programming, I believe in creating experiences for others, comparable to those that inspired me as a child. Photo Credit:
  5. 5. I’m an adaptable worker.
  6. 6. I thrive off of variety.
  7. 7. I excel when I am comfortable with those I work with. Working in groups propels me forward. Photo Credit:
  8. 8. I can keep the mood light and keep things moving progressively.Photo Credit:
  9. 9. Being a Game Development Student of Full Sail University, I’ve acquired skills in many types of development. Photo Credit:
  10. 10. I’ve developed games in collaboration with other programmers & producers Photos Credit: Andrew Pugliese
  11. 11. Even made a few myself Photo Credit: Andrew Pugliese
  12. 12. I am strong in tool development, and have made tools for fully functional games. Photo Credit: Andrew Pugliese
  13. 13. As well as UI and menu development Photos Credit: Andrew Pugliese
  14. 14. My most recent interest is in graphics programming Photo Credit: Andrew Pugliese
  15. 15. I discovered I had a very high aptitude for mathematics and problem solving early in my education. Photo Credit:
  16. 16. My strengths are in physics and linear algebra. Photo Credit:
  17. 17. …and applying them to graphics Photo Credit:
  18. 18. I am able to work without the constraints of stress Photo Credit:
  19. 19. Photo Credit: Developers are always in crunch mode. I make deadlines without lack of quality
  20. 20. I stay oriented to the over all goal, but can stick to the structure Photo Credit:
  21. 21. I’d like to get my foot in the door of the Gaming Industry and prove my potential Photo Credit:
  22. 22. …and learn all the tricks of the trade. Photo Credit:
  23. 23. But I have future ambitions Photo Credit:
  24. 24. Photo Credit: One day, I hope to be able to bring life to my own ideas
  25. 25. Photo Credit: Success to me is creating things others will enjoy
  26. 26. Photo Credit: These things are inspired by others that I have enjoyed my whole life
  27. 27. Contact me! Email: Twitter: @A_poog430