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The DeLightful Legacy- Chapter 3
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The DeLightful Legacy- Chapter 3


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. The DeLightful Legacy- Chapter 3
  • 2. Hello all! Welcome back to the DeLightful Legacy! Last chapter, Alice, Aro, and Alec all became teens, and Alice’s visions of Aro and Alec in a strange place with blood red eyes. But that’s all going to have to wait because bigger things are happening! COLLEGE!! Woo!
    And as you can see above, I couldn’t resist the fact that this would be hilarious. Looks like Alice is trying to see into the future right now…let us observe!
  • 3. “I can’t believe your sister is dressed like that! She’s crazy, isn’t she?”
    “Ha, not as crazy as you look!”
    “Wow, I’m going to pretend that was a compliment and drool all over your masculine good looks!”
  • 4. What did you just see, Alice?
    “How could they do that…”
    Do what? Who’s they?
    “I—I can’t believe this. I-It’s impossible! No!”
    Alright, well, let me know when you stop being vague. Moving on…
  • 5. “What’s with you, Alice?”
    “Alec, I have extremely bad news. The deciding—”
    “Oh, is the news that Aro’s the heir?”
    “H-how did you know that!”
    “Alice, it was pretty damn obvious. Losing your touch, sis?”
    “H-how did you know before me!?”
    Alice, you fail. I’m sorry. But I did want her to win. Unfortunately, has wild fan-girls. Sorry, my spiky haired friend…
  • 6. “Hey, Aro! So listen…can I have yo’ numbah?”
    “If this is an attempt to get into the legacy, I suggest you quit now. Also, we live in the same dorm house, so getting my number would be extremely pointless, and I’m trying to write my term paper. I’d pay you to do it, but seeing as how you are a mere human who has no extraordinary powers, or any intelligence at all, I’d rather not go down that road.”
  • 7. Dude, go home.
    “Must beat the Pimp game!”
    Yes, this game is called Pimp something. Ha, I thought that was downright hilarious!
  • 8. So Alec starts randomly arguing with Snape-gone-blonde-pirate-guy-with-a-tan-person-thing for no reason simply because Alec is mean.
    This is why you’re not heir.
    No. You’re just boring and only four people like you…or feel sorry for you! HA! MY HUMOR IS OMNIPOTENT!
    *waayyy back in Riverblossom Hills* Troy: “Daisy!”
    Ahh! Sorry, Troy.
  • 9. “Let’s see…I guess I can make the house into a castle for the Volturi. Should be fairly easy. Then, Alec can join me into making Riverblossom Hills our kingdom—Oh, Daisy, I didn’t see you there. You didn’t hear anything I just said, did you?”
    Every last word.
    “Don’t tell Alice or Alec.”
    I’m pretty sure Alice already knows. Aro, you can’t be the Volturi! This legacy isn’t supposed to be that evil!
    “Fine…But I still want to be known as a Volturi member.”
    Sure. Whatever…
  • 10. “I just don’t get it. How did Aro win?”
    He’s downright gorgeous and females on boolprop love that?
    “But I’m gorgeous!”
    Yes. But I said females on boolprop love that. FEMALES.
    “So you’re saying no one can have a gay crush on me! You’re so mean!”
    And you’re just jealous of Aro. It’s okay, Alice. I promise to play you as a spare.
    Really, really.
  • 11. “Hey big man on campus!”
    “Good morning, Alec.”
    “So, are you still thinking about doing that whole Volturi thing?”
    “No. I figured if I occupied my mind with other things, I wouldn’t feel the need to have the Volturi. I mean, I already have the house back in Riverblossom. That’s the greatest gift. Then I’ll be able to have children with a beautiful woman and watch mother and father age.”
    “Heh…right…well I’m going to stay young forever!”
    “Yes, I heard sim bin life is quite rewarding.”
  • 12. Such a pleasure sim.
    “I’m getting kind of depressed because I’m not heir. I must find happy things to do!”
    Moving along…
  • 13. Aro decided to go to the local coffee shop to start looking for a potential wife. He ran into this guy…err, Parker I think.
    “Hey, man! Aro, right?”
    “Yes. You are?”
    “Parker Fuchs, please ignore the last name. I noticed that you came down here with a want to flirt in you wants panel. So…”
    “Whoa, man! I don’t swing that way!”
    “No! I don’t either! I just want to introduce you to this girl I’ve known since childhood. Her name’s Tracy. I’ll have her go over to your place tomorrow, cool?”
  • 14. “I’m not one for blind dates…but the way he put how this Aro is, I couldn’t help but feel curious.”
    This is Tracy Benson! Yes, she’s gorgeous.
    “Here goes nothing…”
  • 15. “Hello, I’m Aro DeLightful, and it’s DeLightful to meet you.”
    “*giggles* I-I’m Tracy Benson.”
    Aro, did Troy teach you that line? Gosh, I really do hope that little line dies out by next generation…
    As you can see, Aro has a lot of fans. Sophie in the purple dress stalks him, the pink jumpsuit girl kept wanting to admire him, and the blonde chick in the blue shirt back there was wanting to tickle him. Stupid fangirls trying to ruin a date!
  • 16. “I do apologize for the crowdedness of our present surroundings. Would you prefer to go someplace else?”
    “No, it’s okay. I don’t mind.”
    “Great. You’re very beautiful, you know.”
    “Thanks. I don’t know if you notice it, but you talk very…proper.”
    “Well, I treat education with the utmost respect. This world would be chaos without knowledge.”
    Oh, Aro, you are so hot. Let’s just stare at him.
  • 17. I can hear the bells! I can hear the bells!
    Note that this is after a while of entertaining each other and playing and other stupid things. And, a DeLightful first, Aro has the crush first! GASP! Usually the guys in this family take forever to form a crush on the women. Troy had to propose to Rayne just to fall in love with her.
  • 18. Aro’s first kiss! So cute. Now, all I have to do is get Alice’s first kiss and then they all won’t be adults who have never kissed anyone!
  • 19. What now Alice!?
    “I just saw Mom and Dad as elders…and they were…woohooing!
    Yes, that’s what married couples do.
    “But I saw way too much!”
    Ew! Oh, I’m sorry Alice…that is tragic.
  • 20. Well, that didn’t take long. Aro, you’re not biting her neck or anything are you?
    “Relax, Daisy. I’m not a true vampire in this world.”
    “Aro, that tickles!”
    What tickles? Aro, where are your hands!
    Oh, young love. Just wait until you have the children.
  • 21. Alice, I don’t think that’s such a good idea…
    “Why not!? I’m just looking into people’s homes. Oh my gosh, I can see straight to Bluewater Village. Is that Mr. Tinker? Eww, what is he doing!? Gross, should you do that with a jack in the box toy? That’s disgusting!”
    Please stop.
    “No! This is just too good! Ew! SICK!”
    Oh, Alice…
  • 22. “Alice! How would you like it if I spied on you doing something private!?”
    “Well, Mr. Tinker, I would first of all not do that right in front of the window like an idiot.”
    “GRRR! You DeLightfuls are pure trouble!”
  • 23. “Tracy, I can’t think of my life with anyone else but you. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”
    “Aro…we—of course!”
    “I love you so much, Tracy.”
    “I love you too, Aro.”
    So cute.
  • 24. So, the other smaller dorm the DeLightfuls were in was glitching up and all the sims wouldn’t move or something. So I got this premade dorm and moved Alice, Aro and Alec in here. It’s bigger, but there’s only four bathrooms for twelve people. Yes, stupid, I know. But I liked how it looked. So this is the new dorm! Yippee!
  • 25. Ew, Alice, if you’re planning on marrying him, then you can forget about me playing you as a spare…
    “Don’t worry, I see myself giving him a hug and it ending badly.”
    Then why are you going to hug hi—
    “Hey, Curtis, give me a hug!”
    “No..I’m a jock. You’re artistic and stuff…no way would I hug you!”
    “See, Daisy! It worked!”
    Huh!? I’m confused.
  • 26. “Nice weather we’re having, Aro.”
    “Yes. Very…blissful.”
    “Is something on your mind?”
    “You do know I’m part of a legacy, right?”
    “Yes…Alec told me. All the while shuttering every time I walk past him.”
    “Well, Alec’s a dumbass. I just wanted to know if you cared or not…to be part of a legacy.”
    “I wouldn’t care if it were an apocalypse. As long as I’m with you.”
    “Thanks, Trace.”
  • 27. I should have never bought that…Now all I hear constantly is College Rock Music blending in with the incessant laughter of people who are high from bubbles.
    “Daisy, Daisy, Daisy…you…you gotta believe in the bubble.”
    Purple dress girl: Hahaha! Alice is right! You gotta believe in the bubble!
    Blue shirt girl: BELIEVE IN THE BUBBLE!
  • 28. “Yo, Aro, thanks for helping me with this assignment last minute and all.”
    “No problem. Seeing as I’m the only one fit for the job in this dormitory.”
    “Err, right. All done!”
    “See, you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Now pay up.”
    “Yeah, fifty bucks, right?”
    “I only have three twenty’s. I’ll pay you the other…uh…hmm…I’ll pay you the rest later.”
  • 29. “You’re kidding! He actually gave you sixty instead of fifty and thought he owed you! Aro, that’s downright hilarious.”
    “Yes, but I feel bad conning him like that.”
    “Idiots like him need to be conned a few times before they—whoa, Aro…you’re eyes…”
    “What? What about them?”
    “Oh…never mind. I thought they looked red or something…must be the light from the TV.”
    “[I can read her mind right now…I can see what she just saw. Did my eyes really do that? Maybe it was the TV…]”
  • 30. “OUR HAIR!”
    Really? Wow, you guys aren’t metrosexual at all!
  • 31. Miss Dallas, kindly tell me how many cooking points you have.
    “Well, I suppose they’re pretty up there.”
    “Now look here, young lady, when I was young, we didn’t talk to adults like how you doing now!”
    Look, OLD LADY, I could quite literally kill you right now. It’s late, there’s four showers, and everybody stinks! Gosh, I hate elders in this game…they always do retarded stuff.
  • 32. Alice, why are you making toy robots…? You’re wasting money.
    “I’m trying to think about what I should do with my time. I’m finished with my term paper and my grades are extraordinary. There’s nothing left for me to do. “
    You could give a bunch of makeovers to people! I’m sure you’re sick of seeing these ugly townies in even uglier outfits and bad hair.
    “Daisy, that’s brilliant! The first person that walks by this house, I’m making them over!”
    That’s the spirit, Alice.
  • 33. “Hello, there! I’m Alice DeLightful. You are?”
    “Uh…you’re talking to me? I’m…Jane. Jane Stacks.”
    “Beautiful name, Jane. And your skin is such a beautiful color. Much prettier than my pallid skin.”
    “Um, thanks…”
    “But that outfit does nothing for your beauty.”
    Alice…gosh, way to be straightforward.
  • 34. “I can see the outfit now! Green is definitely your color. Not this pink…orange floral thing you’re wearing—no offense!”
    “None take—”
    “Also! I think curly hair is your thing…but we need to loosen those curls a bit.”
    “Wait a second! I don’t even know you that well! I don’t need a makeover…”
  • 35. “Humor me, Jane.”
    “Alice…I barely know you. You barely know me. Why do you want to give me a makeover.”
    “Okay, don’t freak out, but I know about your future. I’ve seen it. I…can see the future, more or less.”
    “What? You’re absolutely mad!”
    “Right, but I’m mad and I know that you have your sights on Castor Nova. Hottest guy on campus since Aro step foot at SSU.”
    “Yeah, your brother is beautiful…er, I mean, how do you know about Castor and me? Nobody knows about that.”
    “I’m not like other people, Jane.”
  • 36. “So how did it all start with Castor?”
    “Well, I went to go get frappucinos at the local coffee shop for my roommates, and he bumped into me on accident, spilling all of the frappucinos all over me. Then we started laughing and talking about our majors…and I realized he had such a gorgeous smile…”
    “Ah, the frappucino meet. Classic.”
    “You have experience with this, don’t you, Alice?”
    “Uh…sure. Yeah, I’ve dated lots of guys. But I’m more focused on money.”
    Tell me, all these guys you’ve dated…would they happen to be dead presidents?
  • 37. “First things first, we need to get you into shape, sweetheart.”
    “I’ve…let myself go a little.”
    “Yes, and that outfit doesn’t help with it, either. New clothes, new body, new hair…new makeup. Remember, this isn’t to get Castor to like you. I’m sure he does. This is to get Castor to like you more.”
    “This is too nice of you, Alice.”
    “Just paying it forward*.”
    *Pay it Forward is the saddest movie I’ve ever seen. Go watch it :D
  • 38. “Are you sure this dress isn’t too revealing?”
    “Jane, when you start working out…you’ll want that dress to be revealing!”
    “How come you don’t dress in clothes like this?”
    “Because black and silver are my colors. Green is yours. Go buy it!”
  • 39. “Alice, you’re running on the treadmill like a goddess! I could never run like that. This is all pointless. I’ll never be beautiful like you…Castor will never love me. I’ll just have to live with my roommates and go through college alone, live alone in Riverblossom Hills, and cry alone, with millions of cats to comfort me.”
    “Jane, shutup!”
    “I’m sorry, Daisy. But she’s not getting it. I work magic! I’m a fashionista and not to mention somewhat of a matchmaker. She will be Mrs. Jane Nova in the near future! I’ve seen it!”
    Subjective visions, Alice. Remember that.
  • 40. Or maybe they aren’t subjective…
    “Alice, you’re amazing!”
    “I try.”
    “No, this is beyond—I’ve never—I didn’t know I had this beautiful face!”
    “I’m not a DeLightful for nothing, I guess.”
  • 41. “I’m probably the best thing that’s ever happened to you, aren’t I, Jane?”
    Alice, there’s no need to be a braggadocios.
    “I’m not bragging! I’m simply just stating the facts. I’m amazing!”
    “Alice, you truly are!”
    “Dang, I have to go to class. Go call Castor and invite him over. Show off your good looks!”
  • 42. “Castor!”
    “J-Jane? Is that you?”
    “Yes…my new friend, Alice, she gave me a makeover…do you—”
    “Jane, you look amazing. Wow…”
    “I guess green is my color.”
    “It truly is.”
  • 43. “Jane, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this before…but I really do like you.”
    “Really, Castor?”
    “Of course. I pretend to be Mr. Big Shot in front of the guys back at the Greek house, and in front of the Tri-Var girls, but in reality, I can’t stop thinking about that time in the coffee shop…when we talked about our futures and what we wanted to achieve in life. I know what I want right now. You.”
    “Oh, Castor.”
  • 44. Sub-plots rule!
  • 45. “Hey, lovebirds. You must be Castor Nova. I’m Alice DeLightful.”
    “Alice, nice to meet you. Jane looks great, by the way. It’s like her inner confidence is shining right through her eyes now…brighter than the stars themselves.”
    “Wow, Jane didn’t lie…you are deep.”
    “Knowledge Sim.”
    “Ah. Well, I’ll leaves you two alone. *whispers to Jane* Get some Jane!”
  • 46. “I’m late, I’m late! For a very important exam! No time to say hello—goodbye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”
    Oh come on, I had to make a reference to Alice in Wonderland. It was funny. I know you’re laughing. You’re smiling right now! I can see you. BECAUSE MY SIGHT IS OMNIPOTENT!
    Troy: “Daisy, cut it out!”
    How can you even hear me!?
  • 47. Ugh…too much romance. I’m going to keel over from all of it.
    Yes, I boolpropped them, No, I don’t care if that’s cheating. I’ll do what I want.
    I might play them when Aro moves back to the legacy lot. They’ll be the annoying friends that never leave like in those cheap sitcoms.
  • 48. See, Alice. Life as a spare doesn’t look totally useless. In fact I might even—
    “Daisy , don’t do that.”
    Do what?
    “You were going to say you might even turn me into a vampire and have me live on the lot to take care of the generations to come. I’m not doing that. I don’t want to steal Aro’s spotlight.”
    Well, you’re not going to rot away in the sim bin for eternity! You will have a life!
    “What about Alec?”
    Oh who cares about Alec…he’s a dumbass.
  • 49. “Look, Castor, if you hurt her by cheating on her with one of those sorority hussies, I’ll have to strangle you, ending your future completely. Got it?”
    “When did you become so violent?”
    “Right around the time Jane and I became BFF’s homie-G’s. You hurt her, I hurt you.”
    “Sounds reasonable.”
    “Yes, and we’re going to ignore that fact that you and I have some boltage going on.”
    “Oh, right , of course. I love Jane.”
    “And that’s how it should be.”
  • 50. “So, Cherry, do you like what you see?”
    “If it helps, my older brother is Aro.”
    “Oh, baby! He’s gorgeous. You somewhat look like him…I guess I’ll just pretend he’s you with a wig on!”
    “Um…and I’ll pretend that didn’t wound my ego.”
  • 51. Jane glitched up while playing chess. Or maybe she just wants to flaunt that rock Castor secured on her finger.
    “No, it’s a glitch! I don’t flaunt off things!”
    Yeah…you’re like super shy. Proceed with your pancakes. Wait…why did you stay all night?!
  • 52. The stink exuding from this she-hippie caused Alice to look crazy looking and possibly lose her vision, sense of smell, and sense of taste.
    Alec: “Hey, I could have done that!”
    Yeah, but Alec, you’re a dumbass and you also don’t use your powers because they’re really not necessary in this story. Or any other. I doubt I’m going to play you.
  • 53. “But, Daisy I can sing!”
    “Yeah, and he’s really good! He doesn’t sound like a wailing cow!”
    Okay, Alice…cows don’t wail. And Alec, I’m not impressed by your voice because chances are if there were some other young adult who had a lot of creativity points, he would sound just like you.
  • 54. Mrs. Nova (or future Mrs. Nova) came to visit Alice…at 2 in the morning. She was tiptoeing and I didn’t know why.
    Then she played a game of redhands with Alice, and guess what she did after that!? GUESS!
  • 55. She left.
    Now, everybody is awake because she rang the doorbell, and it’s two in the morning. GRR.
  • 56. The next few days passed and Alice and Aro wanted to have a party. So we invited some people over (two..that’s all we could invite.) Aro and Tracy here snuck away from the party to this bed up on the roof in one of the little shed rooms up there.
    “Tracy, I love you so much! I’m so excited to marry you.”
    “Me too. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Tracy DeLightful.”
    “And I can’t wait to have children together!”
    Aro, whoa, keep it PG. Well…PG-13.
  • 57. “Shaba Daba Doo! Shaba Daba Doo!”
    Stop. Now.
    “Heck no! I’m just getting started!”
  • 58. Streaker number one!
  • 59. Streaker number two! I know, I’m shocked that Aro would do something like this, too.
    And a hint of streaker number one in the mirror.
  • 60. And streaker number three.
    Indecent exposure, kids.
  • 61. “Nakedness rocks! *imitates an electric guitar*”
    “I’ve got blisters on me fingers!”
    Ha. Beatles reference.
  • 62. Hey, Cow! The lunch lady is RIGHT THERE. You aren’t inconspicuous at all.
    But this cow must have had some nice points because he didn’t like doing the things MAXIS told him to do. He would look at me, mope and look exasperated, then walk over to the sprinklers with his head hanging down.
    It was kind of cute. Poor cow. He’s just a misunderstood soul.
  • 63. “Misunderstood soul!? He just womped me in the face with a pillow filled with rocks!”
    “Those…those were feathers. I-I’m sorry.”
    “, you’re—I’m sorry.”
    “MY NOSE! AHH!”
    “Really, I thought since you were a pleasure seeker—”
    “Jeez, this hurts so badly!”
    Alec, shut up so he can apologize!
  • 64. Still talking about Alec, eh?
    I love twins.
  • 65. Anyway, Aro took Trace out to Bluewater Village for their last date until they were married. Yes, time has jumped a lot because college is hard to get through while also trying to make a story and get these kids on the dean’s list eight times!
    “Tracy, darling, I’ll buy anything you’d like. You want that cheesecake? I’ll give you that cheesecake!”
    “Aro, you don’t have to get me gifts.”
    “I know. But I want to. And I always do and get what I want. *grins*”
    “Oh, Aro…”
  • 66. “Mr. Jacquet, do you even know how to work this thing?”
    “Of course I do, Mr. DeLightful. Let me…just…hold on…”
    “Hold on! I got it! Alright…eight simoleons, please.”
    “*mutters* I should turn your neck eight times around…*louder* Here you go. My fiancée just loves when her cheesecake is moldy and old because the cashier doesn’t even know how to work the cash register and shouldn’t be called a cashier because that title would make someone assume he actually has expertise at the art of cashing. Good day, sir.”
    “Come again!”
  • 67. “Here you are, my love!”
    “Oh, I didn’t think you’d actually get it for me…Thanks, Aro!”
    “Just promise not to eat it when you’re pregnant.”
    “Promise, please.”
    “Okay…I promise.”
    How many of you think I’m going to make her eat it when she’s preggo anyway? :D
  • 68. Aro and Tracy went out to eat dance at some restaurant that I forgot the name of, that’s how much I care!
    “Tracy, this was a wonderful night out. It’s nice to get away from my siblings for a while.”
    “You don’t like being with your siblings? But Alice is such a lovely person and Alec…well, Alec can be annoying but he’s nice to me.”
    “No, I didn’t say they weren’t nice…I just hate that I’m taking something that they wanted.”
    “What’s that?”
    “The Heirship.”
  • 69. “Aro, don’t worry about them. Alice seems like she’s having a lot of fun here at college, throwing parties and making over people. She’s sort of livening up this place. It was pretty dead before you guys came here. Whish is sort of ironic…considering you all are somewhat vampires…”
    “You’re cute when you ramble.”
    “*blushes* Um…But, yes, you shouldn’t be worried about Alec and Alice. I'm sure they’re fine.”
  • 70. “I hate Aro.”
    What?! Why? He’s your brother.
    “So? What has he done for me? Grant me false acceptance to his stupid society the Volturi, which he never even made because you’re too lazy to—”
    Hey! I have reasons for not making that happen. And if you’re still alive, you’ll see in generation V.
    “Oh, sure. Aren’t you going to die in generation D.”
    Yo momma!
  • 71. Alec: “Look at him. He looks completely smug about him winning the votes. Only because he’s pretty. I’m pretty, too! In fact, if I had the same outfit and hair as Aro, you couldn’t tell the difference.”
    That doesn’t matter. And you know he makes that face all the time when he plays chess!
  • 72. Maybe Alice doesn’t feel the same…
    “Mohawk, I’m upset.”
    “…Are you talking to me?”
    “You’re the only one with a mohawk around here.”
    “Alright. Why are you upset, Alice.”
    “Because my creator says she’ll play me as a spare, but I don’t believe her. And she wanted me to turn true vampire so I could live in the legacy lot and work as a servant—well she says helper—and I don’t think I want to become a vampire. I mean, red eyes are so not me, you know?”
  • 73. Oh no! A Parent visiting!? That must mean the end of the chapter is near!
    “Mother? Hey, what are you doing her so late?”
    “Oh, Aro! I’m so happy to see you. My goodness, you’re so handsome. Why haven’t you invited me over!?”
    “Mom, I’m sorry. College kept me busy. I’m trying to get a degree so I can get a good job for your future grandchildren.”
    “What? Oh, yes…right. You’re the heir. Troy told me one day…I’m becoming forgetful. Menopause.”
    “Alright…too much info.”
  • 74. “Mom!”
    “Mother, what is wrong with you!? How could you let Aro win the heirship? I’m the pretty little girl of the family! Shouldn’t I have won!? And why are you wearing that God-awful sweatshirt?”
    “Alice, watch your mouth. And the votes weren’t up to me.”
    “But doesn’t Dad have the ultimate say?”
    “No. And really, the other choice was Alec. Look at him. He’s a complete moron. I’m sorry Alice. But look, not Daisy can give you all the elixir you want and you will never age!”
  • 75. “But, mom, if Aro dies or something—which I don’t see happening—then I will be on the doorstep with my things and a husband!”
    “oh, so you’re engaged”
    “Ah…well. You’re lover will come soon, dear.
  • 76. “Ready to go home, Aro?”
    “Yes mother! I can’t wait for you to meet Tracy.”
    So this is the end of the College Chapter! It sucked, didn’t it? Yeah, I’m sorry. But I need practice with playing college and trying to do story lines and whatnot. So, join me next time with Aro and Tracy bringing in generation B, where a main character is born! Yay!
    Next slide. 
  • 77. Aro dreams about a conversation he had with Alice earlier:
    “Aro, I keep seeing you in a strange place…you and Alec. You both have red eyes and are in dark cloaks…it’s scaring me. Aro, you’re not planning anything, are you?”
    “Of course not, Alice. I wouldn’t do that.”
    “Then…why do I keep seeing this vision?”
    “Maybe someone else is planning that…”
    “Well, we know for sure it’s not Alec.”
    Thanks for reading!