Jesse Owens
By Gavin Schleich

Some called him Owens others called him the Buckeye Bullet. I think Jesse Owens
was one o...
Bibliography (website) (website)
Black Americans by Rachel Kranz (book) 

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Hero by Gavin S.


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Hero by Gavin S.

  1. 1. Jesse Owens By Gavin Schleich Some called him Owens others called him the Buckeye Bullet. I think Jesse Owens was one of the most interesting athletes who ever lived. Jesse Owens was born on September 12, 1913 and died March 31, 1980. Jesse Owens was famous for having set three world records in one afternoon, while at college in 1935. Then when Jesse got older he went to the Olympic Games in Berlin. While he was there he broke ten Olympic records and helped his U.S. team win 12 of the 23 men's track and field events. In the Olympics Owens also set a world record for the broad jump. ( At the time, the games were held in Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany. He didn't like Jesse Owens in the Olympics because of the color of his skin and was very mad that he was playing. In 1976 Jesse Owens was rewarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Jesse Owens' original name was James Owens but when his family moved to Ohio the J. C. for James Cleveland was interpreted as Jesse, and the name stuck. When Jesse Owens was a kid he was thin and frail, and he came near death while suffering from recurring pneumonia. (Black Americans) Jesse Owen's coach encouraged him to come to school early for a morning workout, and would bring Owens a large breakfast each day. Jesse Owens was very popular at his school despite being one of the only black people there. He was elected for student council president. Jesse Owen's family was still poor so to make a little money after school he would shine shoes. His athletic skill brought him many scholarship offers. At Ohio state, Owens continued to excel as an athlete. When Owens went to the Olympics he was carefully watched by both black and white Americans. ( Jesse Owens was a hero because he stood up for black people going to the Olympics and playing sports. He showed that segregation was wrong and that everyone should be able to play sports no matter what race. I chose Jesse Owens as the person I was going to research because I think what he did was really brave and fearless. I think that if he didn't do what he did not every race would be able to go to the Olympics. (Me) After the Olympics Jesse had a hard time making money and finding a job. It was really bad because no one at that time would hire him because of what race he was. People didn't offer him a job and he didn't get any movie offers or any thing like that. Jesse soon became a public speaker for American rights and had a big impact on people today. He also wrote his own book the Blackthink that told about his travels and everything that he did. However, in 1972, Jesse rethought his book and made a new one called I Have Changed. (Black Americans) Sadly Jesse Owens got lung cancer and died on March 31, 1980. He will always be remembered as The Buckeye Bullet or the man who ran. In conclusion that's how Jesse Owens lived his life and why I chose him as the person I would research.
  2. 2. Bibliography (website) (website) Black Americans by Rachel Kranz (book)