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Frederick Douglass by Jake
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Frederick Douglass by Jake


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Frederick Douglas Jake W.
  • 2. Frederick Bailey was born in 1818 near a town named Easton. Frederick Bailey was born as a slave, but he was very lucky. He got to live with his grandparents, and sometimes his mother visited him in the middle of the night. (Wikipedia)
  • 3. Frederick was very underfed and competed with the dog for more food. When Frederick found out that his aunt and uncle had run away, he realized that it was possible to escape. Frederick's owner decided to send him to Baltimore. Frederick was excited because he had heard that some slaves were even free in Baltimore! When he arrived in Baltimore, his master was an inexperienced slave owner and taught him how to read. (Wikipedia)
  • 4. He was then rented by William Freeland and tried to organize an escape but was caught. (Wikipedia)
  • 5. A Plan to Escape After his master's husband put a stop to letting Frederick read, they sent him to Thomas Auld, and Thomas being upset with Frederick, sent him to Covey who was known as a slave-breaker. A slave breaker whips a slave until their spirit is broken. Eventually he fought back and won. Covey never whipped him again. He tried to escape for Covey as well but he was caught again. (Wikipedia, Wonders)
  • 6. 1838 Frederick Bailey escaped to the north on a train with a fake pass that said he was free. He married Anna Murray and changed his last name from Bailey to Douglas to escape the slave traders. He didn't tell anybody how he escaped until slavery was banished, as he feared the slave traders would try to track down escapees that way. (Wikipedia)
  • 7. Becoming an Abolitionist When Frederick reached Philadelphia he realized that not everything was as he thought it would be. There was still segregation. He gave speeches and went on six month tours speaking out against segregation. He also spoke for women's rights. He died of a heart attack in 1895. (Wikipedia)
  • 8. Conclusion Frederick Douglass' wife, Ann Murray Frederick Douglas was a very inspiring person because he came from zero to hero. He escaped slavery and was a part in abolition. He inspired me to be outstanding because he became such an important person when he had been a slave for 20 years. (Wikipedia)
  • 9. (Wikipedia) Frederick_Douglass#Life_as_a_slave (Wonders) repository/protected_content/EBOOK/50000246/31/0/ m/index.html? stateCode=CO&mghCourseID=5VPS53Q1LV1H28KP7 R74OXFYN1&mghClassID=GO5QG6XYWS8KHBC YCOGRCXCNQ1&mghApi=http%3A%2F %2F1390422762%2FMGH_EBOOK_API.js#/266/book