Publishing Technology Executive Exchange Dec 2012, B Holding, HK: Time of Chaos, Time of Control


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At Publishing Technology's Fall 2012 Executive Exchange customer event, Human Kinetics CEO, Brian Holding discusses the new "B2B2C" marketplace, including leveraging direct customer relationships even while dealing with intermediairies such as retailers and Amazon.

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  • Monthlyuniques – Amazon 80MM, B & N 8MM, FA Davis 26k, logos are similar to ours Huge opportunity for mobile optimization – these users have the potential to be extremely engaged and can engage with us in ways that they might not be inclined to engage via desktop. According to Comscore, online retail is one of the fastest growing mobile categories. We’ll touch on our plans for mobile in next steps.
  • Mainly via search – big opportunity to develop a search engine marketing strategy348 customer survey respondents – large percentage of professionals and instructors, but a solid base of students as well
  • Publishing Technology Executive Exchange Dec 2012, B Holding, HK: Time of Chaos, Time of Control

    1. 1. TIME OF CHAOS,TIME OF CONTROLPresentation at Publishing Technology’s ExecutiveExchangeBrian Holding, Human KineticsDec. 12, 2012
    2. 2. Chaotictimes• E-book formats• Product forms• Devices• Sales channels• Digital rights• Discounting
    3. 3. Control comes with …1. Publishing mission focus with committed staff2. Quality content from authoritative sources3. Strong, new internal systems (XML-based workflow)4. Culture of innovation and respect5. Building direct customer relationships – which canlead to product development opportunities
    4. 4. Sales Channels Outside Publisher 1990s 2000s 2010sBook ClubsIndependent BookstoresMall BookstoresDirect MarketersB&N/Borders BookstoresWarehouse Club Retailers, WalmartCollege BookstoresConsumer Book WholesalersAcademic Book WholesalersAmazonB&N Online (Consumer and College)AppleGoogleOnline University E-book LicensingLibrary E-Book Retailers
    5. 5. …direct access to your customer• No more gatekeepers (buyers)• No more shelf limits• No more geographic boundaries• No more product limitations
    6. 6. Building a customer relationship• Relevant communications/products. Establishing your products as meaningful. Authors, associations products, forms.• Value-added communications. Magalogs not just catalogs. Apps with news. News feeds on websites.• Invite, don’t interrupt. Opt-in e-marketing lists. Rewards Program.• Multitude of marketing means including social media
    7. 7. Ability to sell direct even if your customersprefer Amazon• Your showroom where you can bring customers• Present all your products with proper emphasis• Display all your formats for products• Facilitate delivery for online courses, ancillaries for students and faculty
    8. 8. Human Kinetics’ website YTD Visits Unique Visitors Pages / Visit Time on Site % New Visits Bounce Rate Desktop 1,421,012 1,083,686 4.95 2:05 72.82% 9.69% Mobile 181,274 140,139 3.6 1:36 74.35% 9.97% TOTAL 1,602,286 1,223,825 4.79 2:02 73.00% 9.73% Mobile is driving 72% of HK 11.3% of total site survey respondents Translates to about traffic! 160k/month and 5,200/day use their mobile device to access the Web dailySources: Google Analytics (HK data), Microsoft (mobile data), HKemployee survey
    9. 9. From where in the world are they coming1. U.S. – 1.4 million Others:2. Canada – 263,000 • Germany, 16,0003. U.K – 254,000 • Spain, 15,4304. Australia – 147,000 • Italy, 15,2665. India – 70,000 • Brazil, 11,0006. Philippines – 58,000 • Turkey, 10,3837. Malaysia – 25,000 • China, 10,0008. Singapore, 24,2009. N. Zealand – 23,50010. Ireland – 22,250
    10. 10. How are people finding us? Visits by Medium - YTD Visitors by Type 0.1% 1.5% 0.1% 9% 10% 7% 13.7% Consumer organic search 21% Professional 21.8% direct 39% Student 62.7% referral Instructor cpc Other twitter 14% No Answer other• Who exactly are these visitors?Sources: Google Analytics, HK Customer Survey
    11. 11. How many and what are they buying?Nearly 1 million individual customer Online courses, books, and e- records in our systems books• 42,454 U.S. individual • $1.5 million in product purchases in past 7 sales past 7 months months compared with 57,000 for all of FY12. • $719,000 in online course sales• Over 150,000 customer records with our • Best-selling products are subsidiaries in coaching education Europe, Canada, and courses Australia/New Zealand
    12. 12. Even if they don’t buy from HK, they do …• Buy elsewhere building HK’s value with that channel• Increase HK product rankings on sites like Amazon• Improve affinity marketing presence on Amazon• Attract new product opportunities through strong ties authors or organizations
    13. 13. Failing to develop customer ties…• Limits sales through other channels• Lowers product and brand awareness• Hurts ability to attract strong authors and partnerships with organizations• Reduces competitiveness in today’s chaotic marketplace
    14. 14. Any questions?