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Copyright Clearance Center, a Global sponsor of Publishers Launch Conferences, has been in the business of clearing rights for more than three decades. And they have also got two solutions -- a new license and a new service -- that directly address this challenge.

Michael Healy explains what CCC has to offer that can reduce the burden of getting the permissions necessary to bring to market the increasingly complex and mashed up products we will be seeing in the future.

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  • We have done a lot of listening through several rounds of market research, including several sessions with our Publisher Advisory Group.What we have learned is that buyers of rights are struggling to get the rights they need. Sometimes they can clear the rights through copyright.com or RightsLink but sometimes they can’t.
  • For example, as a rights buyer, if I buy rights for reuse in a book, what does that mean? Today, that means I probably need more than print rights. I need electronic rights and the right to publish in multiple formats. And, in electronic publishing, I can’t have my rights expire in a year. I need rights for a longer-period of time or across editions. And, if I am publishing materials in the education market, I need rights to reuse content notonly in the main textbook but in the teacher’s guide and the student edition as well.
  • Republication License Avoid the costly and labor intensive nature of these transactionsIncrease revenue and streamline permission requests by making your works available to other publishers and authors through this license
  • This page will be modified depending on who is giving the presentation and who is in the room.
  • Michael Healy, Copyright Clearance Center

    1. 1. New licensing solutions for a changingchildren’s book industryMichael HealyExecutive Director, Author & Publisher RelationsPublishers Launch Children’s Conference : New York, January 2012
    2. 2. Stating the obvious?• The industry is being transformed – New products – New players – New partnerships – New opportunities• Licensing revenue opportunities are being overlooked• Easy efficiencies and cost savings are being missed – N2 3/14/2012
    3. 3. Permissions Staff Are StrugglingClearing permissions canbe:• Labor intensive• Time consuming• Slow• Inefficient• Expensive
    4. 4. Digital media makes things even more complexText-only is history Today, new types of permissions are required to publish in multiple formats4 3/14/2012
    5. 5. CCC has solutions for today’s digital worldCCC is simplifying the acquisition and licensing ofpermissions• Permissions Acquisition Service: A service bureau to help your permissions staff or your authors acquire the permissions you need• Republication Licensing: A self-service license to help you acquire a broad bundle of republication rights through copyright.com in a single transaction5
    6. 6. Permissions Acquisition Service• Permissions outsourced to an experienced, trusted partner• Full-service bureau• CCC specialists acquire the permissions you need• Quality controls throughout the project lifecycle• Item-level reporting and cost tracking• Streamlined payment options• Staff freed up to better manage your business6 3/14/2012
    7. 7. Service OfferingsNeeds Analysis • Manuscript review (new works) • Permissions gap analysis (backlist titles) • Permissions acquisition profilePermissions Acquisition • New titles • Backlist titles requiring expanded rights • TranslationsPremium Deliverables • Robust reports • Streamlined payments7 3/14/2012
    8. 8. Meeting the needs of your permissions staff• Our dedicated team enable us to staff projects quickly and to scale to meet your needs• Our profiling tools mean fewer incomplete permissions, fewer review cycles for your staff, and therefore lower costs• Consolidated payment options reduce the costs of managing & issuing micropayments• Robust reporting means more complete permissions data in your rights management systems, enabling easy analysis of reusable permissions8 3/14/2012
    9. 9. The Republication License• For publishers who want an efficient, web-based solution for granting permissions for reuse of their content – More cost-effective and efficient for Buyers: can acquire a broad bundle of rights in a single transaction on copyright.com – More flexibility and control for Sellers: can control pricing and use automated tools to manage their business9 3/14/2012
    10. 10. Why Copyright Clearance Center?A trusted, experienced, global Rights Broker • 30+ years experience • 450 million+ rights managed • Thousands of global rightsholders represented • 35,000 licensed companies • 1,200 licensed academic institutions • EContent 100 List for 4 years • Outsell “10 to Watch” list10 3/14/2012
    11. 11. The Rights Licensing ExpertsWe Know Rights• CCC manages millions of rights for content of all types – Books, journals, magazines and newspapers – Blogs, web sites, ebooks and new mediaWe Know Rightsholders• CCC partners with thousands of rightsholders of all sizes – Commercial publishers – Universities and scholarly presses – Authors and their agents11 3/14/2012
    12. 12. Thank YouMichael Healymhealy@copyright.com+1-978-646-2464