Reaching a Global Audience of Readers through Wattpad (Allen Lau at Publishers Launch Frankfurt 2013)


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Reaching a Global Audience of Readers -- Presented by Allen Lau, CEO and Co-Founder, Wattpad

At Publishers Launch Frankfurt, Frankfurt Book Fair, 8 October 2013

Wattpad has a fast-growing user base of over 15 million members, including readers and emerging writers from the English-speaking world as well as from Spain, Mexico, Germany, the Philippines, Vietnam, the BRIC countries, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere around the globe. Wattpad will describe how some pioneering publishers are using the Wattpad platform as a marketing tool: building author-reader connections, publishing original short stories and prequels within existing series, and creating direct relationships with an increasingly global audience that buys their ebooks. And they'll point to the major markets where their user base is growing quickly, like Germany.

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Reaching a Global Audience of Readers through Wattpad (Allen Lau at Publishers Launch Frankfurt 2013)

  1. 1. Connect Through Stories.
  2. 2. WORLD’S LARGEST is the community for reading and sharing stories
  3. 3. A new reading and writing experience that enables the creation of personal connections and billions of new stories. Together with the crowd we will enable the future of storytelling. Our Vision
  4. 4. • Over  4.5  billion  minutes  per  month • 19M  monthly  unique  users • 30  minutes  per  web  session • 2.5M  monthly  uploads,  25M  total   uploads • 15M  monthly  comments • Top  ranked  eReading  app  in  all  major   app  stores  globally Key Metrics Time Spent
  5. 5. Key Markets: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey and Latin America. Available in over 30 languages
  6. 6. social  +  mobile  +  eReading  =  new  form  of  entertainment
  7. 7. Mobile + Social + eReading = New form of entertainment
  8. 8. Why Wattpad Works for Today’s Reader Incredible Library in Your Hand Personalized via Algorithms & Friends Social Sharing, Commenting, Following & Liking
  9. 9. 80,000 stories updated every day 9pm most popular update time Tens of millions of email and push notifications sent each day Serialization
  10. 10. NEW FORMS OF WRITING AND ENGAGEMENT Serialized Novels Open Access Prequels/Engagement Short Stories
  11. 11. NET-NATIVE WRITERS 100,000 Fans 100,000,000 Reads 100,000 Comments
  12. 12. NET-NATIVE WRITERS “Abigail Gibbs secures 6- figure sum for vampire novel inspired by Twilight saga which she wrote after school”
  13. 13. How we can help
  14. 14. Average Campaign 12,000,000 monthly impressions CTR of 2% vs Facebook Ads 0.11%
  15. 15. Data and Analytics
  16. 16. Cost
  17. 17. Not for Sale
  18. 18. What works
  19. 19. Standalone Works
  20. 20. “Bridging Stories”
  21. 21. “Companion” pieces
  22. 22. Edited excerpts
  23. 23. Behind the Scenes
  24. 24. Short Stories
  25. 25. Original Content
  26. 26. Pre-product
  27. 27. Fan Funding and more ...
  28. 28. Access
  29. 29. Comments Reading Lists Reviews of Works Acknowledgements Dedications Engagement
  30. 30. Allen Lau, CEO and co-founder @allenlau Ashleigh Gardner, Head of Publishing Partnerships @ashleighgardner Funded by: Union Square Ventures Khosla Ventures OMERS Ventures Golden Venture Partners Version One Ventures Jerry Yang