Increasing Permissions Revenues with Point-of-Content Licensing


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Handling permissions is one of the most labor-intensive and low-revenue tasks in any publishing house. But new cloud services provide automation and efficiency to make small licensing transactions less onerous and more remunerative. Alfredo Santana, Associate Director of Global Rights Operations at John Wiley & Sons will share how Copyright Clearance Centers RightsLink service has freed up staff time, improved workflow, and increased permissions revenue for the publisher.

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Increasing Permissions Revenues with Point-of-Content Licensing

  1. 1. July 26, 2012 Book Publishing in the CloudAlfredo Santana, Associate Director, Global Rights Operations
  2. 2. A Brief History of Permissions (the original micro-transaction)Shrouded in mystery – Who handles it? What is it? a service or a revenue stream?Very time-consuming – Thousands of requests, each one unique Title and Rights information not readily availableSmall per transaction fees, plus hundreds of ―freebies‖ – Did the fee justify the effort?
  3. 3. Reasons for changes in Permission…
  4. 4. Higher Profile with theOptimization of RepurposingContent— From low demand… — To high volume of demand— From ad hoc approach… — To systematic— From not that process important… — To accountability— From not — To an established significant revenue revenue stream
  5. 5. The Need For More Effectiveand Efficient Approach BecameObvious and UrgentIntegrated Permissions Process into moreautomated internal systems/Subsidiary RightsDatabaseDedicated and Trained Staff for handling thisarea…Still slow in process and in the customer toPublisher connection/response
  6. 6. A New Era From the Skies…—RightsLink takes Permissions to the Clouds
  7. 7. Why We Selected Rightslink?— To address the challenges and improve customer service— Copyright Clearance Center – trusted, experienced, existing licensing relationships with publishers and licensees— Integrates seamlessly with publisher’s online content – e.g. link on online books, databases— Link to wherever a publisher’s content is stored or promoted – e.g.publisher’s site, ecommerce sites— Tailored to Publishers’ own business rules and licensing terms— Customisable – messages, redirect, STM rules, etc.— Retains publisher/publication branding throughout
  8. 8. Enabling RightsLink AcrossVariety of Products – the pain— Set priority for journals as the first product to activate. These have higher volume of permissions requests— Once journals were RightsLink-enabled, these were followed by online books, open-access journals, and finally books— Different product lines required different sets of rules to determine how RightsLink processes requests— Within each product line there are also varying rules based on the nature of the request and the requestor— The entire process to get journals RightsLinked took approximately 10 months, largely because of the number of products and the numerous rules and guidelines required.
  9. 9. The Process Required WorkingClosely with various InternalFunctionsEditorial/Marketing to help identify titlesIT to Identify the metadata for each field ofcontent-information to be linked, provide coverartwork for each titleLegal to draft the Terms & Conditions governingthe permissions grantedCoordinating efforts with permissions teamsacross locations, US, UK, Germany
  10. 10. How RightsLink Improved ThisOnerous Task – the Gain• User Self Service – Immediate clearance within a few minutes• Directly from the point of content or title• Quick, intuitive very easy to use• Available any time, any place, anywhere• Secure, online payment• User can manage multiple requests – across a range of publications and publishers – not necessarily in same transaction
  11. 11. What Are the Benefits ofRightsLink for the customer?— Customer links to the RightsLink service is transparent – seeming they never leave the publisher site— A Better, Quicker, More Efficient Service, instantly instead of 4/6 weeks— Improved Customer Satisfaction— CCC deal with all technical/usage queries— CCC handle all invoicing, payment, debt chasing— Process more than 1,000 non-fee permissions every year - e.g. author reuse, visually impaired, PatientAccess coming soon
  12. 12. What Are the Benefits ofRightsLink for the Publisher?—Robust Reporting facilitates quick analytics and management of information any time —What permissions granted —From what content —By whom —For What repurpose —Rank top titles by usage / by revenue
  13. 13. Some Numbers…—Revenue – some publishers report increase of 200% - 400% after 1st year—RightsLink year to year revenue has shown an increase of 65%—Volume of internal permissions processed not decreased in proportion with the volume of permissions processed by RightsLink—Point-of-content licensing led to new customers and more requests
  14. 14. …—Smaller, more specialized staff —Invest in quicker turnaround for non RightsLink-enabled content —Handle more complex requests —More accountability —Higher Visibility —More rewarding work experience
  15. 15. With RightsLink Help… PuttingPermissions on a Bright Cloud…