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App, Meet eBook.
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App, Meet eBook.


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App, Meet eBook: Approaches for enhanced ebooks and apps …

App, Meet eBook: Approaches for enhanced ebooks and apps
Presented by: Ron Martinez, Founder, Aerbook

At eBooks for Everyone Else, September 26, NYU

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. App, meet Aerbook • San Francisco • Los Angeles • New York • Paris
  • 2. AerbookWe design, develop, next generation eBooksFocus: app-like eBooks, book-like apps for iOS,Android, and emerging eBook formatsDeveloper of Page Apps Migrating apps into standards-based eBooks Drag and drop interactivity, rich presentation No coding requiredEnabling publishers to economically meet the risingexpectations of the tablet/iPad marketplace
  • 3. Definitions:What Are These Things?
  • 4. eBook, n.A text-based book indigital form.(We’re covered.)
  • 5. Enhanced Book, n.A perfectly good eBookruined by distracting,superfluous video. 2009-2011, R.I.P.
  • 6. Examples.Let’s not name names.But, you know, non-fiction with tv news clips,author interview, etc.
  • 7. How To.Don’t bother. Even“market leaders” haveabandoned the format.
  • 8. Illustrated Book, n.A book with a lot ofpictures. Typically,“fixed layout,” non-reflowable text. See: iBooks.
  • 9. ExamplesChildren’s Picture BooksNon-FictionSpecial InterestCulinary Titles...
  • 10. How ToConversion house.Sign up with iTunes, getsamples and guides.Go toPigsGourdsAndWikis.comand get Liz Castro guide
  • 11. Try out Book Creator, a$6.99 iPad app.
  • 12. Book-Like App, n.An interactive, touchablefiction or non-fictionnarrative, for tablet ormobile phone.
  • 13. Examples
  • 14. Activity Books
  • 15. ConsiderationsWhat is the fun, informative,delightful thing that you do?Native dev expensive.Apps sell for less thaneBooksDiscoverability an issue.
  • 16. How ToNative Apps: expensive,proprietary development Hybrid Apps: Written inHTML5, with nativewrapper: less expensive,portable, some limitations
  • 17. You might try DemiBooksComposer app ~$500 per
  • 18. App-Like Book, n.An interactive, touchablefiction or non-fictionnarrative, for tablet ormobile phone.
  • 19. Examples
  • 20. New eBook Experiences Touch Controls Quizzes Social Sharing Testing Animation Interactive Fun
  • 21. App-like Children’s eBooksMaurice’s Valises, Yo Series, Elastic Brain, others:interactive, animated, in the eBook store.
  • 22. Graphic Novels, AnimationMulti-layer layouts and animations to deliver rich,immersive entertainment to the eBook store.
  • 23. CookbooksHow ToIdeal for culinary titles,which may featuring richpresentation, interactivediagrams and examples,ingredient mailers, more.
  • 24. ConsiderationsWhat is the fun, informative,delightful thing that you do?iBooks now, ePub 3, newplatforms comingAttention-getting, higherprices, discoverable, lessexpensive
  • 25. How ToDevelop your own PageApps in HTML5, CSS3, JSLicense configurable PageApps, like plug-ins.Add to standard or fixed-layout eBooks
  • 26. Page Apps 1. Select app 2. Drop into page 3. Configure. (Done.)
  • 27. Why Bother?The tablet changesexperience expectations.Digital platforms areshapeshifters. (Why wait?)New platforms createnew winners, new losers.Your books demand it.
  • 28. Thanks!Happy to talk in more detailthis afternoon.
  • 29. Thank you.Questions? Please get in touch!