5.3 go play! inspiring scotland, evaluation support scotland


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5.3 go play! inspiring scotland, evaluation support scotland

  1. 1. Working (and playing!) together to set and measure outcomes Go Play Rachel Cowper – Inspiring Scotland Rachel@inspiringscotland.org.ukSteven Marwick – Evaluation Support Scotland Steven@evaluationsupportscotland.org.uk
  2. 2. 1. Set outcomesScotland should behealthier, wealthier, greener, meaner and sexier
  3. 3. 2. Consult on how to deliver Listen to my idea! We’re doingListen to my this already What is he idea! talking about?
  4. 4. Sexier Scotland Strategy3. Agree adeliveryplan
  5. 5. 4. Look for evidenceLooks good to me! Where does this lead? I’m not so sure!
  6. 6. Evaluate your planWealthier  10%Healthier  5%Greener  7.5%Meaner  8%Sexier  43%
  7. 7. What’s wrong with this?...• Right outcomes – wrong problem• Ignoring the voice of the people with the answers• Doesn’t tell us what works for whom in what circumstances
  8. 8. Feel the need for images or something interesting on the screenwhen we talk through the case studies – what does anyone else think?
  9. 9. Developing the framework• Worked with a portfolio of play projects – Small group work – Workshops – Portfolio event – Surveyed electronically – Compared outcomes and indicators from charities with the model• Got feedback from others• Used existing literature reviews to identify evidence for the need and outcomes
  10. 10. What are the barriers / causes that mean play does not happen? What are the effects of these barriers?
  11. 11. Children claim Outcomes for children, families Benefits for society Reduce barriers to playing freely their right to play and communities Links to National OutcomesActivities and outcomes for people who Activities and outcomes for people who Outcomes from any form of play influence the general context influence a specific context Children’s lives Improved skills in Increased are enriched risk assessment Those organisational working with capacity Promotion, children – Increased Increased Resources and Our young people Influencers Increased teachers, confidence and creativity and ideas, egs of Increased Children are successful Policy makers awareness play and self esteem problem solving good practice awareness of learners, confident Funders of the early year (though 1:1, the benefits of individuals, Teacher benefits of workers, out Facilitate play websites, free and outdoor Play rangers Increased effective trainers free and of school newsletters and play Play sessions resilience contributors and Professional outdoor play clubs, articles) responsible bodies / childminders,Conferences Training Increased skills citizens Support youth Talks Networking and knowledge Outcomes from play chosen agencies workers, Influencing Policies and events support play and social work, Our childrenconversations funding Conferences overcome health have the best Action climate barriers start in life and providersresearch and Key partners (learn how to Increased activity Improved physical recognise are ready to joint projects Planners and play) More play levels health value of We value and succeed Articles / designers and support enjoy our built and media work Housing Family play Family play Increased More opportunities Increased ability to naturalGuidance and providers Parents Police sessions confidence to to interact with be part of a social environment and advice Grandparent Encouragement allow children to others group protect it and Increased Other enhance it for Modelling play play freely Better play recognition guardians future generations Greater of skills sets Improved The public Make better use appreciation of and Language and We have The media of natural and nature and the attitudes to communication improved the other places in environment support play skills life chances for the community Play anywhere! children, young Outcomes for families people and We live longer, families at risk Inspired to healthier lives change practice Local and provision Reduced family Improved family Projects to authority stress relationships improve play Schools, out spaces Improved space of school and places to clubs play Outcomes for communities Consult or Adults in the Increased voice involve in community and ownership Stronger Strong, resilient design or connections Diverted from anti and supportive Children running of Greater between people in social behaviour communities, play spaces/ acceptance of the community where people take projects and attitudes to responsbility for children playing Greater their own actions Improved image of outside appreciation of and how they young people space and place affect others
  12. 12. What next?• Play projects are evaluating … and learning … and improving• Inspiring Scotland and SG using pack to help improve understanding of play• Sharing with others – Scottish Government, Inspiring Scotland and ESS on dissemination roadshow• National event 8 December
  13. 13. Lessons• Pack is the starting point for evaluation and “domain for debate”• Can build outcomes from the bottom up• Can get broad agreement if you bring people with you• Need to have many interests involved• Became aware of unexpected outcomes (not in a box)
  14. 14. More information and the packwww.inspiringscotland.org.ukwww.evaluationsupportscotland.org.uk