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Wyong training - Michelle Goldsmith


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  • 1. 30 minute training modules OR Database training can be fun
  • 2. Problem  Wonderful eResources that are under utilised  Combined library/council service where focus is not always on library training-and not all staff have library qualifications  Lack of staff awareness of eResources – not good for promoting our service to customers  Lack of staff time for in depth training in library eResources by reference staff  That ‘eyes glazed over’ look from staff at indepth database training sessions
  • 3. Solution  Recognise/accept that an in depth knowledge of databases is not required by counter staff  Design training programs to cover the main points of our eResources that staff can complete in 30 minutes – either when they have off the counter time or in slow periods at the counter  Created on powerpoint using screen shots and comments  Yes, we know each database has wonderful help – but we needed to make it more attractive
  • 4. Admin stuff  At end of each training module staff are required to answer questions using that resource  Questions are designed to make them ‘play’ and discover for themselves  Answers are emailed to their manager. At the completion of all of the sessions their training file is updated as it is considered ‘significant on the job training’
  • 5. Example of questions  My mum has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Do you have anything that explains what it is?  I need to pick an event that happened between 200 BCE and 0 CE. Any ideas?  I only like fast paced novels. What do you suggest?  I am looking for the article that was in the Sydney Morning Herald in January 2003 written by the late Peter Roebuck about Steve Waugh’s century at the SCG.  Please email the result to yourmanager@their email address with ‘Consumer Health Training Completed’ in the subject line
  • 6. Hurdles  Had to choose the main points of the database- as reference staff we think they are all main points!  Overcoming the ‘I am too busy’ mentality  When creating the files the default save is alphabetical. This meant that Academic search elite was first – not good for those staff who are not confident or happy trainees! To overcome this they were saved in a manner that reflects what counter staff are more likely to use on an everyday basis
  • 7. What staff see first now Includes find legal answers and drug info websites
  • 8. Under databases for everyday use - in the order of what we see as most relevant to daily use by counter staff This is the first session – many staff are not aware of the full range of products
  • 9. These databases are considered slightly more advanced
  • 10. Results  Staff who have completed the training modules report they are more confident in promoting them to customers  As a consequence of that, database usage has improved (ok slightly, but we will take it)  Staff who have completed the modules have been overheard promoting the training to reluctant staff  Training modules have been improved/altered as a result of staff feedback
  • 11. Ongoing concerns  Whilst most staff have been great in taking up the training challenge some staff and managers still see training as a low priority – this needs to be constantly challenged  Every time a database interface changes the modules will have to be updated! (thank you NoveList Plus)
  • 12. We are: Information Services Manager Susan Manahan Reference Librarian Michelle Goldsmith