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QR codes : Vince Dale 10 slides in 5 minutes
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QR codes : Vince Dale 10 slides in 5 minutes


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This was presented at History in the Dixson, a readers advisory seminar 7 March, 2012

This was presented at History in the Dixson, a readers advisory seminar 7 March, 2012

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. QR CODESVince Dale – Lake Macquarie City Library
  • 2. • A QR (Quick Response) code is a square pictogram.• Scan it using a barcode App via the camera in a smartphone or iPad2.• It will link to a web address, email, SMS, phone no., contacts, map reference, video etc.
  • 3. • Search for “Free Online QR Code Generators” or try• Google’s URL shortener generates QR codes, whose usage can be tracked.• Just add ‘.qr’ to the shortened URL or view the URL details at
  • 4. • Most barcode Apps recognize QR codes, including Google Goggles.• QR images can be printed, or displayed on a computer screen as an image.• You can print it to a receipt printer!
  • 5. • Australia has a high level of smartphone use (60%+), and a large and growing use of tablets.• Adoption is possibly skewed towards your younger users.
  • 6. • I add a QR code pointing to our catalogue search page on a poster of Hot New Titles.• You can create a page of title links to specific search results in your catalogue!
  • 7. • You can add QR codes to the covers (or inside) of popular new titles.• Link to a page of other suggested authors & titles, with link for placing online holds.• You can add codes to award winners, with more information about the author.
  • 8. • Wikipedia has a QR code generator for its articles –• Enhance your displays with links to local historical images & info.• Add QR codes to a storytime book linking to videos, pictures and info.
  • 9. • Search “QR Codes in Museums” for examples of enhancing physical exhibits with online information.• Use QR codes for scavenger hunts, where each code is a clue to the location of the next code.
  • 10. • QR Codes have built in error correction, up to 30 percent of the area.• Use an image editor to add visuals to the code, such a logos.• You can also use colours without ‘breaking’ the link.
  • 11. • QR code usage is still in the minority, but growing steadily.• Ensure that you explain how it works in your marketing.• Use your imagination…
  • 12. Vince Dale – Lake Macquarie City