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Presented to Ink and pixel conference 29 November, 2011

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  • Thank you very much for inviting me to be here and to everyone who has done the organisation to make this visit possible. Libraries are about thinking big and sharing ideas, staff/staff, clients/clients, clients/staff, staff/clients Connecting with open networks like the readers advisory wiki and games wiki, use them in the way that works for you, and shape it that way, will be interesting to see who responds Be bold, libraries have a great future
  • My work is with public libraries in NSW – some of it is to facilitate collaborative projects The key indicators of public library across NSW use show that the public are using libraries more than ever. 2010 figures show: Library visits are above 37 million, and have increased by 15% over the past 5 years Loans have exceeded 50 million per annum for the first time - up 7% over the past 5 years Internet use has increased by 30% in the past 5 years and UTS library recently reported an increase in their enquiry statistics at all services points, because of their use of mobile and social tools
  • Pipe clearing company parked near local library What are we offering in libraries? Are we offering happiness in: content creation in content co-creation in preservation in digitisation in finding information sources in finding recreational interest in building new networks between people who use our libraries in reading groups In programming In sharing/creating stories For people new to communities in connecting them to the community In lending/making access available to content in discussion groups… Are we offering happiness?
  • Pike Street Market Are we enjoying our work? These men sell fish, they enjoy selling fish
  • Barbecoa These people sell meat Are we encouraging people to think differently about traditional things libraries do? This butcher shop is encouraging people to think differently about meat Are we thinking differently about content creation, and content creation with our community Are we thinking differently about preservation and digital preservation (and acting on both)? Barbecoa seems to be about extreme technical skill, excellent product, and excellence in customer service, and using a combination of this in the best way to serve the clients Reminder to value and celebrate the technical skills of staff (and keep developing technical skills too)
  • Library Journal New landmark libraries These libraries are thinking differently about their buildings and their service delivery Ideas to explore for current design leaders, they are not all expensive buildings and they are about providing excellent services for the community
  • Poplar Creek Public Library Image from
  • These NSW based collaborations can be joined in by anyone anywhere They are based around some of our state wide working groups: Reference and information services Readers advisory All of their use of collective management structure, there are no chairs to these groups, they are run by different people at different times depending on everyone’s workloads. The meetings still happen, agendas and minutes are available, they work really well without a more traditional hierarchy
  • Re-ex Based on Ohio project To help with excellence in technical skills and excellence in customer services Expanding collaboration group Aim was to improve reference training over all state Targeting library staff for training and refresher training – has been effective in both contexts
  • Search strategy module New modules being added under Creative commons licensing – non-commercial, to share and reuse Collaborative development – brainstorming sessions with post it notes then google docs for tweaking because everyone can share the one document and everyone is working on the one version, and you can track back to previous versions very easily of something does go wrong Collaborative evaluation and revision currently underway Could be useful for people new to school libraries to use as well – the training is already being used widely
  • 12 months of Google analytics data showing the location of use within Australia. Will be doing a collaborative evaluation, review and revision in February 2012
  • Readers advisory wiki Participation in this linked to learning 2.0 course, describe, this was critical tool for expanding collaboration more widely as location did not matter Anyone can join – we already have interstate and overseas members, so feel free to join and ask to be a writer so you can contribute Not everyone will be available at the same time, this gives different opportunities to people at different times Used this to consult for titles for Stock quality health check – research project currently underway - describe One collaboration can lead to another Use of this wiki led to
  • Who uses twitter Why? Why twitter ? Professional development, rss feed for ideas, conferences Great place to discuss reading
  • The themes were brainstormed at a meeting with over 30 people at Manly in late 2010. Cathy, Jenn, Vassilki, Amy, Helen, Therese, Monique and I are doing the coordination. Locations of these librarians include Coffs Harbour, Wagga Wagga, Bowral and different parts of Sydney. And not all tweet (Monique and Therese don’t but that is not a problem for any of the team) The planning has been done by e-mail, teleconference and google docs as we are usually all in the one place once a year at the annual readers advisory seminar in March. It has been a learning experience and as new people join the group it is about describing how the tools are used to help, because it is about the people – the tools just allow people spread across an area to work together effectively Using tools like Google docs, and helping different people learn
  • Theme for the year, but each month as separate theme as well 2011 Marketing Awards for NSW Public Libraries won Social media category
  • Libraries can participate by promoting the reading group on twitter… Wingecaribee Library on twitter -!/wingecarribee
  • From Townsville Library on twitter!/TownsvilleLib – again - no way to telling it isn’t local
  • And even a specialist library – the Forensic and scientific services library is encouraging their followers to tweet their reading
  • From Victoria this public library has picked some highlights for their blog post – linking to the reading group site – and it looks like it is their own work
  • From Readers in the mist blog Blue Mountains Library, NSW Similarly here – and it is great to see the way some libraries have really embraced the twitter reading group and been promoting it for their clients
  • Read @ UTS blog And universities have been doing this as well
  • coming themes for #readit2011 Complete list of themes available from
  • October egoreads
  • How does it work? People tweet their reading with the tag during the month – so #moreads
  • Moreads
  • Last Tuesday of the month at 8.00pm there is a live twitter discussion – need to use the tag to participate otherwise people won’t see your comments and ideas Can watch the discussion by doing a twitter search
  • How do you evaluate a twitter reading group? Exploring twapper keeper – this is for a previous month – just to show indicative data – and it is indicative, but it helps to tell the story of what is happening url for this page For twapper keeper
  • and Archivist – which is a similar tool I am trying out to see what story is being told through all of this. (url for this page) Archivist home page
  • Storify to collect the tweets and posts
  • Bookbites on storify
  • Need to think about different ways to promote the twitter reading group, so t-shirts are a start Redbubble
  • David Lee King wearing one of the readit2011 t-shirts The reference group sent it to him when they sent him one for the reference seminar he was presenting at via Skype earlier this year. So it has provided a good way of promoting the reading group, but things are scaling up next year
  • This has been planned by the NSW readers advisory group – with a meeting in Bowral to discuss the parameters of the themes 10 of which are based on the themes showing on the petals of the love2read flower – face to face, lots of post it notes then discussion as we adjusted the grouping of the postit notes to define the themes, and as we decided to order for the themes. There is a blog – shown on screen with information about the themes for each month – you may want to use these with in –library reading groups or you may just want to promote them to your readers who tweet next year – it is totally up to you – you could use the themes for storytimes, reading groups, it may tie in with literacy work you are doing and so on.
  • What is reading? This was covered in separate post as we wanted people to know that reading is not simply about reading books, although that is important, but that any reading counts. During the #egoreads discussion people were talking about celebrity twitter streams as live streaming biography
  • October People are encouraged each month to tweet, talk or in any other way discuss their reading using the hashtag, and then on the last Tuesday of the month there is a live twitter discussion. This year from 8.00pm in NSW, next year from 8.00pm in the earliest time done in Australia (which will be Queensland) to at least 10.00pm in WA. There are a small number of Western Australian collaborators to help facilitate this discussion so that together we can provide a national twitter reading group. There will be a blog post a week about the themes for each month
  • October
  • Monthly themes You could participate in this by reading tweets, books, reading in games, any kind of reading – so encourage your students to try this out. You promote this as yours – you do not have to say it isn’t that is why I like the examples I showed earlier. These libraries were claiming the readit2011 as their own, which is it, it just happens to come out of a NSW collaboration which was going to happen anyway because of the success of this year’s twitter reading group.
  • twitter reading group and how schools could use it, interaction, could use facebook for discussions like UTS, or comments on blog posts, like this example, it is about using this in the way that works for your students.
  • UQ – PLS photograph Design for use Kelvin Grove Library, University of Queensland This was designed for people to put their feet on the furniture – work with the design, not against it.
  • Be bold Café at la Biennale di Venezia 2009
  • Reference, reader advisory, local studies possibilities. Forsyth, Ellen Playing with readers : online games and their potential for reference and readers advisory services in public libraries Information Online, 1 – 3 February, 2011 Forsyth, Ellen From Assassins creed 2 to the Five greatest warriors: readers advisory and games 12 to 24s@Your Public Library In Australia and New Zealand, Beenleigh Events Centre Queensland 2010 Forsyth, Ellen Readers advisory services for older adults , Next chapter: public libraries in Australia and New Zealand for older generations, State Library of New South Wales1-2 May 2009 - includes some ideas for using games
  • Wild cards developed as part of library futures planning, The bookends scenarios It is about encouraging people to think and by analytical in their thinking, this is learned and learnable Strategic planning and to trigger more creative thinking for planning, it is about thinking differently and trying out new ideas – and it is about exploring other places for ideas to trigger more creative thought to – be inspired by what others are doing The wild cards could be used to explore ideas with students, and to encourage creative research.
  • This shows an image of a series of talks for library professionals and features Christopher Harris and Brian Mayer See transcript of their recent talk About how they work together on games – two school librarians in the USA and games are their thing and they and other staff test out board games in their lunch times – effect of team building, collaboration and fun These talks take place about every 6 weeks, next one is in January Transcripts of all talks available so even if you can’t come along, you can still find out what happened – in full detail It is about thinking differently about games, and their potential in libraries Which is why the discussion takes place in a library in a game To participate, see
  • From Brian Meyer Sharing on line work he has been collaborating with others on school library use of games Brian made resources he and Christopher use available on line.
  • This screen shot shows another presentation, this time by Landon K Pirius and Gill Creel so another collaborative presentation talking about a course run by Landoncalled course called Warcraft: Culture, Gender, and Identity, so it was an interdisciplinary course that covered topics in sociology, psychology, and anthropology
  • WoW in schools – teachers in collaboration
  • This is showing Lucas Gillespie’s toon. Also heard about the amazing work being done by Eli Nieburger see
  • Detailed teaching notes
  • Halo Asking game players about their playing may help with suggesting what they mighty like to read Forsyth, Ellen From Assassins creed 2 to the Five greatest warriors: readers advisory and games 12 to 24s@Your Public Library In Australia and New Zealand, Beenleigh Events Centre Queensland 2010
  • Pipe clearing company What are we offering in libraries? We need to celebrate the amazing technical skills of staff in libraries in ways which really service the clients.
  • Professional connections : wikis games and twitter

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