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  • What we want you to take away from this session today is a bit more understand about how the library works, we know it is a complex organisation. We hope you will know a bit more about what you will find here and what are our strengths, and when it is good to refer your clients to us and what services you and your clients can use.
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  • Open 7 days a week, opened in a new building in 1988 and has been recently refurbished in 2011. We closed for seven weeks and teams of workmen worked around the clock to have it reopened in time.It is a major international collection, all subjects are covered and collections of strength include European history, ancient history, business resources and literature. It also has a large film collection and a wonderful collection of rare books including Shakespeare’s first four folios.
  • TheVerandah downstairs just outside the State Reference Library has proved to be a great success with our clients. It is often full just after we open and used by all types of clients – students, business people between appointments, students working on group projects,
  • One of the highlights of the State Reference Library’s collection is its collection of Australiannewspapers – particularlyNSW regional and Sydney suburban newspapers. Also a variety of community language newspapers such as La Fiamma. With our Digital Excellence Project many NSW newspapers are being added to Trove. The complete list of newspapers to be digitised this financial year is on the Trove website.
  • This is a busy service that operates during the week. If you ring us on the weekend we will also try and help but we have just enough staff rostered for our onsite services so might not have much time to assist. You or your clients can ring us with any question – we help clients when they have a problem with their Library card and can’t use a database or can’t request material. We answer general reference enquiries. If you know a client will be visiting they or you can ring us to get some advice about their research. If clients have found an item on the Manuscripts, Oral history and pictures catalogue it is also good to ring ahead just so we can make sure the item is onsite and doesn’t have to be brought in or has restrictions placed on its use.
  • Clients can book a Research Consultation Service. This can be useful if someone is going to visit and is not familiar with the Library or resources we hold. A Librarian will do a little research prior to their visit, will meet with them and help them plan their visit so they get the most out of their visit to the Library.
  • A lot of our collection is still stored here underground. If someone requests an item here in the Library it usually takes us about 45 minutes to collect it. Clients can request 7 days ahead of their visit and we will have the material ready for them when they visit.
  • As the collection grows more of our older titles are moved being to our Offsite Storage area in western Sydney. We have a daily delivery during the week and material requested is available after 4 pm the next weekday. Books can be requested online, ring us if the item is a journal. All of our offsite material is issued from the Mitchell Library.
  • We are engaged in lots of different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest and Historypin, and here are some of our boards on Pinterest.
  • Does anyone have any questions about what I have talked about?Image Newcastle Public Library 1952 – Hood collection
  • March2014 making connections_a&i

    1. 1. Our collections and services: how we can help you and your clients
    2. 2. We want you to take away today.. •How the Library works •What we hold •What services can help you and your clients
    3. 3.  Business and work related  Independent learners & family history  Professional researchers  Secondary students  Tertiary students and academics Access and Information staff divided into client-focused teams
    4. 4. Operations teams who look after: Information Request Service Document Supply Service Rosters And our hard-working behind the scenes teams
    5. 5. Indigenous Unit  Indigenous local, cultural history and family history  public libraries developing their library services and collections for their local Indigenous community.
    6. 6. State Reference Library MAKING CONNECTIONS, MAY 2013
    7. 7. State Reference Library
    8. 8. State Reference Library • Open seven days a week • International collection • All subjects covered • Most printed books published after 1850 issued here
    9. 9. TheVerandah in the State Reference Library • Very popular area with clients • Express internet, wireless, printer/copiers, daily newspapers, casual seating • Can take coffee in!
    10. 10. SRL Reading Room – Lower Ground 1 • “ Ask here” desk • Reference collection • HSC resources • Recent newspapers • Recent magazines
    11. 11. Legal Information Access Centre – LIAC  Lower Ground 1  Specialist service  Trained staff
    12. 12. State Reference Library – Lower Ground 2
    13. 13. Family history and local history  Specialist staff member  Extensive resources  Five online research guides  State Records resources added when their city office closed
    14. 14. Newspapers Wonderful resource for family history researchers - many NSW newspapers now on Trove On microfilm next to family history area Digital Excellence Project – funds digitisation of more NSW newspapers New titles added regularly
    15. 15. Mitchell Library
    16. 16.  Australian research collections  Documenting history and culture of NSW  Special Collections desk - original (unpublished) materials - manuscripts, diaries, pictures and maps as well as rare books Mitchell collections
    17. 17. Mitchell Reading Room • Space for private study • Can take in bottled water and bags • Express computers, Wireless • Copier/printers • All books are issued in State Reference Library
    18. 18. Services
    19. 19. Visit our Ask a Librarian page
    20. 20. Telephone Inquiry Service  Operates Monday to Friday during Library opening hours • Complex or lengthy enquiries can become Information Requests or we may encourage the client to visit us depending on where they live
    21. 21. Information Request Service  Online form for requests  We can spend up to 2 hours research on each enquiry  A maximum of 6 enquiries per client per calendar year  Response within 7 working days  No extensive newspaper or family history research
    22. 22. Research Consultation Service  Clients can book  Useful for extensive research  Librarian will meet with them and help them plan their visit and get them started on their research
    23. 23. Access our collections and most eresources from anywhere if you’re a NSW resident Sign up for a Library card MAKING CONNECTIONS, MAY 2013 Blue Library card Special Collections Library card
    24. 24. Collections – stack storage Book storage onsite Good to know: • Most of the collection is kept in our stacks here • Takes about 45 minutes for material to be retrieved • Can request 7 days ahead of visit and material will be ready when client arrives
    25. 25. Our offsite storage • More items being sent offsite to western Sydney • Next day delivery Mon to Fri available after 4 pm • Online requesting for books, ring us if looking for a journal or newspaper
    26. 26.  From SRL collection only  Books published 1960+  Clients can take book home  IncludesAudio visual material Interlibrary loans for public libraries
    27. 27. Keeping in touch through… • Facebook • Twitter • Flickr • Pinterest • Historypin Some of our Pinterest boards
    28. 28. Any questions?