Public innovation Design Brief v1.3
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Public innovation Design Brief v1.3



Vision document for Public Innovation.

Vision document for Public Innovation.



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    Public innovation Design Brief v1.3 Public innovation Design Brief v1.3 Presentation Transcript

    • Pilot ProjectPublic Innovation Design Briefis a champion ofand catalyst forpublic sector innovation Version 1.3in the Sacramento region. September 5, 2012
    • // CONTENTS About this Brief 3 In Short 5 Architecture 8 Deliverables 9 Budget 11 Theory of Change 12 A New Culture 13About the Founder 14 2
    • // ABOUT THIS BRIEFThis design brief proposes a one-year pilot project to accelerate innovation across all levels of government within the Sacramento region. Consider this document an open invitation to strengthen its foundation with your feedback. The ultimate success of the project will depend upon our ability to cultivate and nurture acommunity of citizens, practitioners, and experts who will carry out its mission. Thanks for taking time out of your day to think about Sacramento’s public sector in a new way. 3
    • What if the Sacramento region was a globalleader in public sector innovation?
    • // IN SHORTThe Challenge Share of Public Sector EmploymentNearly 30 percent of the Sacramento region’s by Level of Governmentemployment base comprises the public sec- 2011 29.4%tor -- larger than any other region in thestate. Over the next 10 years, that share isprojected to remain constant. In contrast, thestatewide portion of public sector employ- Localment is less by almost half at 16.6 percent. 12.1%The capital region’s disproportionate shareof public sector employment results frombeing the hub of state government. Althoughonly 6 percent of workers in California reside 16.6%in the Sacramento region, about one-quarterof state civil servants are based here. Thisfact is both a challenge and an opportunity. Local 11.5%While trust in all institutions has eroded State 15.4%over the past decade, trust in governmenthas been particularly affected by this decline.Unfortunately, citizens view government asbureaucratic and inefficient. Yet, we’re the Stateones who own and pay for it. 3.3% Federal Federal 1.8% 1.9% 5 California Sacramento County
    • According to the Public Policy Institute ofCalifornia, strong majorities of Californiansbelieve that the federal and state govern- Percent who believe government wastes "a lot"ments “waste a lot of the money we pay in of tax moneytaxes.” And while the number is slightlylower for local government, four in ten Cali- 67% 67%fornians perceive the closest level of govern-ment to them as wasteful.Combined, a high concentration of public 57% 57%sector employment and lack of trust in gov-ernment have major implications for theSacramento region. This is an issue for boththe private sector that wants a burgeoningregional economy and the human dignity of 38% 38%the 225,000 government employees who callSacramento their home.As regional leaders increasingly focus oninnovation in the private sector to shape ourfuture, we should not miss the opportunityto catalyze innovation in the public sector,too. In fact, no matter how innovative theSacramento region becomes, the perceptionof Sacramento as a “government town” willdamper our image unless we encourage andreward public innovators. Federal State Local 6
    • The OpportunityIt doesn’t have to be this way. California ishome to the most globally competitive tech-nology companies that are innovating every-day. If the Sacramento region wants to inno-vate its way into the future, the public sectormust be part of that transformation.We have an unprecedented opportunity toreimagine the public sector in the 21st Cen-tury. We can choose to allow government tobe a drag on our growth or we can use it as anasset to help our region grow.The time is now. Public Innovation -- a cham-pion and catalyst for public sector innovationin the Sacramento region -- is an early-stagestartup committed to fulfilling this vision.
    • // ARCHITECTUREThis brief proposes Public Innovation as a one-year pilot project that, if successful, wouldlead to a seven-year project with the following attributes:Mission GoalsTo transform the culture of government by • Make the Sacramento region a global lead-highlighting, encouraging, and rewarding in- er in public sector innovation by 2020novations that result from creative thinkingby elected leaders, public managers, and civil • Make working for government as attrac-servants. tive as working in Silicon Valley • Improve public perception of and trust inVision governmentThe Sacramento region will become a glob-ally recognized public sector innovation hub Two Areas of Focusby 2020. 1. Marketing and communications cam- paigns to drive awareness of innovationsValues occurring at public agencies throughout the Sacramento region.• Nonpartisan and not-for-profit 2. A catalyst that accelerates further innova-• Collaborative and inclusive tions in government through demand cre- ation, collaboration, crowdsourcing, knowl-• Open and transparent edge transfer, in-house capabilities, and external partnerships. 8
    • // DELIVERABLESPublic Innovation would be launched as a one-year pilot project. During this phase, wewould commit to being evaluated based upon our ability to deliver the following:Marketing & Communications Community BuildingTo raise awareness, we will produce: To cultivate a community-driven effort to shape the future of the public sector in our• A core website and social media assets region, we will:• 50 original blog posts • Form an advisory board consisting of ex-• 20 original video interviews perts and practitioners• Coverage in 3 regional print/online/TV • Build a database of 1,000 contacts stories • Establish a network of peer organizations• Coverage in 2 national print/online/TV • Hold one interactive Town Hall event stories • Sponsor one Hackathon• One op-ed in the Sacramento Bee • Host two Panel Discussions and one all-day Innovation Summit 9
    • Proof of Concept: The Public Innovation Fellows ProgramTo demonstrate our proof of concept, we willlaunch a nine month Public Innovation Fel-lows Program to plant the seeds of innovationacross the region’s local governments. Theinaugural class of 28 fellows will each repre-sent one of either 22 cities or 6 counties thatcomprise our region. Following a competi-tive nomination and selection process, wewill facilitate interagency and cross-sectorcollaboration among these emerging leadersin government.Public Innovation Fellows will commit to at-tending biweekly gatherings that will consistof guest speakers, site visits, leadership devel-opment, academic seminars, and real-worldproblem-solving.Ultimately, the class of Fellows will divideinto several teams responsible for designing,prototyping, and implementing creative solu-tions with the potential for regional impact.Future Public Innovation Fellows will includerepresentatives from federal and state gov-ernment. 10
    • // BUDGETThis brief proposes an initial pilot phase op- Proposed Pilot Phase Budgeterating budget of $160,000 for Fiscal Year FY20132013. This, of course, is just an estimate andthe actual budget would be contingent upon PEOPLEinput and direction from early-stage funders. Compensation & Benefits 110,000 Professional Services 5,000If the pilot project succeeds, Public Innova- Stipends 6,000 Total $121,000tion would incorporate as a 501(c)(3) nonprof-it. OPERATIONS Events 25,000Beyond compensation, the bulk of the pilot Workspace 3,600phase budget will be allocated to events. Pub- Technology 2,400lic Innovation will be based out of a shared Travel 2,000workspace environment to promote its com- Office Supplies & Printing 2,000munity building goals. Miscellaneous 4,000 Total $39,000 GRAND TOTAL $160,000 11
    • // THEORY OF CHANGE Outputs Outcomes• Multimedia Content • More Effective Public Administration• Live Events • Shared Understanding of Challenges• Knowledge Sharing • New Solutions to Old Problems• Organizational Partnerships • Increased Public Sector Capacity• Individual Relationships • Greater Public Trust in Government• Civic Engagement • Global Recognition as a Public Sector Inno- vation Leader• Collaborative Problem Solving • Elevated Perception of Sacramento Region• Technical and Marketing Assistance • Happier People :-)• Leadership Development 12
    • // A NEW CULTUREThe goal of Public Innovation is to change theculture of government. In an era when pub-lic coffers are increasingly constrained, cre-ative problem solving has never had greaterpotential to make a difference in the lives ofcitizens.Changing the culture won’t be easy. But italso won’t take rocket science. It starts withchanging hearts and minds, and spreads withinfectious ideas that empower people to cre-ate good.The way we view government needs tochange, but so does the way governmentviews us. 13
    • // ABOUT THE FOUNDERAsh Roughani is Chief Evangelist of PublicInnovation.Ash is a creative change agent and systemsthinker with a capacity to solve complexproblems. He works as a content and experi-ence designer, specializing in videographyand digital marketing. He most recently CONTACTtried to launch the California Moderate Party Ash Roughani, Chief Evangelistto address political gridlock, but was ulti- ash@publicinnovation.orgmately unsuccessful. Prior to that effort, hespent 3.5 years at California Forward as Se- (916) 835-9607nior Associate and was an Executive Fellowat the Business, Transportation and HousingAgency.Ash is an MBA candidate at the UC DavisGraduate School of Management and holdsan MPPA from CSU Sacramento. 14