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Public Contracts Scotland
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Copy of presentation provided to attendees of the Public Contracts Scotland awareness session held on Thursday 10th February 2011.

Copy of presentation provided to attendees of the Public Contracts Scotland awareness session held on Thursday 10th February 2011.

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  • Training Website: http://scotland.training.klickstream.com
  • Team promoting the national advertising portal which was launched by Mr Swinney back in 2008. Stats – Info on contracts advertised and no. suppliers registered
  • 289 orgs using but over 500 are registered on the portal
  • For quite some time now the Public Sector has identified the need for a single contract advertising website where it can advertise its large contract opportunities direct to the Official Journal of the European Union, at the same time making the contracts easily accessible to Scottish suppliers and provide adequate advertising provision for small (sub-threshold) contract opportunities. I’m sure some of you can relate to this!
  • Supplier receives onscreen confirmation Supplier received confirmation email Supplier’s workspace contains confirmation All these areas contains a reference number pertaining to the quotation and notifies the supplier that The postbox will not be unlocked until the deadline has passed. The awarding authority will contact you in due course with the results of the competition. When a supplier submits a quotation the procurer receives confirmation email that a document has been received in the postbox
  • This is about connecting public and private sector businesses


  • 1. Public Contracts Scotland Awareness Raising Session connecting public and private sector business
  • 2. Public Contracts Scotland
    • Agenda
      • What is www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk
      • Key Drivers
      • Portal Stats
      • What’s in it for suppliers?
      • Portal Demonstration
        • OJEU
      • Break
      • Portal Demonstration
        • Quick Quote
      • Summary and Next Steps
    connecting public and private sector business
  • 3. What is Public Contracts Scotland
      • The Public Contacts Scotland portal (PCS) (provided by the Scottish Procurement Directorate), is the national public sector advertising portal for Scotland
      • Is a key part of the Scottish Government’s Public Procurement Reform Programme
      • Public Procurement Reform Programme aims to drive up standards in the way public sector procures goods and services
      • PCS provides a national advertising website for Scottish public bodies to post large Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) notices, lower value contracts commonly known as sub-threshold notices, quotations for low value/risk contracts and subsequent contract awards for all varieties of contracts
      • It was launched in October 2008
      • PCS is a free service for contracting authorities and suppliers and provides an open and transparent resource which promotes a competitive market environment.
    connecting public and private sector business
  • 4. What is Public Contracts Scotland
    • Contracting Authorities:
      • For public sector contracting authorities in Scotland, PCS enables the procurement process to be electronically managed from end-to-end - from preparing standard documentation to advertising a notice, receiving electronic tenders to awarding a contract
      • PCS achieves consistency across Scotland’s public sector procurers, but also promotes individual organisations to advertise contracts on their own micro sites , which are integrated with the portal, to deliver maximum suppliers access and information
    • Suppliers:
      • For suppliers, in particular SMEs and third sector organisations, PCS provides a one-stop , single access point to public sector contract opportunities
      • Once registered, suppliers can receive e-mail alerts with contract opportunities relevant to their business
  • 5. connecting public and private sector business EU Rules “ For contracts that fall below the European thresholds the contracting authorities must now also ensure a degree of advertising which is sufficient to enable open competition and meet the requirements of the principles of equal treatment, non discrimination and transparency” (Regulation 8(21) of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulation 2006 No 1) Conforms to: European Code Of Best Practices - Facilitating Access By SME’S to Public Procurement Contracts - June 2008
    • Adherence to EU Rules
  • 6. Public Contracts portal stats
    • Over 49,500 suppliers registered
    • 84% of suppliers are SMEs
    • Almost 3,000 buyers trained and registered on the portal
    • Over 300 Scottish public sector organisations using Public Contracts Scotland
    3,876 OJEU Contracts published 4,790 sub-threshold opportunities published to date 2,677 Quick Quotes issued to date
  • 7. What’s in it for suppliers? Finding opportunities can take a bit of detective work……
  • 8. Benefits for Suppliers
    • Free to Register and use
    • Simple, one-stop access to contract opportunities
    • Once registered receive tailored e-mails with relevant business opportunities
    • Reduces the administrative burden of searching for public sector business opportunities
    • Improves access to Scottish public sector contract opportunities – a huge area of opportunity for SMEs:
      • 45-50% of total public sector spend is with SMEs
      • 80% of suppliers to the public sector are SMEs
      • 84% of registered suppliers on PCS are SMEs
      • Value of spend to SMEs has increased from £3.3bn to £3.5bn during the last 4 years
    • Public sector processes, policies and procedures are more open and transparent – helping improve links between buyers in the public sector and private sector suppliers.
  • 9. Public Contracts Scotland
    • OJEU Portal Demonstration
    connecting public and private sector business
  • 10. Access the Notice Workspace
  • 11. Select Contract Title
  • 12. Change Deadline or Cancel
  • 13. Changing The Deadline Choose the new deadline date and time for submissions using the calendar and clock icons and complete the ‘Reason for Change’
  • 14. View Noted Interest List
  • 15. Noted Interest List List of suppliers who have registered an interest in the opportunity Supplier details can be downloaded as an Excel file
  • 16. Additional Information and Documents
  • 17. Additional Information / Documents
  • 18. View Supplier Questions
  • 19. Questions and Answers
  • 20. Accessing the Submission Postbox
  • 21. Postbox Status Status of submitted documents from suppliers List of authorised openers Click on Unlock to open the postbox
  • 22. Postbox Status ‘ Open’ button appears
  • 23. Postbox View Supplier details Click on the document title to download
  • 24. Postbox Status Public Contracts Scotland provides a full audit trail and all postbox actions are recorded in the ‘Postbox Access Log’
  • 25. Restricted Procedure – Stage 2 If you are operating a Restricted Procedure you will be able to issue your ‘Invitation To Tender’ (ITT) to those suppliers who have successfully completed the Pre Qualification Questionnaire stage.
  • 26. Restricted Stage 2 Question List A number of the responses to the question list will be pulled across from the original contract notice
  • 27. Distribution of the Invitation To Tender
    • You must select those suppliers
    • who have been taken forward to
    • the Invitation To Tender stage.
    Suppliers who returned documents to the postbox will be shown on this tab Search for suppliers who returned documents by post
  • 28. Supplier who used Postbox
  • 29. Search for Supplier who did not use Postbox
  • 30. Awarding The Contract To award the contract access the Notice Status area using the navigation menu: Purchasers> Notice Workspace> Published Notices Select the contract title from the list of published notices
  • 31. Contract Award Click on ‘Award’ and complete Contract Award details
  • 32. Break
  • 33. What is Quick Quote?
    • Quick Quote is an online request for quotation facility
    • It is to be used to obtain competitive quotes for:
    • The Quick quote request is created online and sent to selected suppliers
    • Only those suppliers selected to quote can access the details of the quote and submit a bid
    • Full electronic audit trail is maintained
    • Public Contracts Scotland provides:
      • Standard simplified method of operation in line with best practice
      • Standard business process for low value procurement
      • Demonstrate transparency
      • Can be used for mini competitions
      • Award notification issued to invited suppliers
    L o w V a l u e connecting public and private sector business
  • 34. connecting public and private sector business Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote Portal Demonstration
  • 35. Supplier Quick Quote invite
    • The supplier receives an email inviting them to ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ the opportunity to provide a quotation for the goods, services or works
    • The supplier then signs into the portal and accesses the quick quote via ‘Interests and Responses’ on the member homepage .
  • 36.
    • Suppliers complete
    • the required details;
    • upload the quotation documents; and
    • submits documents using the secure tender post box by the deadline date and time.
    Quick Quote and Tender Post box…
    • Buyers are notified when a supplier has uploaded a quote by
    • email; and
    • by accessing the current response status
  • 37.
    • Access your issued Quick Quote using the navigation menu. Purchasers>Notice Workspace>Published Notices
    • Select the title of the Quick Quote to view the notice status
  • 38. Additional Notice Options
  • 39.  
  • 40.  
  • 41.  
  • 42.  
  • 43. Quick Quote Award
  • 44. Quick Quote Award Questions
  • 45. Quick Quote Award - Value
  • 46. Quick Quote Award – Date of Award
  • 47. Quick Quote Award
    • Complete the Quick Quote award details
  • 48. Successful and Unsuccessful Bidder Email Notification
  • 49. Quick Quote Summary
    • Ensure your suppliers are registered on Public Contracts Scotland, by registering for free on the portal contracting authorities may invite suppliers to provide a quotation ... suppliers cannot be invited to quote unless they are registered
    • Only suppliers selected can provide a quotation
    • Once the quick quote has been distributed you cannot add more suppliers to it
    • Public Contracts Scotland enables you to upload your requirements electronically and allows the suppliers submit their quotations to the contracting authority using the secure tender post box – providing a visible audit trail
    • Ensure details of Framework / Mini Competition are noted in the quick quote description area or additional information area
    • Remember to complete the quotation award
  • 50. PCS The Future
    • Quick Quote (V3) – will differentiate between the Quick Quote process and mini competitions. It will also allow suppliers to better inform buyers on what goods, services and works they can provide
    • Commodity Category Codes. It is anticipated that an improved category structure will be deployed early in 2011
    • Standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaire In response to supplier feedback, a nationally agreed standard questionnaire for pre-qualification information will be introduced during 2011. Combined with an online national database for suppliers to store their pre-qualification information, this will minimise administration and duplication of effort for business bidding for public contracts. The standardised PQQ will integrate with the PCS portal
    • SME Collaboration – It is hoped to allow suppliers a better opportunity to work with other SMEs to bid for public sector contracts
    • Community Benefit Clauses – It is hoped to flag contracts with Community benefit clauses
    • Contract Register onto buyer profiles – During early 2011, contracting organisations contract registers will be displayed on PCS.
    • Increased Reporting for public bodies and suppliers - Improved reporting on the site for both public bodies and suppliers will be developed.
    • Subcontract – It is hoped that functionality will be developed to enable SMEs to understand where they can bid for Public Sector subcontract opportunities from major capital projects. This will include the Forth Road Crossing project.
  • 51. Support…. Support Help Desk: 0844 561 0673 Email: [email_address] Training Website: http://scotland.training.klickstream.com Progress Report : http://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/news/news_article.aspx?ID =582 Procurement Journey: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/procurementjourneyhome User Guides: http://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/sitehelp/help_guides.aspx connecting public and private sector business
  • 52. www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk Connecting public and private sector business