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ALI workshop   How to Engage - January 2011 - Toronto
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ALI workshop How to Engage - January 2011 - Toronto


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A copy of the presentation loosely followed in a terrific interactive discussion around collaborative engagement and how to attract and keep stakeholders engaged.

A copy of the presentation loosely followed in a terrific interactive discussion around collaborative engagement and how to attract and keep stakeholders engaged.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. AFTERNOON PRE-SEMINAR WORKSHOP B January 31, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. HOW TO IDENTIFY, CREATE AND ENGAGE YOUR  STAKEHOLDERS TO SUPPORT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA  EFFORTS“How might we engage our “How might we leverage the knowledge workplace better?” that your organization and your partners have?”“How might we be truly “How might we change your collaborative?” organizational culture?” Innovation through Collaboration 1
  • 2. Today’s Program -Takeawayso An overview of stakeholder participation in a social  media setting; effective and ineffective practiceso How to successfully engage the crowd both inside  and outside your organizationo How to get the crowd to (willingly) do your work for  youo Your “skin in the game,” what you need to do to  ensure that your stakeholders keep coming back to  participate in your innovation and collaboration  initiatives Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 2
  • 3. Not a topic for today…Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 3
  • 4. Today’s Program - Topics1.Structure2.Approach3.People Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 4
  • 5. StructureProprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 5
  • 6. Workshop…first up, some work o Pick three words that you most associate with collaborative engagement o Here’s the hint, there is way more than three that I would consider correct Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 6
  • 7. Stakeholder Engagement..what is it?Stakeholder engagement is the process by which a firms stakeholdersengage in dialog to improve a firms decision-making and accountabilitytoward corporate social responsibility (CSR) and achieving the triple bottomline.Stakeholder engagement works to take into account the concerns andobjectives of a firms stakeholders in its decisions. Stakeholder engagementtakes into account the varying perspectives, priorities, and limitations ofdifferent stakeholders.The practitioners in stakeholder engagement are often businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), labor organizations, trade and industryorganizations, governments, and financial institutions. ..issue…collaborative engagement isn’t defined Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 7
  • 8. My Three Wordso Trust (or the building of it)o Communicate/Plan Togethero Commitment Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 8
  • 9. Current Engagement Architecture? Hoard Information Risk Aversion Stand Alone Narrow Focus Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 9
  • 10. New Architecture? Broader goalsProprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 10
  • 11. ApproachProprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 11
  • 12. Understanding the Style of Engagement CoP CoI Enterprise Openo The starting point is that each engagement has its own DNA based on challenge, objectives, criteria, participants, etc. We help you get each critical element aligned to your business objective (ie improving your workplace, fixing financial forecasting, better building of your policy, client engagement/satisfaction for your program, etc.)o One end of the spectrum is a Community of Practice (participants who are experts in a particular field) engagement and the opposite end is an Open (ie all citizens of Colorado) engagement with Communities of Interest and Enterprise (ie department/organization wide) in betweeno Each style triggers different success factors. For instance, a Community of Practice engagement usually means there is an emphasis on: • A (potentially) more detailed Campaign Challenge • A more agile framework • Active sponsor/client participation • Targeted marketing and communications • Community “skin” • Clear ground rules on Follow Through Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 12
  • 13. Have a Plan… PubliVate Innovation Methodology Stage One - Setup Stage Two - Campaign Stage Three – Follow Througho With guidance from o Engagement Platform set up o Follow through on PubliVate, client sets out and open for business communication parameters for their o With “field ploughed”, o Follow through on reporting and engagement and work on key participants sign up and start analysis areas that will ensure populating the Engagement o Follow through on success: Platform implementation of best ideas • Business Objective o The platform is usually open o PubliVate provides supporting • Campaign Team for 3-4 weeks tools to allow for a seamless • Campaign Challenge o Leadership (and participants) transition • Community continue to communicate Engagement about Campaign, ensuringo Platform Setup strong participation and momentum throughout Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 13
  • 14. Example #1 – vocalpoint Engagement Drivers o Early information o Unfiltered sharing o Empowerment o InnovationProprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 14
  • 15. Example #2 – Justice Canada or a tale of two engagements Area Justice Canada Nameless ClientSize 5000 people 7100 peopleDispersion Everywhere Generally concentrated  although regionalType Enterprise internal Enterprise internalLeadership Deputy Minister Asst Dep Minister“Ask” “How might we continue  “How might we improve our  to remain relevant as a  workplace?” department?”Approach Core plus “cheerleaders”,  Core? community  communications plan Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 15
  • 16. A Tale of Two Engagements - Results Transaction Justice Canada Nameless ClientRegistration 45% (2,333) 7.5% (486)Ideas 789 244Improvements 1,728 457Ratings 14,253 1243Views 63,938 10,291 Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 16
  • 17. Example #2 – Justice Canada Engagement Drivers o Great Plan (that was well executed) o Knew their crowd o Knew what they wanted o Transparent throughout Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 17
  • 18. Example #3 – Quora Engagement Drivers o Simple plan o Easy collaboration o Knew what they wanted o But… …jury is still out I think…Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 18
  • 19. Example #4 – ???? What’s Your Example o Good, bad, or indifferent o Lessons o DriversProprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 19
  • 20. SOME Engagement best practiceso Know what you wanto Do a piloto Timeo Communicationo Follow Through Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 20
  • 21. PeopleProprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 21
  • 22. Collaboration Engagement = Change Management o More public servants are becoming involved in collaboration exercises but it will be awhile before they - and their Managers – are comfortable with the changes coming about. o Part of getting them there and having them engage on a regular basis is understanding key elements of the transition CHANGE CREATIVITY MOTIVATION Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 22
  • 23. Change o It’s a change management exerciseCHANGE  Be directive  Be educational  Be understanding  Be aware when you plan Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 23
  • 24. CreativityThe secret to creative thinking is to start with good problems. Then you need to turnthose problems into thought provoking challenges. After that, great ideas will almostinvent themselves. Jeffrey Baumgartner o Do your homework up front o Provide basics around creativity to the participantsCREATIVITY o Monitor what they do so you can support them o People will be creative in different ways o You can nurture your stakeholders so that they can improve their creativity Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 24
  • 25. MOTIVATION Motivation Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 25
  • 26. Participant Benefits o Empowerment o Community o Recognition o Engagement …ideally, intrinsic motivationProprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 26
  • 27. Something that’s really different… o They become interested o They become organizers o They become volunteers o They become lots of things o They…stay Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 27
  • 28. Final Thoughtso Know what you want to accomplisho Senior leadership throughouto Have a Plano Be Collaborative throughouto Don’t forget about the Follow Througho There is no one size fits all Proprietary and confidential. Not for re‐distribution without the explicit approval from PubliVate Inc. 28