How scholastics is using facebook to create loyal

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How Scholastics used facebook to help their business. …

How Scholastics used facebook to help their business.
Presented: January 28th, 2011
Presented By: Jason Ng

More in: Education
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  • 1. How Scholastics is using facebook to create loyal brand ambassadors. Jason Ng PUB 355
  • 2. Main Points
    • Introduce new community to existing customers
    • Give them a reason to keep coming back
    • Keep promoting and supporting the community
  • 3. Offline to Online
    • Using existing offline community
    • Started with a facebook group
    • Moved to facebook fan page
    • Using facebook as a platform to communicate with target audience
    • Replicate loyal offline fan to the online community
  • 4. Audience
    • Scholastics has a very engaged and loyal community offline
    • Facebook page allowed direct communication
    • Bridge the gap between school and home
    • Teachers, parents, book & reading fans, scholastic readers
    • Keep audience engaged with targeted posts
  • 5. From facebook and on…
    • Success of facebook group
    • Scholastics increased publicity and expanded with:
      • Blogs
      • Youtube channels
      • Twitter
      • Online book club
  • 6. Goals
    • Transfer the offline loyalty to the online community
    • Connect directly with parents, readers, and fans of Scholastics
    • Increase awareness and sales of Scholastic products
    • Create a platform for discussion and promotion of Scholastics products
  • 7. What facebook page offered
    • Expert advice on books and reading
    • Exclusive contents
    • Customer service
    • Communicate with audience directly
    • Foster interaction among users
    • Low cost social media platform
  • 8. Results
    • 3 Sweepstakes were promoted via facebook
    • Generated
      • +50,000 fans (sweepstake)
      • +17,000 fans (with facebook ads)
      • +36,000 fans (sweepstakes)
    • Fans placed 30% more order and spent 7.6% more on each order compare to non fans
  • 9. Summary
    • Use your existing loyal customers, bring them online and reward them
      • Use giveaways to generate early excitement
    • Offer exclusive content on the new community
    • Keep promoting the new community once established
  • 10. Thanks for listening!