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130823   eric vitouley - supporting source code maintenance using screencasts
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130823 eric vitouley - supporting source code maintenance using screencasts


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Screencasts, software developers, social studies, training, support, maintenance

Screencasts, software developers, social studies, training, support, maintenance

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. … Link… ? Presented by Eric VITOULEY, trainee. Supervisor : Bram ADAMS
  • 2. Two videos… (from; keyword : firefox) What is the fundamental difference ?
  • 3. But… What is a screencast ? A screencast is a digital video recording that captures actions taking place on a computer desktop. Screencasts, which often contain voice-over narration, are useful for demonstrating how to use specific operating systems, software applications or website features.
  • 4. 3 categories of screencasts
  • 5. Identifying important features… Virus Scanning Link Scanner Meta-data Theme Changing
  • 6. Report Bugs ! Which part of the code ? Information extraction & Identifiers in source code
  • 7. User feedback… End user software testing Test/Comparison screencasts Ideas for next Release Software Comparison
  • 8. Keeping documentation up to date… 5s Documentation 5s Which part of those doc should be changed ? Release v1.0 New Release v1.1
  • 9. So far… Screencasts
  • 10. Screencasts Source Code
  • 11. About traceability… Extraction n tio rac t Ex
  • 12. Research Questions Does the audio file yield syntactically correct, meaningful text ? Does a screencast file yield syntactically correct, meaningful text ? Can we correctly link screencast to source code ?
  • 13. If Speech to text… You Handed It If you handed it Kannel with basic text editors like Notepad you're!probably With s Dragonfamiliar with Google Earth air messages like this parse e Naturally woefully enc error on line 8 t Speaking tool e Basic one set of waiting until you open your file in Google Earthndiscover errors in your s Text or invalidate your f Kannel this video tutorial will show you how to use Janet ot n Editors Kannel as you type the first step is to make sure that you have the Java runtime ut b Like ds don't have already you can get environment installed on your computer you r o Notepad f w the latest stable version of genetic next a J and o install You ty which is currently 4.2 was the ri programs on your computer Glenn launch J edit ajo Re first we rm fo Filtered by Aspell list tplug-ins to work with XML documentsProbably the plugneed to install some so click on ec rr manager then click uninstall tab click on download options in Woefully o ins menu plug-ins xc Familiar na an updatet from your list pick a location that's geographically close to you click Sy With okay the list of plug-ins will refresh buttons for this alphabetically by Google clicking on the name column then scroll down to the bottom because were… Earth
  • 14. Places Status My 0 Latest Version Check 1.5 Loaded III f 0 OuickNotepad 4.2 Loaded Ffo Remove te s wa Add Help t er Search Download Options.. Plugin Options... grea Close Ma IflPlugin Manager ts  c MM 00® Frames rre ! o n Ftft Manage Update instai inc tio lly filtering weird a Places Name Category Version orm Size tica f !c in My □ Calculator Applications 1.1.6symbols + 124KB nea y t on s d Ed □ Console Applications 378KB Aspell list dds a y or e w Add □ JcrontabPlugin Applications 0.7.2 81KB er rAl o M SH □ JMailApplications 14 431KB Voice My □ JTAPIugin Applications 01 565KB _ Open ["I 1 arvfil Rrioftr Annlir.atinns -7_1 MR Trctr ......................................... Name [ Version Text from video…
  • 15. Images and video processing… Feature Tracking Contour Detection Foreground Catching
  • 16. Similarity Calculation Process Array[n x m] words e oic mv o t fr Tex FILTERED FILTERED m fro ext T WS4J Documentation ges ima Calulate similarity with WordNet Similarity tool
  • 17. Similarity Calculation Process (2) WUP LESK • Threshold : 0,5 t ien ffic e Co ice D JCN WORDNET SIMILARITY PATH LCH HSO g hin atc M e rag ave LIN RES Source : Measuring similarities between sentences, Thanh Ngoc Dao et al.,
  • 18. Similarity Calculation Process (3)  Relative similarity values to be able to compare.  Max similaritiy values for each couple of file (X and Y) A C P 1,0 1,0 1,0 N  Relative similarity : B 1,0 1,0 1,0 M 1,0 1,0 1,0
  • 19. Case Study (1) ut ! o ugh o thr y arit l imi s ow L
  • 20. Case Study (2) ut ! o ugh o thr y arit l imi s ow L
  • 21. Work in progress…  Split the screencast into scenes and compute similarities per scene.  Advanced identifier splitting techniques for filtering the video/audio data.  Deeper look on images/video processing to gain more information  Similarity measurement without removing duplicate words  Try to find link directly between screencasts and source code (by splitting identifiers)  Build a model for traceability links retrieval between screencasts and source code
  • 22. Conclusion