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24 - Season 6 primer
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24 - Season 6 primer



24 for newbies. (Or what you should know now that you're on the bandwagon)

24 for newbies. (Or what you should know now that you're on the bandwagon)



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24 - Season 6 primer Presentation Transcript

  • 1. An overview
  • 2. Who’s Who
  • 3. Jack Bauer – Badass "Rules don't apply to Jack Bauer. He does what he wants, when he wants, and he doesn't care whose life it affects.“ -- George Mason
  • 4. Things Jack has gone through for America
    • Lost his wife.
    • Became addicted to heroin.
    • Has withstood knife carvings, electrocutions, and injections without confessing. Was abducted by the Chinese and refused to betray information even after seven months of torture.
    • Has lost many friends and fellow agents.
    • Thwarted assassination attempts on David Palmer
    • Saved world from massive deadly Cordilla Virus outbreak.
    • Prevents US terrorist attack on Russia via Sentox Nerve Gas.
    • At this time has killed 136 people in 5 days.
    • Has become extremely emotionally suppressed.
    • Prevented a nuclear explosion in Los Angeles.
    • Faked his own death.
  • 5. The Bauer Family Jack Bauer Teri Bauer Kim Bauer
  • 6. Washington Secret Service – Aaron Pierce Sherry Palmer Pres. David Palmer Wayne Palmer DoD – James Heller Martha Logan Pres. Charles Logan Chief of Staff – Mike Novic V.P. Hal Gardner DoD Liasion – Audrey Raines
  • 7. Heads of CTU / Division Jack Bauer George Mason Ryan Chappelle SoulPatch Michelle Dessler Erin Driscoll Bill Buchanan Karen Hayes Lynn McGill
  • 8. Our Friends at CTU
    • Chloe does everything inside of CTU. Everything.
    • Curtis does everything outside of CTU. Except be Jack. Suffers from HBM* syndrome. (We’ll discuss)
    • Edgar died unexpectedly. We still talk about it.
    • Everybody else is pretty much useless.
    Chloe O’Brian Curtis Manning Edgar Stiles
  • 9. Bad Guys The Chinese Middle Eastern Terrorists CTU Mole Nina Myers Naked!Mandy Graham (or Bluetooth Mafia Chris Henderson Pres Charles Logan Miles the Creep
  • 10. The women Jack has boned Teri Bauer Nina Myers Audrey Raines Diane Huxley Kate Warner Claudia Salazar
  • 11. Everyone’s getting it on Many other guys
  • 12. Heads of CTU / Division Jack Bauer George Mason Ryan Chappelle SoulPatch Michelle Dessler Erin Driscoll Bill Buchanan Karen Hayes Lynn McGill
  • 13. Dangers of heading CTU
    • Being the head of CTU is the most dangerous job in the world. (Only after being Jack Bauer). Check out the stats:
    • 5 of 9 CTU Heads have died.
    • Breakdown of the dangers CTU Heads must face. Includes: death of family members, getting shot at, exposure to chemicals, and getting their asses kicked by Jack in some form.
  • 14. Things we must accept when we watch 24
    • NOTHING can stop Jack Bauer.
    • Everyone has the potential to die except Jack. Don’t get attached to anyone.
    • You can get anywhere in LA in 15 – 20 minutes. There is no traffic in LA.
    • Despite logic, CTU is probably one of the most unsafe places to be.
    • That said CTU Medic is THE most unsafe place to be.
    • When CTU says that they will “set up a perimeter”, that means that the bad guy will get away.
    • Jack’s accessories can do anything. His phone is the best phone in the world. His hoodie can repel toxic gas. His manpurse contains everything.
  • 15. Things we must accept when we watch 24
    • Handsome Black Man syndrome (HBM). If there is a handsome black man onscreen, he will soon be dead. Curtis seems to be an exception… for now.
    • Chloe knows everything.
    • When Kim appears ,,, RUN!
    • Continuity is not this shows strength.
  • 16. Who’s dead – let’s review
  • 17. Previously on Day 5 Longtime friend President David Palmer was assassinated. People who knew about Jack believe alive are dying!
  • 18. Previously on Day 5 Jack returns from the dead to assume old life. He soon learns that he's being framed for assassination.
  • 19. Previously on Day 5 Assassination turns out to be diversion by a collaboration of conspirators and Russian separatists to obtain 20 canisters of Sentox VX nerve gas.
  • 20. Previously on Day 5 Not just Russians are involved in Nerve Gas. US government is involved. President is involved! Ordered gas! Is being controlled by Graham and Bluetooth Mafia.
  • 21. Previously on Day 5 That creep traitor Miles erases recording of tape proving that President is behind all bad events happening.
  • 22. Previously on Day 5 Jack and all the good guys cook up a plot to get the president to confess. Yay!
  • 23. Previously on Day 5 Everyone's happy. Whoops, the Chinese* kidnapped Jack. *In season 4, Jack infiltrates the Chinese consulate to kidnap a man who has vital information. Jack's field agents poses as terrorists since Chinese will not cooperate. FIGHT! Some important Chinese dude got shot in friendly fire. Chinese find out it was Jack and CTU. They've been pissed ever since.