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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Problem 3Solution 5Product 6UK Market 13Business Model 14Team 16Progress Thus Far 17Up Next 18How to Launch 19
  3. 3. “Bangladesh Garment Factory death toll reaches 948 people” - Reuters, 9th May 2013‘Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2010’ requires the disclosure in order to eradicate slavery andhuman trafficking from corporate supply chains - FairLabor, 2012“Estimated retail sales of Fairtrade products (in the UK) in 2012 reached £1.57 billion, a 19%increase on sales of £1.32 billion in 2011." - Feb 2013, FairtradeProblemSource 1 : 2 : 3 :
  4. 4. Where the things we buy come from is becoming increasinglyimportant.Led by fair trade and the organic food movement, consumers havean appetite for knowledge about the products they buy beyondadvertising and price comparison.Yet you can only choose from that which you are presented.Greenwash and an array of many marks and standards confuses.ProblemExamples of ethical trading marks
  5. 5. A platform for transparency of information about products.Allow consumers to browse and buy by true stories.Open data meets curated e-commerce.Not ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’, but striving for both, through being open and honest.Collecting the products and companies with nothing to hide and giving them a platform foropenness and consumers an opportunity to support them.Our Solution
  6. 6. Provenance is an online platform to shop by true story
  7. 7. Default view is a shop of products all of which have been Provenance’d
  8. 8. Explore product’s true stories through rich editorial content based on live data streams
  9. 9. Explore product’s true stories through rich editorial content based on live data streams
  10. 10. Explore product’s true stories through rich editorial content based on live data streams
  11. 11. Partner with the best open data platforms and providers to ensure accountability
  12. 12. Aggregate to communicate. Anyone can then drill down into the data through our partner’s sites
  13. 13. There is large potential for revenue globally, however looking firstly at the UK.“The green and ethical consumer market will increase by 40.5% between 2012 and 2016, withthe market reaching a value of £76.7bn in the latter year.” - Key Note Market Intelligence (2012)UK MarketSource 1 : 2 : £ mil/year (2011)Size of ethical consumer market (UK) 12,528,200 50,760Size of ethical personal products market (UK) 17,87Estimated size of ethical personal products market (London) 1.34
  14. 14. Direct sales of products through the siteRevenue from brand partnerships for limited editions e.g. Adidas x ProvenanceBecome a resource for finding small makers throughout Europe and earn revenue on introductionsPossible revenue in benchmarkingBusiness Model
  15. 15. Provenance04/05/13MakersOpen Data sources e.g. SourcemapBrands we do collaborations withLocal journalistsCuratorsEditorial partnershipsStory tellingData brokeringMaking data consumer friendly - suchas integrating into product searchSharable content & imagerye-commerceWeb platform buildingRetailManufacturing knowledgeDevelopmentof theplatform -backend phpcodinge-commerceintegrationMarketingBranddevelopmentAllows me to exploreand shop for productsthat are made in anopen and honest way.That have fulldisclosure on and aresearchable by whatthey are made of,where and by whom.Enabling me to makean informed choiceabout what I buy andwhat kind of companiesI am supporting.30 something nester story teller30/40 something vague ethicalconsumer, community supportersmall-medium (initially European)designer/makersE-commerce and/oraffiliate linksPartnerships bothbrand and editorialTrade showsSharable contentDirect buying ofproducts by consumersLicensing dataMatching fee fordesigners with makersBrand collaborationsCompetitors incl.:FSC certified, fairtrade certified goods sold by websites.Other maker focused sites e.g. Best Made, Honest ByOnline curated e-commerce. e.g. Fab, Etsy, made.comMore products and makers over widergeographic locations e.g. China and JapanOpen social curation of product collections
  16. 16. Jessi BakerJessi Baker is a Designer &Technologist. She works as anInteraction Designer for companies inLondon and worldwide. A true blend ofart and science, she has a Masters inEngineering from Cambridge Universityand a Masters in Design from the RoyalCollege of Art.jessibaker.comTeamMatt HusseyMatt is an experienced journalist andfreelance curator. He has spent the pastseven years sourcing stories fornumerous magazines, newspapers,websites and creative agencies. His hasexpert knowledge in product designand consumer
  17. 17. We are very early stage, but we are passionate to succeedWe have started to design the full information architecture for the site - how open dataand e-commerce will work togetherResearching and contacting makers in the UK to be part of the betaWorking with Sourcemap to enhance their API to facilitate searchUX and UI design for the site well on the way, including testing plansProgress Thus Far
  18. 18. We are building our MVP over the next 3-5 months.We are looking for a small amount of investment approx. 20K to work with a back end developerto customize an off the shelf multi-login e-commerce package e.g. MagentoPlanning to mostly Bootstrap to MVP.We particularly need help and advice with the business model, launch roadmap and how tointerface with open data.Up Next
  19. 19. Transparency is very topical so we plan a PR drive on launch through Matt’s press contactsSmall spend on Facebook and other social media advertisingBrand collaboration will raise profile significantlyInvestigating partnerships with Monocle & WallpaperLaunch
  20. 20. Thank 7866808097