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Providence Children’s Museum's annual gala fundraiser, "Unplugged – The Way to Play," celebrated the spirit of creativity and innovation, and the Museum’s commitment to children’s imaginative free play.

The festive event, held on April 26, netted $81,000 to benefit the Museum and help provide valuable play and learning opportunities for children and families in need.

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Unplugged 2012 slideshow

  1. 1. The mission ofProvidence Children’s Museum is to inspire and celebrate learning through active play and exploration.
  2. 2. In 2011, Providence Children’s Museum...
  3. 3. Ensured all families had access to theMuseum, welcoming 30 percent of its 160,000 visitors at no charge.
  4. 4. Conducted therapeutic visits for500 children and parents in 180court-separated families through the Families Together program.
  5. 5. Brought engaginghands-on activitiesto over 1,000 Head Start preschoolers and nearly 600 school-age kids.
  6. 6. Provided 550 charitable memberships to low-income children and families.
  7. 7. 45 percent of the Museum’s $2.1 operating budgetsupported services for children and families in need.
  8. 8. Tonight’s event honors thefollowing local individuals who exemplify a spirit ofcreativity and innovation.
  9. 9. Ava Sprague Anderson Founder/CEO, Ava Anderson Non-ToxicAva Sprague Anderson is committed adkljaadjlflto providing personal care productsfree of harmful chemicals. She iscurrently a high school senior, and thecompany that she founded at age 15now has over 45 organic products.Ava Anderson Non-Toxic has more than1,200 Ava Consultants in 48 statesand is one of the fastest growing directsales companies in the country.
  10. 10. Ava Sprague Anderson Founder/CEO, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic“[Creativity requires] time to adkljaadjlflthink, draw, photograph, design,style or visualize withoutconstraints.For our business, this means theability to dream and mold thedream into a reality – fromconcept to final product.”
  11. 11. Barrett Bready President/CEO, NABsys, Inc.Barrett Bready is working to makewhole-genome adkljaadjlfl DNA sequencing fast,inexpensive and accurate enough to beused in clinical care.He was named 2011 Innovator of theYear by Providence Business News, andhe teaches a course on the business ofbiotechnology at Brown University,where he is an adjunct professor.
  12. 12. Barrett Bready President/CEO, NABsys, Inc.“[Creativity is] figuring out what adkljaadjlflneeds to be done and applying out-of-the-box thinking to achieve it.NABsys uses semiconductortechnology to make chips that readindividual DNA moleculeselectronically and will allow scientistsand physicians to understand thegenomic basis of cancer.”
  13. 13. Dennis Littky Co-Founder/Co-Director, Big Picture Learning and The Met SchoolDennis Littky is nationally known for adkljaadjlflhis extensive work in secondaryeducation in urban, suburban andrural settings, spanning over 40 years.As an educator, Dr. Littky has areputation for working up against theedge of convention and out of the box,challenging tradition and deliveringconcrete results.
  14. 14. Dennis Littky Co-Founder/Co-Director, Big Picture Learning and The Met School“Innovation/creativity means lookingat something and seeing solutions adkljaadjlflthat are different and better than inthe past.I have turned education on its headby building The Met School, CollegeUnbound and 100 schools around theworld based on our design of onestudent at a time and interest-basedcurriculum on real projects.”
  15. 15. Navyn Salem Executive Director, Edesia Global NutritionNavyn Salem founded Edesia GlobalNutrition, a non-profit organization adkljaadjlfldedicated to the treatment and preventionof malnutrition in children throughout thedeveloping world, in 2007.Edesia manufactures ready-to-use foodsthat have reached over 800,000 children.Ms. Salem received the 2012 New EnglandBusinesswoman of the Year Award at BryantUniversity’s annual Women’s Summit.
  16. 16. Navyn Salem Executive Director, Edesia Global Nutrition“Creativity is the ability to captureyour imagination and transform ideas adkljaadjlflinto reality…Through a model of social enterprise,Edesia creates jobs locally and saveslives globally. The team is workingalmost around the clock and exportingto over 25 countries from Pakistan toHaiti, Chad, Somalia and beyond.”
  17. 17. Jim Stallman President, M.H. Stallman CompanyJim Stallman’s company is a leadingfabricator and distributor of innovative adkljaadjlflfoam products, with two manufacturingfacilities in Rhode Island and one inupstate New York.From NASA to the operating room, fromWashingtons National Museum of Art toHollywood, M.H. Stallman engineers havebrought creative solutions to a diversity ofproduct application challenges.
  18. 18. Jim Stallman President, M.H. Stallman Company“Creativity or innovation is anything adkljaadjlflnew that builds on what’s alreadybeen invented.The innovation with our work is totake the artist’s or the designer’sconcept and translate it into a viableproduction part, building upon otherapplications and uses and findingways to streamline and create whathas been designed.”
  19. 19. Max Winograd President/Co-Founder, NuLabel TechnologiesMax Winograd founded NuLabelTechnologies, a polymer science and adkljaadjlflengineering company that has pioneerednew adhesive technology to helpcompanies cut costs and reduce wasteby eliminating label backs that end-users peel and throw away.Mr. Winograd serves on the Board ofDirectors of the Greater ProvidenceChamber of Commerce and is a RhodeIsland Commodore.
  20. 20. Max Winograd President/Co-Founder, NuLabel Technologies“Creativity and innovation meansrefusing to sayadkljaadjlfl instead saying no andnot yet, but soon.Innovation comes out not by provingyour hypothesis right, but by trying toprove your hypothesis was wrong –which forces you to consideralternatives and stretch the definitionof whats possible.”
  21. 21. Meg Wirth Founder/CEO, MaternovaMeg Wirth founded Maternova, the first adkljaadjlflglobal online “marketplace” for ideasand innovations that accelerate life-saving technologies for women andnewborns in low-income countries.Maternova was named 2011 Innovationof the Year in Community and SocialService by Providence Business News.
  22. 22. Meg Wirth Founder/CEO, Maternova“To me, creativity means an angle or adkljaadjlflapproach that is surprising and leads tosomething new – and hopefully better.At Maternova we are interested inpositive solutions to maternal andinfant health in low-income countries…Our customizable bundles make it easyfor frontline providers to find anddeploy life saving technologies fasterand more affordably.”
  23. 23. Thank you for supportingProvidence Children’s Museum and its commitment to children’s right to play.