Elastix NLX4000 UCS

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NLX4000 …

Unified Communications Server
OS : Elastix 32/64 bits

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  • 1. business communication running smoothly and uninterrupted Elastix NLX4000
  • 2. Elastix NLX4000 The NLX4000 is a unified communications server that combines Elastix Software and Hardware, designed to adapt to the increasing needs of the client telephony operation. It is a powerful communications tool that grows in total synergy with the business.
  • 3. Hard Drive Management Replace your drives with easy access, quickly and fast, without compromising the essential parts of the server.
  • 4. Hardware RAID The NLX4000 is preloaded with Elastix 32 or 64 bits and configured with Hardware RAID to allow full backup of all the operation from the start.
  • 5. The NLX4000 is ready to meet several scenarios, native to SIP but able to integrate Digital or Analog interfaces, as we need them. Integration is just two steps away: connecting the card on the tray and detection on the Elastix Interface. Telephony Integration
  • 6. This feature, available on demand, allows the NLX4000 to continue working after an eventual power problem, making possible to schedule a repair at the company's convenience. Redundant Power Supply
  • 7. Technical Specifications Internal Analog Ports (FXO/FXS) Internal Digital Ports Extensions (SIP/IAX) Concurrent Calls PCI Expansion Slots Operating System Up to 48 Up to 4 E1/T1/J1 Up to 300 Up to120 2 PCIe - easy swap Elastix 32 bits - supports 64 bits Telephony CPU RAM Hard Drive 2nd Hard Drive (optional) RAID Controller (optional) Network Interface LCD Display USB Ports 1.86 GHz Dual Core 4 GB DDR3 500 GB HDD - 2.5” 500 GB HDD - 2.5” (RAID 1 with 1st Hard Drive) Hardware RAID 1 2x Gigabit Ethernet Front panel 2 on rear panel Hardware
  • 8. W W W . E L A S T I X . O R G