Getting Psyched Imagery -- Baseball Hitting


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Want to be the best you can be? You've got to think it to win it! Contact John Ellsworth, Master Mental Game Coach and Sports Psychology Consultant.

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Getting Psyched Imagery -- Baseball Hitting

  1. 1. John Ellsworth, MA • Protex Sports ( Getting Psyched Imagery Baseball Hitting ProgramCopyright© 2011 by Protex Sports, LLC Page 1
  2. 2. Frame of ReferenceFind a quiet space and lay down in a horizontal position. Take a few moments to get adjusted toyour position. Notice any discomforts and adjust to a comfortable space. “This is your personalrelaxation & imagery tape” For the next few minutes, you will focus all your attention onrelaxing your body, quieting your mind, and becoming present with the “here & now”.This is your private time, so whatever has gone on prior to the next few minutes and whateverwill go on during these next few minutes while you relax and become one with the here & nowdoes not concern you. You have the remainder of the day to deal with these issues. All thatmatters is the present moment, since this is the only time you are in complete control.Take all thoughts, good and bad, put them in a small box, and park this small box on a shelf forthe time being. By taking this step, you are now free to channel your energy into the presentmoment. This is a unique opportunity to for you to nourish the mind & body.Now that you have placed all of your thoughts in “park” mode & are completely focused in thehere & now, you have made a clean break from conscious thought & prepared to be one withthe present & in the “right frame of mind”.You know that entering the right frame of mind at the beginning of each practice orcompetition, you alert the mind that you are “now focused” & will not be disturbed you arenow in the “training”, or “competitive” mindset with an undivided mind. You have reserved thistime for concentrated physical & mental awareness.Copyright© 2011 by Protex Sports, LLC Page 2
  3. 3. Exaggerated BreathingYou now begin by being aware of your breathing. In doing so, pay special attention to yourbreath. -- It is easy for you to follow its pace and observe it with complete attention & withoutdistraction. (PAUSE) Place the palms of your hands on your abdomen.Take 5 exaggerated deep breaths’ by bringing each inhale deep into your abdomen ordiaphragm area. Take a slow, complete breath into your abdomen below your lungs, with aslow count to 6. (Count 1, 2, 3…) Slowly & smoothly exhale to the count of 12 and with slowlyrepeat your auto- suggestion “entry” word (focus, prepare, energize). Feel your body becomingmore and more relaxed on each exhale. Inhale to the count of 6 & exhale to the count of 12while repeating the “entry” word. Feel the tension drain from your body as you exhale. Inhale& exhale (#3). Focus on releasing tension with each exhale while slowly repeating your entryword.With each exhale your body increases it’s awareness and becomes less tense and more relaxed.Inhale & exhale (#4). Feel gravity at work as you sink deeper into your relaxed & present placewhen the air completely exits from your abdomen. On the 5th exhale you can bring yourattention to your breath as it returns to its normal pace & rhythm. By bringing your attentionto your breath and simply observing it you will have reached relaxed state of body & mind.In this relaxed state of body and mind your tension has been released & you are prepared tobegin a process of practice or competitive readiness.Copyright© 2011 by Protex Sports, LLC Page 3
  4. 4. Begin Positive AffirmationsImagine a blackboard in front of you. On the black board, write these 3 positive affirmations &repeat each one three times as you write:1. I am a focused and confident hitter.2. I am in control of my thoughts & what I choose to focus on.3. I am a technically sound hitter and in control of my emotions .4. I will focus on one pitch at a time.Five Mental Keys to Great HittingRemember the top five mental keys to great hitting during your pregame warm up. The first isconfidence. You must believe that the pitcher has no chance against you and you have theability to control what you choose to react to. Second, remind yourself to focus on one pitchat a time. The last pitch is history, only the current pitch matters. Third, trust in your hittingability. It’s game time and this is the time to free it up and react to the pitch you see or feel inyour mind. Fourth, let go of last pitch. Do not dwell on or analyze the last pitch. Only the nextpitch matters. Lastly, commit to the pitch. See and feel the pitch as it leaves the pitchers hand.Take the sign from the coach. Rehearse the in your mind the pitch you want t hit in and beconfident this is the pitch you will put into play. No second-guessing now. Plan it, see or feelit, and commit to it!Copyright© 2011 by Protex Sports, LLC Page 4
  5. 5. Baseball Visualization Script (Hitting)You are on the field during batting practice. It is a nice sunny day and the ground still has amorning dew. You are with your hitting group and rotating through each round of hitting.As you swing you work on having a good feel of your swing and driving the baseball. Thebaseball l flys off of the bat as you complete each round of hitting. You hear the ball hit the batand feel confident with each swing. You see the ball clearly as it is being released by the pitcherand you swing is in sequence and very rhythmic. During the last round of hitting you hitnothing but balls with backspin and see each of them travel with maximum carry. You swing isshort and quick to the baseball. You are staying behind and on top of the ball and my swingperfectly on plane as you see and feel the ball jumping off of the bat. At the end of battingpractice you feel confident and in complete control of your swing. “You love this part of thegame.”During the game, you watch the pitcher throw to your teammates. You see how he ispitching to them in different situations. . You see how he pitches when ahead in the count, andhow he pitches when he is behind in the count. You have a good idea of how he likes to work.You see his release point and you get your internal clock timed to the velocity of his pitches.Your confidence is high. You have done a good job of preparing to hit.You are now in the hole and go to the bat rack and select your bat and get your helmet offthe shelf. . All of your equipment is in place. . You are ready to go and have a sense ofcalmness and a businesslike attitude as you prepare to go on deck. Once on deck you get yourtiming with the pitcher as you take practice swings. You feel balanced and in rhythm. You payattention to the action that is taking place and anticipate any possible situations that may ariseduring your at-bat. As you fine-tune your focus you take the bat over your head andstretch. You also bend over and limber up any part of your body that feels tight. Youcontinue to take practice swings at a controlled pace until it is your turn to hit.Once it is your turn to hit you walk to the plate with a calm confident relaxed feeling. Youlook at the coach to get the signs. You program my approach for the first pitch. You look foryour pitch in your zone of choice. You step into the box and go through your regularroutine of tapping the plate and taking practice swings. You focus on the pitcher as he gets hissign from the catcher. “You own this guy”. Once he gets the sign and begins his routine, yousettle into my stance. You tell myself to “see the ball” and trust your abilities andCopyright© 2011 by Protex Sports, LLC Page 5
  6. 6. preparation. The outcome is of no concern to you because you are into the process of seeingthe ball and reacting freely. You are ready to go and feel calm and confident. You feel balanceas the pitcher goes into his windup. You load and stride at the proper time and feel in syncwith the pitchers rhythm. You focus on the release point of the pitcher and immediatelyrecognize what type of pitch he is throwing. It is you pitch! You let the pitch travel as youbegin to unlock the swing. Your back knee triggers and your swing begin to unlock in perfectsequence and in perfect timing. You remain balanced as you effortlessly swing to perfectcontact. The ball jumps off of the bat as you swing through the ball. You hardly feel the ballbecause contact was so solid. As you finish your swing you begin to run toward first base.You know you will go for extra bases so you get into your turn early. You round first baseand head for second. You feel fast and am glide to second base. You easily reach second asthe ball is being thrown in from the outfield.As the game progresses, you trust in your ability to see or feel each pitch as it leaves thepitchers, makes it’s way to your zone of choice, and makes contact with your bat. You arefocused because you are in the process of reacting and trusting with freedom what you see orfeel in your mind. You are not concerned with the outcome. You feel calm, committed, andfocused each and every time you step into the batters box. Each time you take a swing withconsistent tempo you can see or feel the ball make contact with the bat. When this happen yourejoice with confidence and self-satisfaction. You know the pitcher will have an impossible timetoday getting you out. You own this pitcher. This is a great day to be playing baseball. This is myday!Copyright© 2011 by Protex Sports, LLC Page 6