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Why & how is it that international laws & international bodies & international public figures paid to maintain peaceful co-existence keep silent while even endorsing repeated NATO bombings that have killed thousands of innocent men, women & children & destroyed public & private property in a show of supremacy & arrogance over the nations they have targeted? NATO war crimes extend from Yugoslavia, to Iraq, to Afghanistan & now Libya. Why are international laws being manipulated to pressurize nations politically less powerful yet bountiful in natural resources or placed in influential economic routes? This simply explains why nations are invaded in the present context & how NATO has become above the law.

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Action against-nato-war-crimes

  1. 1. UN member States must demand probe & action against NATO War CrimesWhy & how is it that international laws & international bodies & internationalpublic figures paid to maintain peaceful co-existence keep silent while evenendorsing repeated NATO bombings that have killed thousands of innocent men,women & children & destroyed public & private property in a show of supremacy& arrogance over the nations they have targeted? NATO war crimes extend fromYugoslavia, to Iraq, to Afghanistan & now Libya. Why are international laws beingmanipulated to pressurize nations politically less powerful yet bountiful in naturalresources or placed in influential economic routes? This simply explains whynations are invaded in the present context & how NATO has become above thelaw.Were there terrorists in power plants, electricity grids, water supply networks?Were there terrorists among shops, universities & schools, stores, hospitals,farms & markets? These have been key targets of NATO in its endless bombingcampaigns which totally violate its own Charter & the UN Charter. So if Justice isquiet what is the use of the International Criminal Court at The Hague? If the ICCis a tool, a manipulative organism that twists legal principles it is time the rest ofthe world knew about these duplicities, ambiguities & double standards &demand that it either stops the double standards or these members vote foranother alternative.NATO in YugoslaviaThe International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia formed in 1993was only a means to justify Western intervention in the Balkans. It has no links tothe International Court of Justice based in The Hague. The Tribunal is made upof US influenced appointees so will NATO crimes in Kosovo be investigated?Was it a surprise when the Tribunal branded President Milosevic a war criminal &the US is against the establishment of any international court that can charge USmilitary & political personnel with war crimes?What NATO is accused of is violating the UN Charter– it is a violation to attack asovereign nation that was innocent of any aggression. NATO’s Charter Article 1& 7 has also been violated – NATO is supposed to function as a “DEFENSIVEorganization, & only committed to force if ONE or MORE of its members areattacked! NATO Treaty in fact recognizes the UN Security Council to maintaininternational peace & security. NATO’s violation of the Hague Convention Article22 & 23, Geneva Convention Article 19, Nuremberg Principle VI a,b,c & the USConstitution Article 1 Section 8, Clause II is for “killing & injuring a defenselesspopulation through Yugoslavia”.
  2. 2. The usual excuse is given as “humanitarian” intervention & that was what theClinton administration used, incidentally Mussolini used it to invade Ethiopia tosave them from slavery & Hitler used it to occupy Sudetenland to save Germans.If the US used the Nuremberg principles to charge Germany for “starting anunprovoked war” shouldn’t the US be charged on similar grounds?On 22 September, 2000 in the District Court of Belgrade, the President of theCourt handed down guilty verdicts against government leaders of NATOcountries for “war crimes”. These defendants were Bill Clinton, Tony Blair,Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder, ! "# $ %&! ( $ $ ! ( $ $ $ $ $ ) !( Slobodan Milosevic, President of Yugoslavia between March 24 & June10, 1999.Former US President Bill Clinton was sent a verdict on April 18th, 2001sentencing him in absentia to 20 years in prison for “crimes against civilians”.The entire West is not as inhuman as we think. The Commission of Inquiry of theInternational Action Coalition charged in 1999 Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright,William Cohen for violating the Geneva Convention, the UN Charter, theNuremberg Principles, Helsinki Accords & the US Constitution. The 19 chargesincluded starting a war, deliberate targeting of civilians infrastructure & violating &destroying peacemaking role of the UN. One of the main arguments was thatdespite the Yugoslav parliament agreeing to NATOs demand of autonomy &armed UN peacekeepers in Kosovo why it was bombed! Instead of the massgraves that was similar to the WMD in Iraq, there were perhaps just 200 deadpersons – the 100,000 dead Albanians that NATO & US were promoting asgrounds to attack was just a lie.NATOs air strikes in Serbia killed over 2000 civilians & wounded more than 7500.NATO has owned up to only 460 civilian deaths. The dead included farmers, citydwellers, reporters, diplomats, people traveling in public transport, patients inhospitals, the elderly & even children. That is the human factor – what about theenormous damages to the environment as a result of these NATO bombings –poisoning water supplies, loss of electricity that affects hospitals & otheremergency requirements? There is evidence that some Spanish pilots refused todrop bombs on non-military targets.
  3. 3. Another accusation against NATO was the bombing of all bridges across theinternational waterway through Eastern Europe – the River Danube. Some ofthese bridges were bombed while civilians were on them. All that NATO leaderssaid were that the incidents were “accidents”. This clearly violates the ProtocolAdditional to the Geneva Conventions of 12th August 1949 & the Protection ofVictims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol 1) – 8th June 1977.NATO strategy was to destroy the whole infrastructure of Yugoslavia – that waswhy it targeted public services, rail & road networks, waterways. The objectivewas always to detach Kosovo.If one were to read the book (The White Book) published by the YugoslavMinistry of Foreign Affairs, NATO crimes in Yugoslavia, the book will reveal thedamage caused by NATO bombings & lists 400 civilian deaths & over 40incidents involving civilian fatalities.If NATOs actions were illegal under its own treaty, in particular since aggressivemilitary action was taken without UN mandate the killings that ensued were warcrimes.What is clear is that the US & UK Governments deliberately waged war againstYugoslavia by building a propaganda campaign that would be internationallywelcomed & accepted by their countrymen.On 5th January 2000, Yugoslav Government stepped up pressure to indict NATOcountry leaders – US President Bill Clinton & UK Prime Minister Tony Blair forcrimes against humanity in Yugoslavia in 1999. This followed a submission forinstigating proceeds before the International Court of Justice in April 29, 1999 &ICC setting a deadline for legal action on 30th June 1999 & Yugoslavia meetingthat deadline on 5th January 2000. “ ! " # $ %&( ( ) *
  4. 4. NATO war crimes in IraqThe Geneva Conventions are clear “Civilians shall not be the object of attack."According to the UN Security Council resolution, military forces were tasked withexpelling Iraqi forces that invaded Kuwait. That task involved 88,000 tons ofbombs that killed civilians & killed more civilians through the destruction of powergrids, food, water treatment, sewage systems. US soldiers used napalm toincinerate entrenched Iraqi soldiers. US soldiers dropped fuel-air explosives,cluster bombs that use razor-sharp fragments to shred people. Depleted uraniumwere used to penetrate tanks causing long term health hazards, the economicembargoes have killed as many as 1million Iraqis.Why did the US & its allies deliberately destroy Iraq’s water supply & not repairit? Why did these western nations repeatedly bomb infrastructures for floodcontrol, municipal & industrial water storage, communication towers, irrigation &hydroelectric power? (8 multi purpose dams, 7 major pumping stations, 31municipal water & sewage facilities were destroyed). These have nothing to dowith Saddam or his supporters – these are services needed for the people ofIraq.They were bombed to create – waterborne diseases which have killed thousandsof Iraqi civilians & the bombs & weapons used have caused radiation poisoningas a result of depleted uranium shells.Article 54 of the Geneva Convention states “it is prohibited to attack, destroy orrender useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population” –including foodstuff, livestock & drinking water supplies & irrigation works”.Why were these acts not treated as war crimes under the GenevaConvention & does this not constitute genocide by US & allies?NATO war crimes in AfghanistanIf NATO has committed war crimes in Iraq & Yugoslavia, should we be surprisedto read of NATO war crimes in Afghanistan? Indiscriminate bombings killingunarmed civilians have only been answered with an “apology” by NATO. Thepresence of US & NATO troops in Afghanistan was similar to that which tookplace in Yugoslavia – without any proof a country has been taken over.Indiscriminate bombings mean rebuilding projects being handed over to profit-driven private corporations. The irony is that the Afghan government arecompromising the welfare of its own citizens for its own financial benefits. Thishas caused a rise in Pashtun nationalism & indirect support for the Taliban. Thusit has been easy to pass blame for NATO killings on the Taliban while civilian !
  5. 5. deaths keep piling, infrastructure continues to be bombed & anarchy prevailsthroughout Afghanistan.NATO in LibyaNATO’s Libya operation followed the UNSC Resolution which NATO has violatedseen through its presence on ground, bombing of civilian structures. Greatestviolation is by NATO taking sides which is illegal, illegal too is the murder orattempt to murder government officials with no formal declaration of war. NATOis also using cluster bombs & depleted uranium which is also illegal. NATOsviolations in Libya are many & what we would like to know is why is the ICCsilent?In the case of Libya, the ICC has no jurisdiction for Libya never ratified the RomeTreaty nor has the US. However, under international laws a Head of State hasimmunity. So if ICC does not question the US & its crimes against humanity whyshould ICC question Libya when the UN Security Council cannot refer to the ICCaccording to its Statute? ICC has been considering action against Georgia since2008, against Guinea since 2009 & against Colombia since 2006 but the ICCtook just 3 days to find Libya guilty.The NATO countries participating in air strikes in Libya include France, UK, US,Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands & Italy. What excuse does NATO havefor bombing a Downs Syndrome School, the University of Tripoli, the man-madewaterway irrigation system which supplies most Libyans with drinking water,bombing a hospital killing over 50 many of whom were children, bombing villageskilling civilian population – is this not genocide & can the ICC continue to watchdoing nothing?The sinister campaign to take over Libya was by first projecting to Gaddafi thatthe US “deeply valued the relationship between the United States & Libya”(2009) This was because British Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, Chevron,Conoco, Marathon Oil & industrial giants like Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, DowChemical & Fluor signed investments & sales deals with Libya. The US StateDept awarded a $1.5m grant to train Libyan civilian & government security forcesin 2009. Many of these “trainees” are now leading the NATO-backed “rebelforces”.Thus, the pretence of being a “friend” to Gaddafi by the US since 2009 was to getGaddafi to agree to allow foreign presence in Libya. "
  6. 6. For months now NATO has been pounding Libya. Over 30,000 air & missileassaults on mostly civilian infrastructure was expected so too was the “rebeluprising” for they had been already trained to rise against Gaddafi. NATO alsobombed Libyan airports, ships, energy depots, ports & highways, warehouses,hospitals, waterplants & civilian homes. NATO was able to garner diplomaticsupport inclusive of the Arab League, NATO took services of hired mercenariesin Qatar. Libyan assets were frozen amounting billions of dollars. Economicsanctions were imposed by NATO cutting off Libya’s income from oil sales.International media also controlled by western imperialists were relaying imagesthat portrayed rebels waving rifles & shouting against Gaddafi. These rebelsentered towns that had been devastated by NATO air attacks! What these rebelsdid was to rob homes, banks & destroy public institutions on the instructions ofNATO. Going against Gaddafi does not equate to ruining infrastructure &destroying property that is used by one’s own people!NATO wanted Libya to be destroyed. Like NATO destroyed Yugoslavia & Iraq.NATO wanted to ensure Libya had to be “reconstructed” because all thesecontracts would eventually go to profit-making western companies!Incidentally, Libya is a country that had boasted the highest per capita income &standard of living in Africa.What took place in Libya is a message from the imperialists for other nations inNorth Africa, Asia & Latin America. US-NATO are already engaged in colonialwars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen & Somalia. What about the fall ofMubarak of Egypt & Ben Ali in Tunisia while uprisings in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,Yemen, Morocco, Algeria were all associated with movements demanding end toEU-US & Israeli domination of the region & would have caught their intelligenceby surprise.NATO provided the money to silence the “people’s march to democracy” & thesituation in Egypt is far worse than during Mubaraks reign! In Bahrain the Westcalled for “reform” while continuing to arm the Bahraini royal family as seen in theNATO backed Saudi invasion of Bahrain to support the royal dictatorship. InYemen, the West continued to support the Ali Saleh regime. Nevertheless, NATOis apparently providing support to Islamic fundamentalists in a move to overthrowBashar Al-Assad.What did Libya do to anger the West? Did the West not like its pursuance of pro-African agenda which had funded an independent regional bank &communications system designed to bypass IMF & World Bank control? #
  7. 7. What has ensued is that like in Iraq & Afghanistan there is likely to be adominating US-NATO present that is looking towards a military offensive in Iran& Syria. Sub-Saharan Africa may like to remember Gaddafi’s generous aid,grants & loans that helped these nations from IMF, World Bank. Who willremember Gaddafi’s development programs, construction projects that offeredmany jobs to sub-Saharan African immigrant workers. Despite all thesemaneuvers, China is still bracing ahead over its western counterparts.July 22, 2011 is the date when NATO hit the Libyan water supply pipeline. Dayslater NATO hit the pipeline factory producing pipes to repair it. Both incidentscould not have been accidents. NATO went on to target civilian water supplynetwork that supplied water to 70% of Libyan population. Nevertheless, the truthwill emerge just like Libya is now revealing how it funded French PresidentSarkozy’s election campaign & the numerous secret meetings Tony Blair heldwith Gaddafi & there must surely be more in the Pandora’s box which is why theWest is in a haste to bump of Gaddafi as they did to Osama & Saddam – allprevious friends of the West.It is certainly time that UN member states stood up against aggression byWestern neo-imperialism. Member states must demand a probe into all theatrocities by NATO & demand that these nations steering NATO be charged withwar crimes. Russia & China need to champion this cause.With only 28 nations making up the NATO alliance, the UN has 53 Africanmember nations & 48 Middle-East & Asian nations & 12 nations in SouthAmerica. It is opportune for these non-NATO members to make a voice withinthe UN & demand that NATO be investigated for all of its war crimes & becharged for every war crime committed.Shenali Waduge