How to start using Skype


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A comprehensive guide, showing you how to get started with using Skype.

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How to start using Skype

  1. 1. How to get started with Skype What could you do with free calls,video conferencing, messaging and screen-sharing. Find our more
  2. 2. First things firstSkype allows you to communicate with colleagues, customers, friendsand family.With Skype you can use your computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone to:When you’re talking to people who have a Skype account all the calls,video and messaging is free! But you can also buy credit to make lowcost International calls and UK calls too. By keeping the app open onyour smartphone, you can also use Skype on your mobile like atelephone.
  3. 3. How to get startedTo get started, you firstly need to go to and thenselect to Join Skype at the top right of the screen.Step 1 - RegistrationYou will be directed to another page, where you can either registerwith your existing Facebook account, or start from scratch.
  4. 4. You are required to fill in your name and email address, but you canhold back with more personal information such as date of birth, asthat information will be visible.You need to pick a Skype username, and you are given a fewsuggestions unless you have one that you would prefer to use.Choose your password – making sure that it is unique for Skype – andthen select if you want to have email updates through and continue.The next page will ask if you want to add credit to your account –making it a premium account to unlock other features – or tocontinue for free. You can add credit on at any time which allows youto call phones, have group video chats and send text messages.
  5. 5. Step 2 – Downloading and InstallingOnce you are all registered, you can then download the software ontoyour device. Skype is available in many different formats so choosewhich one you want to install it on – you can even install it onto yourSmartphone.Once you have chosen the device type from the list, you will be takento a new page where you have the download option, along with anoption to upgrade to a Premium account again.Select to download it, and follow the instructions on the screen to geteverything installed. You will be asked which language you want to
  6. 6. install the software in, and then click next while agreeing to theirTerms and Conditions which are available to view if you so wish.Step 3 – Getting Logged InOnce everything is installed, you will be presented with a log inwindow. Just add the log in details that you used to register – it willbe username and password – and click Sign Me In.
  7. 7. Step 4 – Audio and Visual SetupThe next step is to check your sound and video following the promptson screen and you will then be asked if you want to add a profilepicture. Once you are through these steps you are ready to get going.Step 5 – Finding FriendsYou will have one contact when you first log in, and that will beEcho/Sound Test Service which is a default contact if you needassistance. You are given the option to Search Address Book whichwill open another window with places for you to log in and findcontacts. Facebook is a good place to start as you will have built upsome contacts on there now.
  8. 8. You will be asked to log in, in the same way you did when searchingfor friends on Facebook, and Skype will see who else you might knowthat has an account. You can tick the box to select and deselectpeople you want to add to your contact list, and once you havefinished click to add them at the bottom.In the main Skype window, you have a menu bar along the top. SelectContacts, and Add Contact if you are looking for someone that isn’ton Facebook or any other way you can use to search for friends.Step 6 – Making Your First CallOnce you have some contacts added, you are ready to get in touchwith people. The contacts list is on the left side of the main Skypewindow, and if there is a green icon to the left of the name, then thatcontact will be online and available to talk.
  9. 9. Click onto the contact that you want to call, and then select Video Callfrom the main page.Once you select to video call, they will receive an alert on their screenthat you are trying to contact them and they can either accept thecall, or reject it if they are busy. Once they accept it, within a fewmoments you will both be able to see and hear each other.The call quality on Skype can sometimes deteriorate, and the calls candrop. The video can sometimes get a little delayed, and the sound canalso go a bit funny, but overall it is a wonderful way to get in touchand stay in touch with your people, wherever they are in the world.We hope that you have found this guide helpful, and you are able tokeep in touch with your friends and loved ones in a much moreinteractive way than just picking up a telephone or sending an email.