Essential Sage Line 50 Hints & Tips


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Do you want to know the essential hints and tips for using Sage Line 50? Have a look at our guide to find out more

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Essential Sage Line 50 Hints & Tips

  1. 1. Essential Sage Line 50 Hints & Tips 9 quick-fire ways to make your life that little bit easier
  2. 2. As you start to learn your way round Sage Line 50 Accounts Software, there are plenty of features and functions that can help you, making your life easier and getting you to use the software with confidence. Take a look below and start you using Sage Line 50 like an expert. For all our hints & tips, we’ve listed out the function, with the keyboard button you need to press in brackets. #1 Help File (F1) Pressing the F1 button brings you to the Sage Help wizard. This has helpful information on how to use Sage Line 50. The wizard is simple to use and covers every aspect of the programme. Knowing how to get to the Sage Help Wizard quickly can save you time, bringing you straight to the answers you need. #2 Calculator (F2) You can press the F2 button at any time to produce the Calculator function. This is handy if you are in the middle of producing a sales order and do not have a calculator to hand. #3 Display drop down menus (F4) In any selection box that has a drop down feature pressing F4 will display the menu or close it.
  3. 3. #4 Spell Check (F5) F5 spell checks the whole document you are working on, this is especially good for invoices as you do not want to send documents with mistakes to customers! #5 Copy the contents above (F6) If you are inputting the same information several times you can use the F6 button to copy the information from the box above. #6 Insert a line (F7) If you like to have your processing in order, the F7 button can be very useful as it inserts a blank line underneath the line your cursor is in. This is very helpful if you forget to input one invoice. #7 Delete entire row (F8) You may input two of the same things into one document instead of having to start again you can just delete the entire row by putting your cursor in the first box and pressing F8. #8 Calculate net function (F9) The calculate net function is especially helpful when processing petty cash, as the receipts often include VAT. Type the amount in the net
  4. 4. box then press F9 to separate this amount into Net and VAT. #9 Windows control panel (F11) The F11 button will bring you straight to the windows control panel. You would need this if your Sage froze, and you had to close the programme. For further IT and Sage Line 50 Support, get in touch with Prosyn Are you or any of you colleagues fed up of IT problems getting in the way of your job? Find out how easy it can be to change your IT support, get rid of IT problems and be able to get on with your job. 0845 644 2351