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The harms of fast food

The harms of fast food






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    The harms of fast food The harms of fast food Presentation Transcript

    • The Harms of fast food.
    • The purpose1) to define the term "fast food." Brief History of fastfood.2) What food can do harm to your body.3) Warn against possible diseases connected with food.
    • Introduction.What is junk food?Fast food (English fast food, [f st fud] - fast food) - class fastɑ ˌfood, usually offered by specialized institutions. The term"fast food" refers to food that can be cooked quickly andprovide the client.
    • The history of fast foodIt turned out that fast food dates back to ancient Rome. Itwas called with the Latin word "thermo". The ancientRomans called this type of service, as an inexpensive fastfood. In every Roman town mass diners markets existed,where all sorts of foods were sold. Almost modern foodcourts!
    • In Rome there even was some kind of burger - beef cake, nutsmixed with nucleoli, which they ate with bread. Also verypopular was bread dough, tossed with olive oil, they wereconveniently used as edible plates. Many centuries later, thecake, covered with baked cheese, sausages and vegetableswas called an Italian pizza.
    • A particularly interesting and illustrative Roman fast food available inPompeii. The guides there show ruins that were once fast foods andout storefronts or anything like them on the street. In the stalls arebuilt premises large vats, where and preparing food. Instead ofwindows in the "old fast food" was boarded sliding partitions, tightlyclosed at night, but they were only used at night and during the daythey didn`t used doors.Names old fast-foods, history has notpreserved.But thats not all. It turns out that the Romans coined yet this typeof service, as delivered meals at home. This conclusion was reachedin the course of numerous archaeological excavations have provedthat many Roman buildings in general was found kitchens. Probablybecause most of the houses were made of wood, trying to cook ameal over an open fire in the hearth, and even could result in a fire.(According to the website Stardogs.ru)
    • And now the most inportant thing: How harmfulfast food is?
    • Fast food – is the cause of many diseases. Of course, if youhave a hot dog once a month, it will not affect your health(although the risk of poisoning, even after eating a hot dog isquite possible!) But regular consumption of "street" food isconnected with increased levels of cholesterol, implies theoccurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system andgastrointestinal tract.
    • Fast food contains a lot of fats and preservatives, but as for thenutrients - vitamins and minerals - it is virtually none. For thepreparation of fast food margarine is most often used -unnatural product, containing large quantities of syntheticisomers of fatty acids-saturated with hydrogen. They are alsothe cause of health problems, such as severe heart disease(coronary artery disease), cancer, problems with the nervoussystem, infertility, diabetes.
    • Among other things, fast food contains large amount of salt,which prevents spoilage, and can hide the real taste of taintedfood. According to statistics, it is because of the high content ofnon-natural fat and salt in fast food. And as a result about 40thousands of British people end their lives every year.
    • Disorders of the stomach over time lead to serious illness.Among the most common problems of the gastrointestinal tractcaused by the regular intake of fast food, the doctors calledpancreatitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.
    • Fast food - high-calorie food, so do not be surprised if the resultof the regular consumption of donuts and Big Macs you willstart gaining weight. Just look at the average American - haslong been proven that the cause of weight problems in theAmerican nation was the overreliance on fast food. Obesitycontributes to the imbalance between fats, proteins andcarbohydrates in the use of "fast food." "Traumatized" as aresult of these experiments with his own body endocrinesystem responds immediately the appearance of extra options.
    • It is known that in summer fast food is more popular than in anyother seasons. Eating junk food during the summer time, youtake the risk of becoming a victim of food poisoning. Ifconsumption of fast food can not be avoided, be sure to haveplenty of water after eating a sandwich or a burger - liquid willhelp your body to cope with poisoning better.
    • In addition, street fast food sellers do not bother about healthstandards. Making food using bad products, "mask" it with a lotof spices, sauces and mayonnaise. These sellers often have nohealth books, cooking takes place in conditions far fromsanitary standards.Some people suggest that the passion to fast food for them issimilar to drug addiction. In fact, this has some truth: fast foodis rich in various food additives - flavor enhancers - that "force"people return again and again to the use of such food.
    • Of course, completely refrain from eating fast food in themodern pace of life is impossible. However, you should try toavoid eating it so much.