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Rating system in russia
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Rating system in russia


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  • 1. Project was done by the pupil Valentina Sadovova (the teacher - Komarova M.G.)
  • 2. The purpose of this work is to analyse rating system of movies in Russia.  The tasks:  - to examine special literature to search for the information rating system of movies in Russia;  - to make a presentation;  - to tell you about rating system of movies in Russia.  The methods of the study: - analysis and synthesis of the theoretical data
  • 3. 1. Why we need a rating system? 2. 0+ 3. 6+ 4. 12+ 5. 16+ 6. 18+
  • 4. We need a rating system in Russia. Its responsibility is to classify films, label each film clearly so that cinema managers can control the audience for each picture. The Russian rating system was introduced to prevent children from too much violence in action films on the screen. Contents
  • 5. This is a film which contains nothing in theme, language, nudity and sex, or violence which would be offensive to parents whose younger children view the film. Contents
  • 6. In such films, some bits of language may go beyond polite conversation but are common everyday expressions. The violence is not present. Nudity, sex scenes are not present. Contents
  • 7. This is a film which the violence is at a minimum. Nudity and sex scene are not present. There are no drugs and alcohol on the scene. Contents
  • 8. In these films may be unrespectful scenes or words. There may be violence. There is no sex on the screen, although there may be some indication of sensuality. Drugs and alcohol are not present. Contents
  • 9. This is an adult film and no children are allowed to watch it. The reason for not allowing children to such films can relate to the accumulation of very cruel or sexually connected language or sex and too much violence. Contents