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My school


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. By Cheresov V.The 7thgradeConsultant: Fenicheva N.I.School №32012
  • 2. I’d like to tell you about my school. It’s not thebest one, but I like it. I suppose that attendingschool is not a waste of time. Every child has todiscover this marvelous trip called “school”.Some children say that school is boring and theycan do without it. But I dont agree with them. Ilike school and on holiday I miss my friends,teachers and I always look forward to coming toschool again. Every day according to the scheduleI go to school to meet my classmates.
  • 3. Except me, my class has 24 pupils. There are 11 girls and14 boys. Classmates are very friendly, pay respect to eachother and towards the teachers. We always follow generalschool and safety rules. The thing I like most is that wedon’t have to wear a uniform. My class is very sociable andactive. Classmates like to take part in our school sportcompetitions, so do I.
  • 4. My classmates:JuliaArtyomVlad KostyaLenaDanilAnd I…ZhenyaNastya
  • 5. We go to different school clubs:Drama class Musical classComputer class
  • 6. My form teacher’s name isLyudmila Vasilevna Nikitenko.She is the teacher of geography.She is very kind, fair andattentive. She sees our strong,positive traits and let us improvethem. She organizes assembliesalmost every week, where we getgood knowledge of differentthings. Thanks to her efforts weare like a big family. She is theperson who tells us how to actand to cope with difficulties. Iremember that she got us toknow school rules.
  • 7. 1) Be friendly toclassmates.2) Don’t run in schoolcorridors.3) Don’t bully other pupilsin any way.4) Come to school on time.5) Respect others and becourteous.6) Don’t bring chewinggum to school.We are friendly toclassmates.We mustnt run in schoolcorridors.We mustnt bully otherpupils in any way.We come to school ontime.We respect otherscourteous.We mustnt bringchewing gum to school.
  • 8. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayAlgebra Literature PE Physics Russian Social SecurityRussian English Algebra Algebra Russian PEPhysics History English PE Algebra EnglishArt Algebra Russian Literature Algebra TechnologyBiology Russian Geography Literature History BiologyTechnology Social Security Geography Geography
  • 9. Our school subjects are Algebra,English, Russian, PE, History,Geography, Social Security, Art,Physics, Biology, Literature andTechnology. Quite a lot! But I amgood at many of them. My parentsare happy when I get excellentmarks. I don’t like Algebrabecause we have to do a lot oftests. The English language is myfavourite subject. Ask me why.
  • 10. My favourite subject is English because thelessons are interesting and have a lot of fun.The knowledge of any language and speciallyof the English language helps us to know moreabout the countries, culture, read many booksin the original and to make new friendsworldwide. All pupils should master theirEnglish to become good specialist in anybranch of life. My English teacher’s name isNatalya Ilinichna Fenicheva. She is a realspecialist in it. Everybody understands all theinformation completely, she can explaindifficult things in an easy way. We keepsmiling during her lessons. She doesn’t let usbe bored. We are very proud of her.