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Coco chanel

  1. 1. Coco ChanelCoco Chanel Student –Student – Vysotkova AlexandraVysotkova Alexandra 7 form7 form ««BB»» Teacher - Zimina TatyanaTeacher - Zimina Tatyana AleAlexxandrovnaandrovna Lyceum #5Lyceum #5 Mtsensk, Oryol regionMtsensk, Oryol region 20132013
  2. 2. Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel ( her real name is Gabrielher real name is Gabriel Bonyor Chanel)Bonyor Chanel) She was born on the19She was born on the19thth of August.of August. She died on the10She died on the10thth of January.of January.
  3. 3.  She was born in a poor familyShe was born in a poor family..Her motherHer mother dieddied,, when Gabriel was 12 years old.when Gabriel was 12 years old.  She had been living in a shelter for 5She had been living in a shelter for 5 yearsyears..
  4. 4.  When she wasWhen she was 1717 ,,she began working asshe began working as a sellera seller in a clothes shopin a clothes shop,, she spent hershe spent her free time singing in a cafefree time singing in a cafe..  Her songsHer songs ««Ko Ko Ri KoKo Ko Ri Ko»» andand ««Qui quaQui qua vu Cocovu Coco»» gave her a nicknamegave her a nickname ««CCооccо»о»..
  5. 5.  FrenchFrench officer Et`en Balzan fall in love withofficer Et`en Balzan fall in love with ChanelChanel.. She moved to himShe moved to him..JustJust in Et’en’sin Et’en’s house she createdhouse she created the unusual dressthe unusual dress without a corsetwithout a corset and aand a fluffy skirt.fluffy skirt. It wasIt was the firstthe first workwork of a famousof a famous couturier .couturier .
  6. 6.  Coco’s love with Balzan wasCoco’s love with Balzan was unhappyunhappy..Balzan left her.But soon she metBalzan left her.But soon she met an English manufacturer. His name wasan English manufacturer. His name was Arthur Keppel.Arthur Keppel.  BBut theut theirir lovelove didndidn’’t last long: Arthur diedt last long: Arthur died because ofbecause of aa heart attackheart attack during theduring the competition.competition.
  7. 7. She was very upset because of his death,She was very upset because of his death, sheshe sewedsewed a little black dress only in onea little black dress only in one night. The dress was very ordinary.night. The dress was very ordinary. The CThe Couturierouturier was surewas sure that pickingthat picking differentdifferent accessories,accessories, women wouldwomen would wearwear suchsuch dressesdresses in everyday everyday life. The cThe couturier saidouturier said thatthat thethe modest thingsmodest things decoratedecorated thed the womenwomen..
  8. 8.  AAll fashion designersll fashion designers had to leavehad to leave ParisParis duringduring thethe SSecondecond WWorldorld WWar. Chanelar. Chanel hadhad to leave the city leave the city too. SShehe had beenhad been livlivinging in Switzerland forin Switzerland for 14 years14 years..  WWhen shehen she came back to Pariscame back to Paris, she, she createdcreated aa perfume,perfume, aa spiritspirit ,,whwhichich mademade her famousher famous -- ««ChanelChanel №5»№5»
  9. 9.  «I'm tired of wearing«I'm tired of wearing kklatch in hand, I loselatch in hand, I lose them forever!» - saidthem forever!» - said Coco inCoco in 19541954 andand made a small rectangular bag with amade a small rectangular bag with a chain.chain.
  10. 10.  Chanel worked as a spy in the GermanChanel worked as a spy in the German troops. During the war she took part introops. During the war she took part in operation “operation “FashionFashion hat".hat".  SoonSoon she was arrestedshe was arrested.. Her friendHer friend Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill couldcould reducereduce herher prisonprison term.term.
  11. 11.  At the end of her life, she said «so what isAt the end of her life, she said «so what is the glory –the glory – just onlyjust only loneliness!.....».loneliness!.....». SheShe died in 1971 when sdied in 1971 when she was 87 years oldhe was 87 years old..
  12. 12.  This womanThis woman was a real Queen in awas a real Queen in a fashionfashion world .world . SheShe has createdhas created her ownher own unforgettable style.unforgettable style. NowNow she is known asshe is known as «Mademoiselle Coco Chanel»«Mademoiselle Coco Chanel» all over theall over the
  13. 13.  Her modelsHer models::