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  • 1. CHARITY FAIR. Pupil – Latkov Kirill Teacher – Korzina N.V.
  • 2. CHARITY FUND OF HOMELESS ANIMALS IN IVANOVO  I would like to support Ivanovo Charity Fund of Homeless animals. It was founded in 1990 by Natalya Ivanova. She collected homeless cats and dogs in the street with a group of volunteers.
  • 3. SOME INFORMATION ABOUT THE FUND  A lot of people from our city try to solve the problem with these homeless animals.  The project “ May Day” started in Ivanovo in 2006 to save poor animals.  There are more than two hundred dogs and one hundred cats in this organisation.  Two Ivanovo businessmen have helped the fund of homeless animals and there is electricity, water and cages for dogs and cats.  There is even a special agreement between the organisation and Ivanovo Administration.  You can see the TV programs on our local channels – “Bars”, “STS” and “The First Channel”
  • 4. MY FUNDRAISING IDEAS  I would like to organise a charity fair to support the homeless animals.  It will be great to help needy dogs and cats.  Everyone can make his contribution to the fund.  Take part in my fair and buy something!  I will donate all the collected money to the fund!
  • 5. PROGRAM OF THE FAIR  A charity sale of sweets, cakes and sweet meals, lemonade and other tasty things.  A talent show of young musicians.  A charity sale of old-fashioned things.  A charity sport competition for kids.  A music show of Ivanovo rock group.
  • 6.  Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!  Don’t miss your chance to help poor animals!  Buy tasty things at this fair!  Take part in sport competitions with your kids!  Listen to the talented young musicians!  Enjoy the music show of our local rock band!  Be kind to homeless animals!  They are our Friends!
  • 7. THE END !!!  Thank you for attention!