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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. New-topia: land of dreams
  • 2. CurrencyThe main currency of New-topia isAmerican dollar bills. However, asand dollar is worth $1,000.However, you cannot take a livesand dollar.
  • 3. EducationWe pay higher taxes for better government, independent education
  • 4. Environmental Protection• Utopia has many protected national parks and recreations. Cars are made out of corn and run on electricity. You get paid money to pick up trash.
  • 5. GovernmentNew-topia offers a capatalist democracy and every three years a new president iselected. A president can stay in office for three terms. Men and women are bothencouraged and eligible to run for office.
  • 6. Health Care• Health care is provided for everyone by the government. The money for health care and education is supplied by raising taxes for the people of New-topia.
  • 7. Job Opportunities• The government supplies a large number of jobs for people looking for jobs• But there are also a wide range of jobs outside of the government
  • 8. National DefenseThe policy of ourgovernment safety is thatwe have a stored awayhighly trained roboticarmy, which we canunleash in defense never inoffense.
  • 9. Law and RightsIn New-topia, everyone has the freedom ofreligion, speech, press, assembly, and to expressyourself however you want. Gay marriage is legaland the drinking and driving age is 17. Racism ispunishable by law.
  • 10. Transportation • There is a lot of public transportation in New-topia, which runs on electricity and renewable resources. There is a subway system and lots of trams and trolleys. • Taxis run on compressed air. Everyone is encouraged to walk, bike, or take public transport. • Car owners are taxed higher and the government supplies airports.
  • 11. Postal Service• There are many postal service workers for job opportunities. Postal service is government provided, but slightly rises the peoples taxes.
  • 12. Recreation andEntertainment many • New- topia has things to keep its citizens entertained and occupied in their free time • We have many parks, pools, movie theaters, and gyms so people stay healthy and don’t get obese
  • 13. Law Enforcement and Public SafetyThe policemen in New-topia are highly trained tofight crime and also have to attend Ninja School.They are hand-picked from the Police Academy toprotect the people and streets of New-topia.
  • 14. UtilitiesEverybody gets the utilities they need, such as heat and air conditioning, running water,electricity, and government support if needed. This means higher taxes but everyone gets what they need.
  • 15. Safety Net A safety net is available to every citizen of New-topia who earns very low income or is on the streets, which usually never happens due to the safety net. It provides shelter, food, water, clothing, and all the necessities to get by until they can piece their life back together.
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