Future trends in retail


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Presentation on future trends in retail, presented at Stichting Marketing Congres 2010.

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Future trends in retail

  1. 1. PROPHETS PRESENTSFuture trends in retail December 2010
  2. 2. Eva watches her favourite cooking show on tv. She likes the recipe for next Saturday’s dinnerparty.She downloads the recipe using the remote control and indicates 6 persons.The exact amounts of ingredients are added to her ‘best buy’ shopping list.
  3. 3. At night, the refrigerator automatically adds missing ‘standard’ products to the shopping list
  4. 4. Eva prepares breakfast and in the meantime she checks the shopping list(s). She notices that her supermarket has automatically offered a set of reduction vouchers. She selects the relevant ones.
  5. 5. There’s also a promotional offer on the new flavor of coockies her little daughter likes. She adds them to her basket. And there’s an offer on an extra large box of her favorite washing powder. ‘Coincidentally’ her current box is almost empty. She adds the special offer.
  6. 6. She closes the list and sends it to her husband Peter: ‘Do you want to add something extra?’Then she indicates she would prefer delivery at home tomorrow between 18 and 19h.
  7. 7. Peter adds shaving cream to the list. Automatically an offer of a newaftershave appears. Some time ago he bought a product from the same brand and indicated that he liked it. He adds the product to the list. The list is then automatically being sent to the supermarket.
  8. 8. In the afternoon, Peter calls. He ran into Marc and Carine and he invited themto the dinnerparty. Before hanging up, he mentions ‘don’t forget they’re both vegetarians.’
  9. 9. Eva surfs to the website and looks for a recipe with similar ingredients but including fish instead of meat.She adds the ingredients to the new shopping list and sends it to her mobile.
  10. 10. At noon, Eva enters a supermarket next to her client’s headquarter. She’s neverbeen there before. She opens het mobile shopping application and a message appears: ‘Welcome Eva at our Genk shop. We are at your full disposal. If you have any questions, please push the help button.’
  11. 11. The next moment, the shop’s floormap appears on the screen, indicating he different area (fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, …)
  12. 12. She opens her shopping list and immediately a trail is added to the floormap.
  13. 13. Eva arrives at the risotto rice. Her favorite brand seems not available. She takes her mobile and there’s already a message on screen: ‘This brand is not available, but we suggest Griotto or Carnaloni instead.
  14. 14. Eva is in doubt and connects to her social advisor functionality. It seems that her friend Margaret always uses Carnaloni rice and that she really likes it. Eva takes two packages and scans them with her mobile. Subtotal at this moment is 45,23 euro.
  15. 15. The mobile application indicates that the only product missing is mashedtomatoes. Which are on the next corridor. Eva is surprised that there’s such abroad choice of mashed tomatoes. Then she realizes that the Italian quarter is next around the corner.
  16. 16. Eva prefers bio tomatoes. She takes her mobile and points the camera to the different products. She slowly scans the packaging. The first two packsreceive a yellow and red indicator light. These do not really fit her ‘usual taste’
  17. 17. The third one receives a green light. When she takes the packaging, on the back it clearly indicated ‘bio culture’.
  18. 18. She then goes to the exit where all products are automatically scanned.‘Do you want to settle this the usual way?’ ‘Yes’. Eva holds her mobile in front of the small screen. ‘Thank you’.
  19. 19. Next time Eva opens her mobile shopping application, some questions appear: ‘Have you any remarks or suggestions after visiting our Genk supermarket?’
  20. 20. ‘Would you like to rate the Carnaloni rice?’ would you like to recommend it?Eva rates the rice positively and suggests it to Margaret: ‘Great taste, thanks! CU soon Xxx’