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Property Debt Research is a reputable, dependable and low cost Municipal Lien Search & Estoppel company that has been a top choice for attorneys and title companies for over 17 years. Our job is to identify any outstanding balances or violations on properties in Florida.

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Property Debt Research - Florida Lien Searches

  1. 1. ExcitedBuyers
  2. 2. Is This What Your Customers Think They Are Buying? | 877-543-6669
  3. 3. “If you thought that you did not have to worry about utilitycharges or special assessments until a lien is recorded in the public records, think again.” The Fund Concept, Sept. | 877-543-6669
  4. 4. At Property Debt Research weresearch unrecorded debts & liens onresidential and commercial propertiesthroughout the state of Florida. | 877-543-6669
  5. 5. Municipal Liens Sec. 159.17, F.S. states: “Any municipality issuing revenue bonds hereunder shall have a lien on all lands or premises served by any water system, sewer system or gas system for all service charges for such facilities until paid, which liens shall be on a parity with the lien of such state, county and municipal taxes.” “Such liens, when delinquent for more than 30 days, may be foreclosed by such municipality in the manner provided by the laws of Florida for the foreclosure of mortgages on real property.” Nothing in this statute says the liens must be recorded. | 877-543-6669
  6. 6. Avoid spending “Nonrevenue Generating Time” “Therefore, in order to prevent your staff (or you) from spending ‘nonrevenue generating time’ researching a file all over again after a closing in which outstanding utility charges were not resolved, you should determine before closing whether there are any outstanding utility charges or assessments and reflect proper payment on your settlement statement.” The Fund Concept, Sept. 2012 | 877-543-6669
  7. 7. Company At Property Debt Research we specialize in Municipal Lien Searches & Estoppel Letters for properties throughout the state of Florida. In 1994 Property Debt Research was established as a municipal lien and tax research company to research unrecorded debts and liens. Let us assist you in finding additional debts that may not show up on your title search. | 877-543-6669
  8. 8. Property Debt Research services include:Property Debt Research services include:  Real Estate Property Taxes  Municipal and County Debts  Code Enforcement Violations  Waste, Water, Sewer Balances  Special Assessments  Open and Expired Permits  Homeowners/Condominium Association Estoppels  Property Debt Negotiation/Lien Resolution | 877-543-6669
  9. 9. Call Today: 877-543-6669Fast Accurate Guaranteed $1,000,000 E&O | 877-543-6669