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Presentation of Promwad Innovation Company, which implements a full cycle of electronics development, including product concept, industrial design and hardware platform design, software development, testing, certification, prototyping, production and mass production support. Promwad’s core specializations are multimedia and automotive electronics, datacom / telecom devices, navigation systems (GPS/GLONASS), as well as consumer electronics.

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Promwad: full-cycle electronics development

  1. 1. Promwad: electronics development Company presentation 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  2. 2. About Us About Promwad Promwad Innovation Company follows independent design house (IDH) business model, providing full cycle of electronic product development and product maintenance 2 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  3. 3. Growth history Promwad was founded seven years ago. Everything started with the single project, where we gathered the best Embedded Linux and SoC engineers. Roman Pakholkov Promwad’s CEO and Founderpage 3 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  4. 4. Services & Business models Turn key product development from idea to mass production Turn key solutions for your business product design included to product commercial price/cost Providing separate service to development maintenance prototyping, mass production Separate services of electronics development SW, HW, QA, ID, Mobile, 4 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  5. 5. Work Flow Product Product Concept Idea Technical Elaboration Making Decision on Development Device Development Making Assembly and Verification Decision on Production Pilot Run Successful Product Mass productionpage 5 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  6. 6. Benefits Full Cycle Electronics Entire Development Product Life -Cycle Support Very focused time-to-market Maximum Output on the Initial activity Development Stagespage 6 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  7. 7. Partners Texas Instruments Inc Member of TI Design Network, expertize at Davinci Family, Sitara, OMAP4 (ARM9, Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9) ST Microelectronics Set-top-box development, based on ST solutions: Cartesio, STi71xx (ARM11, SH4) Marvell Electronics development and deep expertize at Marvell’s solutions: Kirkwood, Armada (Sheeva,core, ARMv5 and v7 compatible) Fujitsu Jade Embedded platforms based on Linux for avionics/ automotive solutions Fujitsu Jade MB86R01 (ARM9) Analog Devices More than 5 years expertise at AD CPU for multimedia - Blackfin familypage 7 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  8. 8. ReferencesIt is a pleasure to work withPromwad. Analog Devices (Austria)So would we work with Promwadagain? Yes, of course! Incyma (SwitzerlandDuring our cooperation Promwad Innovation Company has proven to be a reliable andprofessional partner. STMicroElectronics SA Moscow office page 8 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  9. 9. Expertise Areas GPS/GLONASS Multimedia Datacom Automotivepage 9 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  10. 10. Multimedia • Set-top boxes (STB) for DVB-T/C/S/S2/IPTV digital broadcasting • Audio/video streaming devices: Internet radio, online media players (juke boxes), karaoke machines, industrial broadcast systems, etc. • Platforms for interactive entertainment centers: game simulators, 4D cinema • Digital signage, electronic promotional displays and moving message boards Technology map IPTV, DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C, DRM HDMI, HDTV MP3, WMA, JPEG2000, H.264 OGG Vorbis, OGG Media Qt, OpenGL, DirectX, JavaScript, HTML 5, Adobe Flash RTP, RTSPpage 10 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  11. 11. Multimedia 4-Channel Video/Audio Signal Recording Device A video registration device designed for digitizing, storing and retrieving on request audio and video signals received from 4 sources of analog audio/video signals. The device is based on BF548 (Blackfin) from AD, under Linux OS (uClinux-dist) control, allows recording video in Motion JPEG2000 + Ogg Vorbis format to built-in Compact Flash storage. DVB-T + IP/ DVB-C + IP: SD7167-Hybrid Design The STB receives terrestrial digital broadcast signals, such as DVB-T or DVB-C. Broadcasting format: MPEG-2/4 H.264; supports SD/HD video and IPTV. . 5D Movie Theater Hardware and Software Complex Development of a hardware and software complex used to control a 5D movie theater and create 5D video clips. The 5D movie theater software is implemented using the Qt 4.7 cross-platform library and OpenCV 2.1, an open-source imagepage 11 processing module. 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  12. 12. Datacom/Telecom • Low-power mini servers • Analog-to-digital PBX and VoIP routers • Network routers • Equipment for wireless access points (WLAN) • Network-attached storage (NAS) • Baseboard management controllers (BMC) • Thin clients • Multi-purpose network devices for home and office, digital TV, telephony, Internet, smart house, etc. Technology map VoIP, Wi-Fi, MIMO, DECT, ADSL NAT, QoS VPN, TR-069 RDP, Citrix ICA, VMware PCoIPpage 12 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  13. 13. Datacom/Telecom IP-Plug mini-server IP-Plug, based on Marvell Kirkwood 88F6283, integrated with USB, WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces to connect to modern electronic devices and can be used as a gateway computer. Supported protocols include: DLNA for streaming video, FTP and SMB for data access control, QoS mechanisms for traffic quality control; and NAT for pack routing. CPE A multi-functional network device, based on Marvell Kirkwood 88F6282 1 GHz ARM CPU, 256 MB of DDR2 RAM and 512 MB of NAND flash memory. The software is Linux-based. VoIP Modem Adapter A device for VoIP telephony, based on the Blackfin BF527 processor. It should have two FXS ports, one FXO port, two Ethernet ports and four USB host ports. The software is Linux- 13 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  14. 14. GPS/GLONASS • Time synchronization systems using a time signal (PPS/NTP servers) • Vehicle navigators (fixed and mobile) • Route trackers for tourists and sportsmen • Navigation systems for shipping transport Technology map GPS, GLONASS NTP, PTP GSM/2G/3G, GPRSpage 14 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  15. 15. GPS/GLONASS Time synchronization system The device is intended for use at industrial sites, telecommunication nodes, control centers and other locations where accurate time readings are very important (banking systems, TV stations, etc). The time synchronization system periodically gets signals from GLONASS and GPS global positioning systems and sends accurate time information to consumers’ software and hardware systems Car Navigator TI AM3517 CPU Core CortexA8 600 MHz DDR 256 MB + 512 GB NAND Flash + 2 GB Flash 3G , GLONASS/GPS 5" TouchScreen 800x480 OS Android 2.2 mini-USB, 3.5 mm audio, microSDpage 15 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  16. 16. Automotive • Data indication systems and dashboards • Vehicle multimedia system devices: on-board computers, media players, audio systems, navigation devices, TV receivers • On-board monitoring and diagnostic systems (OMDS) for specialized vehicles (trucks, combines, cranes, military vehicles, etc.) • Telemetric systems for collecting information on the vehicle’s technical condition and route • Comprehensive solutions: automotive trackers, DVRs Technology map OBD, CAN, FR, LIN, MOST, IDB1394 AUTOSAR, MISRA GPS, GSM/3G, GLONASSpage 16 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  17. 17. Automotive Onboard Vehicle Data Logger A portable device for monitoring and diagnostics of the vehicle’s technical condition with such functions, as logging the route of the vehicle, recording conversations between passengers in the passenger compartment and transmitting all information over a wireless channel to the control and coordination center.OBD-II standard. The software is Linux- based. Embedded Computer for navigation dashboard The onboard multimedia computer helps perform the following tasks: GPS navigation, driving route calculation, route navigation, traffic along the route, taking into account special features (a trailer or a trunk on the vehicle’s roof),climate control system management and ect. Support for AM/FM/XM/DAB radio broadcasting, music playback from CDs, USB storage devices and iPods, MP3 and WMA audio 17 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  18. 18. Automotive Automotive Processor module The project’s goal was to develop a Work performed core processing module for Hardware design automotive and industrial applications. PCB layout One of applications was an in-vehicle U-boot and Linux porting computer to display status an control Rewrite Fujitsu graphics demos for target truck’s auxiliary equipment . h/w platform Highlights Fujitsu MB86R01 SoC, ARM9 320MHz OpenEmbedded buildsystem SDK with Dashboard UI samples 2xTFT up to 1024x768 2xvideo input from cameraspage 18 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  19. 19. Communications Fairs/Exhibitions Conferences Forum DEDF Publicationspage 19 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  20. 20. Fairs/ Exhibitions CSTB ChipExpo Electronica& SviazExpocomm Transport Moscow Electronica IBC ELCE/LinuxCon EmbeddedWorld Munich Amsterdampage 20 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  21. 21. DEDF Digital Electronics Developers Forum The annual practical conference, aimed at discussion of topical issues of using various technological solutions in digital electronics development. The purpose of this conference is to unite leading digital electronics developers, and to create a unique and convenient platform for them to share experiences, communication, and collaboration in formulating new approaches to electronic engineering and development. Each year the conference is devoted to a particular technological application. Audience: engineers from all over CIS countries and throughout Europe are welcomed to participate in the 21 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  22. 22. Conferences Technical LVEE (as a member and sponsor), OSDN, DSPA LinuxCon, ARM Conference TI Agile Eastern Europe Industrial New Russia electronics Embedded Systems On-demand electronics development Electronics manufacturing in Russia Wireless technologies Managment TOP-mngt: Power of Innovations TOP-mngt: Smart Money (as a speaker)page 22 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  23. 23. Read about us: Print Media Sovremennaya Electronica Components&Technologies Embedded Technologies New Russian Electronics Broadcasting Online Media, RussianElectronics, C-News, EE Times, BusinessHarvardReview (blog by Roman Pakholkov), Habrahabr,, itonews.eupage 23 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  24. 24. Social Responsibility Roman Pakholkov, CEO, believes in the concept to “invest resources in people.” That legacy guides our company and our people. It means sponsoring and enriching our communities. It means encouraging employee active social life. But it means much more, it is commitment to being a good corporate 24 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company
  25. 25. Thank you for your attention Promwad Innovation Design-house Company Moscow 4th Lesnoy Lane, 4 Regus Capital Plaza Business Centre Tel. +7 (495) 642-8243 email: Design-house Minsk 22 Olshevskogo str., Tel.: + 375 (017) 312–12–46 email: www.promwad.compage 25 2012 © Promwad Innovation Company