How Email Marketing Works at Promodo

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A brief overview of email marketing service provided by Promodo. To find out more, please email

A brief overview of email marketing service provided by Promodo. To find out more, please email

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  • 1. Email marketing with
  • 2. Why do I need it? Boost your sales Increase your customer lifetime value Increase your website traffic USA: +1 347 809-34-86
  • 3. Marketing benefits of Email marketing: Reach: unlimited global distribution, infinite scalability Immediate: shorter lead conversion times Cost effective: the flexibility of the campaigns results in faster feedback and higher ROI (return on investment) Highly Targeted: personalized and easily customizable content Measurable: detailed insight into potential customers behavior, reports on every email and every click USA: +1 347 809-34-86
  • 4. How it works? Without email marketing: 1 customer = 2 sales = $300 income = $100 profit With email marketing: 1 customer = 10 sales = $1500 income = $500 profit USA: +1 347 809-34-86
  • 5. What do we offer? Structure and analyse the current base of contacts Create letter templates, segments, triggers Create campaign schemes leading people to the website Optimize and increase the data base of contacts USA: +1 347 809-34-86
  • 6. More in detail Structure and clean up the current contact base Define the fields necessary for triggers and segments Integrate the data base with the email system (Unisender/Act-On) Launch automated programs and manual newsletters Create the rules of email sending in the system Design letter templates, mark up and prepare segment messages Grow contact base Analyze the effectiveness Improve (Open Rates, Click Rates, Sales) USA: +1 347 809-34-86
  • 7. Stages and timing Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4,5,6... Audit and optimization of current email campaigns (design, mark up, content, message subject lines, personalization) Database analysis, correction of its structure (what kind of blasts and at what pace we are going to send, what kind of user segmentation we are going to need in the data base etc.) Segmentation adjustment in Unisender, message campaigns creation Newsletter launch, result analysis, efficiency improvement (open and click rates, traffic, sales from the newsletters, LTV of customers, contact base increase etc.) USA: +1 347 809-34-86
  • 8. What you get 10.000 x 1% x 4 x $100 = $40.000 income* *sample calculations, conversion numbers may and will vary USA: +1 347 809-34-86
  • 9. Ready to find out how much better your business can perform with email marketing?