Conversion Rate Optimization by Paul Ryazanov at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

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Practical tips and a checklist to test your forms and landing pages against

Practical tips and a checklist to test your forms and landing pages against

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  • More than 61% of retailers are doing less than 5 tests a month


  • 1. Oct 22th, 2013 Conversion Rate Optimization Paul Ryazanov Director of business development
  • 2. Promodo at a Glance
  • 3. One simple change which takes only few minutes to implement might significantly improve your conversions up to 100% and more. Why it is Important
  • 4. Play with your headers – showcase how easy, fast and secure signup process is
  • 5. Headers and CTA buttons needs to be relevant and showcase service value
  • 6. Simplify signup process as much as possible
  • 7. You may ignore Password confirmation field these days
  • 8. Integrate other relevant services for the sign up. Don’t challenge visitors with username.
  • 9. If you have a big form with many fields – let them fill it step by step with option to skip if possible
  • 10. Showcase in advance any required fields – suggestions how to fill will be useful
  • 11. Highlight the field upon selection
  • 12. Do a real time error check. Highlight fields and use clear error message.
  • 13. Show case differences in packages only. Play with the positions of the plans.
  • 14. Show case benefits with a long term offers
  • 15. Showcase value that customer would get on payment page
  • 16. Showcase other users that’s already part of the service
  • 17. Use feedbacks with photos, industry leaders and corporate logos to convince visitors
  • 18. Make the payment instruction clear and transparent. Will my credit card get charged immediately or its really — I mean REALLY free trial.
  • 19. Play with buttons, colors, sizes. Typically – CTA colors needs to be opposite to background.
  • 20. CTA message — is the final step to the Conversion
  • 21. Account activation by email – it’s a great barrier for your project
  • 22. At least add an option to change email address and resend the verification code. Alternative verification steps are very much needed
  • 23. In God we trust. Everything else we test. What Next?
  • 24. Oct 22th, 2013 Thank you!