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Brochure promobellagio eng.con bls

  1. 1. PROMOBELLAGIOReady to help you in organizing yourstay in Bellagio
  2. 2. Welcome to Bellagio Pearl of the Lake ComoPromobellagio was formed in 1986 as a commercial association representing thetown’s businesses with the aim of making Bellagio better known as a tourist location,working as a meeting point and a link between tourists and the various activities in theBellagio area.Promobellagio activities are also supported by the Tourist Department of BellagioMunicipality.This short description ,as well as the web site, offers a briefoverview of Bellagio, hoping to intrigue the reader to come and personally discoverthe beauty of the area.ACCOMMODATION DINING TRANSPORTInformation about: Information about: Information about: • Hotels • Restaurants • How to get to Bellagio • B&B • Pizzerias • Getting around • Residences • Bars • Apartments • Wineries • CampingsSHOPPING BEAUTY & SPORT SERVICESInformation about shops Information about Information about beauty, wellness and general and tourist sports activities services
  3. 3. ACCOMMODATIONThere is a vast range of accommodation in Bellagio, from luxurious 5-star Hotel to other extremely characteristic,welcoming hotels. There are also plenty of residences and apartments, B&B and camping. Bellagio with its widerange of accommodation will surely meet your requirements.
  4. 4. Mountains or lake? Luxury or simple style?We are sure that Bellagio will fulfil your requirements.
  5. 5. DININGEating out in Bellagio? From little inns and trattorias toluxury restaurants, offering traditional dishes amongwhich stands out the lake fish, as well as creative cuisineand quick snacks. In order to fulfill all requests there areexcellent pizzerias, wine bars, bars and pubs.And for all those who love cooking and would like tolearn cooking some italian dishes, there is the chance toattend cooking classes.
  6. 6. SHOPPINGBellagio, with its numerous andvaried shops is a great destinationfor shoppers. In the shops, whichare scattered throughout thehistoric center of Bellagio, youcan find, besides the renownedhandicrafts other items such asjewelry, souvenirs, gifts, clothingand accessories.High-quality merchandise carefullyshowcased in stylish showcasesand contemporary craft productsproduced in the laboratoriesattached to shops, jewelers andantique shops of class.There is also the undisputed charmof being able to go shoppingaround in a medieval town full ofhistory and culture, with splendidviews of the lake...
  7. 7. TRANSPORTThe quickest and easiest way to get to Bellagio is by private transfer. Your driver will meet you outside the CustomsArea or at your hotel and take you to Bellagio “ the Pearl of Lake Como”. Possibility of transfer for large groups, withbuses up to 20 people.And once in Bellagio, we suggest you to take a boat tour in order to experience Bellagio from the Lake.
  8. 8. Bellagio... the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a long day of wellness...... And sport!
  9. 9. Further more you will find a lot of generic services for tourists, to crown the magic of your stay in Bellagio Piazza della Chiesa 14 - 22021 Bellagio (Como) Tel. e fax 031-951555 -