A Business Trilogy - Trollip/Webb


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Decision, Process Management and Analytics

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A Business Trilogy - Trollip/Webb

  1. 1. CONNECT WITH US: IT: Customized to Your Advantage A Business Trilogy Decision, Process Management and Analytics Ryan Trollip & Howard Webb Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics Process Analytics
  2. 2. CONNECT WITH US: Agenda Ø  Introduction Ø  Business Awareness & Process Management Ø  Decision Management & Examples Ø  Next Steps 2
  3. 3. CONNECT WITH US: 3 Process Centricity Time Production Automation Office Automation TQM ERP E-Business W. Edwards Deming Joseph M. Juran Business Process Management Geary Rummler & Alan Brache Michael Hammer Thomas Davenport Roger Burlton Business Decision Management Howard Smith Peter Fingar Ron Ross Barbera von Halle Decision-Aware Business Process Management Decisions Analytics Analytics Some History
  4. 4. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  An awareness of the core components of the business §  Business strategy §  Business processes §  Business decisions §  Customer characteristics §  Performance §  Technology Ø  Gaining an understanding of: §  How the organization delivers value (Business Process Management) §  The complex decisions that determine business execution (Business Decision Management) §  Understanding historical, operational and future business characteristics (Business Analytics) q  Customer buying patterns, q  Market conditions q  Regulatory impact q  Etc. 4 Decision-Aware Business Process Management
  5. 5. CONNECT WITH US: The Business Trilogy 5 Business Processes Advanced Analytics Decision Management
  6. 6. CONNECT WITH US: Business Process Management 6 Business Process Management (BPM) is a holistic management approach that encompasses all aspects of a business including Strategy, People, Processes and Technology, in order to deliver value to customers and other stakeholders. BPM is about fundamentally changing the way you view and manage your business “Operational Transformation is the next frontier of business advantage.” - Peter Fingar and Joseph Bellini
  7. 7. CONNECT WITH US: Current Trends 7 “Broadly speaking, investing in better coordination and management of process work has been on the rise, while incremental approaches are slowly declining, or at least being integrated into larger, organization-wide BPM initiatives*.” BPM Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma Enterprise architectureService-oriented architecture *BPTrends, The State of Business Process Management, Celia Wolf, Paul Harmon : www.bptrends.com
  8. 8. CONNECT WITH US: ´  Redundant activities/duties ´  Misaligned incentives/ compensation ´  Isolated measurement model ´  Limited reuse ´  Multiple breakpoints ´  Multiple moments of truth ´  No cross-organization control Corporate Dept A Etc.Dept B Departmental Silo Perspective Traditional Hierarchical Management Customer Customer 8 Traditional Management Model
  9. 9. CONNECT WITH US: The Customer Experience Ø  Discontinuous thinking leads to disjointed customer experiences… How many people or departments did I have to talk to in order to get my issue resolved? “Before I transfer you, is there anything else I can help you with?” 9
  10. 10. CONNECT WITH US: ´  Begin and end with the customer experience in mind ´  Incentives based on end-to- end process performance ´  Fewer handoffs, fewer breakpoints ´  Few moments of truth ´  Process measures providing visibility Corporate Function A Etc.Function B Cross-Departmental Perspective Customer Process 1 Process 2 Process 3Customer 10 Process-Oriented Model
  11. 11. CONNECT WITH US: “At the heart of business process change is the notion of discontinuous thinking – of breaking away from the outdated rules and fundamental assumptions that underlie operations. Unless we change these rules, we are merely re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” - Dr. Michael Hammer Co-Author, Reengineering the Corporation Changing the Business Model 11
  12. 12. CONNECT WITH US: Recognize the Signs of Process Failure Ø  Even the best processes become out of date and require modification Ø  Strategy not embraced, not clearly articulated Ø  Unclear, limited communication mechanisms §  Top down and bottom up Ø  Functional metrics (or none at all) Ø  Manual controls (checking and re-checking) Ø  Personal systems – Technology not keeping pace §  Spreadsheets §  Desktop databases Ø  Process workflow implemented through email systems Ø  Staff working excessive overtime Ø  Poorly or non-integrated systems Ø  Frequent reorganizations 12
  13. 13. CONNECT WITH US: “We trained hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams, we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.” Recognize the Signs of Process Failure (cont.) - Petronius (c. 27-66 AD) Aid to Nero - Emperor of Rome 13
  14. 14. CONNECT WITH US: Business needs to become more Self Aware Ø  For example, in Psychology the Gestalt ‘Cycle of Awareness’ is the notion that there is a process by which people start with a PERCEPTION of their environment Ø  This is followed by an AWARENESS of their actual needs and desires 14
  15. 15. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Business should be no different §  People have a PERCEPTION of how processes occur within their organizations §  AWARENESS comes when we begin to examine those processes and find that they may not operate anything like our perceptions Ø  We are often unaware of: §  How long things actually take §  How much waste we generate (time, cost, resources) §  The opportunities we miss §  Our customers’ opinions of our products or services are not what we thought §  Our processes are not really aligned with our business strategy §  How reliant we were on personal systems (e.g. spreadsheets, email) §  The effect of losing a handful of key people. It could bring our business to a standstill Business Awareness 15
  16. 16. CONNECT WITH US: Business Awareness (cont.) Ø  With new insights, business leaders can begin making decisions with greater understanding, awareness and confidence Ø  We can better understand: §  What needs to change to realize goals and objectives §  Which areas of the business cause the greatest constraints on performance §  How best to apply technology §  How to organize to achieve improved process execution §  What needs to be done to ensure customer satisfaction §  How to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s global market §  How to react quickly and efficiently to opportunities and external threats 16
  17. 17. CONNECT WITH US: Key Areas of Business Awareness Strategy Process Performance Customer Change Technology 17
  18. 18. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Gain and share understanding of your business strategy, goals and objectives Ø  Make strategy real from senior management through everyone in the enterprise §  Clarify, Communicate, Execute Ø  When decisions are made, whether it be a reorganization or investment in new technology, FIRST understand how those decisions: §  Fit into the business strategy §  Will help achieve the goals and objectives Ø  Strategy Awareness is when everyone in the organization can state explicitly where you are going and: §  Why their role is important §  How they contribute to strategic success Strategy Awareness 18
  19. 19. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Process Awareness is to know how your processes ARE performed, not just how you THINK they are performed §  How long they take §  How much they costs to execute §  How many people are needed §  What controls are in place §  How standard the tasks are Ø  Before making any business or technology decisions: §  Understand your processes §  Model (visualize) them for clarification and communication §  Verify what and how things are being done Process Awareness 19
  20. 20. CONNECT WITH US: Process Awareness (cont.): Models Ø  Processes are invisible Ø  They need to be modeled (visualized) §  To understand and gain clarity §  To communicate what is actually happening §  As a baseline for change to understand where we are today §  To provide direction for where you want to go Ø  Process models are the blueprint of your business §  Would you build a house without a blueprint? §  Why would you attempt to run a multi-million dollar business without one? 20
  21. 21. CONNECT WITH US: “Give the power to manage and change processes to your business process owners …and focus on how to enable faster change.” Business Process Management –The Third Wave - Howard Smith and Peter Fingar Ø  Initiate, encourage and back process change Ø  Understand what the process should do Ø  Promote process value Ø  Define and monitor process performance Ø  Work for the best interest of the enterprise (end-to-end process) not just the department Process Awareness (cont.): Owners 21
  22. 22. CONNECT WITH US: Customer Awareness Ø  Look at your business through the eyes of your Customer… § Would you want to do business with your company? § Are you easy to do business with? Ø  What is your organization’s definition of a Successful Customer Experience…is it the same as your customer’s definition? Ø  Design your process around your customer…they are the reason you have a job 22
  23. 23. CONNECT WITH US: How we see ourselves is often different than how our customers see us… Customer Awareness (cont.) 23
  24. 24. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Start looking Outside In vs. Inside Out Ø  Outside In thinking gives a whole new perspective on your business Ø  Does the customer care that we are doing this? Customer Awareness (cont.): Change Your Perspective ‘The Outside-In Corporation’ – Barbara Bund 24
  25. 25. CONNECT WITH US: Understand what is important to your Customers Change Your Perspective 25
  26. 26. CONNECT WITH US: Performance Awareness Ø  Performance Awareness is the discipline to identify key performance indicators (KPI’s) §  Measure process performance §  AND tie it to continuous improvement *Source: BP Trends, March 2014: “The State of BPM 2014”. Are (Process) Performance Measures Defined?* 2013 Never 14% Occasionally 55% Frequently 17% Most Times 12% Always 2% 26
  27. 27. CONNECT WITH US: Performance Awareness (cont.): What to Measure Ø  Your customer doesn’t care about: § Your production costs § How many calls your call center can take per day § About your cool new data warehouse § Your organization structure Ø  They care about getting the products and services they asked for, at a fair price, when they were told they would get them…and when they need help, they get it Ø  Start with the Customer… Measure results not activities 27
  28. 28. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Awareness that things over which you have no control are going to change what you do Ø  No matter how good you think your business is today, things change §  Market conditions change §  Political environments change §  Your processes become stale, under-performing Ø  Continually monitor your processes in the context of both internal and external forces §  Your competition is not sitting still…do you want your customers as badly as they do? §  Do you want someone else to take your job because the process needs improving? Change Awareness 28
  29. 29. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Recognizing the need to change is a first step in recognizing the need for Business Process Management Change Awareness (cont.): The Need to Change Internal Forces External Forces 29
  30. 30. CONNECT WITH US: Technology Awareness Ø  Technology Awareness requires a collaboration between business and IT Ø  Business process change is enabled by technology Ø  Selecting the right technology means understanding what technologies are available and how they can impact process change Ø  Business and IT must work as a team; business and technology awareness Ø  Process oriented technologies are more likely to succeed, require less maintenance and replacement long term 30
  31. 31. CONNECT WITH US: Decision Management & Real World Examples 31
  32. 32. CONNECT WITH US: 32 The Gap in Business Operations is Widening Time to open a new account in retail banking 5 minutes – best 76 minutes – worst Availability of loan funds 2 days – best 37 days – worst Time for conditional mortgage approval 15 minutes – best in class 4 hours - median Source: Boston Consulting Group, The “New New Normal” in Retail Banking, 2012
  33. 33. CONNECT WITH US: Reinventing care process management with Smarter Process Mobile care process app Intelligent paging for patient consults based on doctor proximity with direct access to latest diagnostic results Health records in the cloud Secure access to cloud-based electronic health records to verify complete patient health history Big data diagnosis Big data analytics on clinical procedure benchmarks given patient history, to determine optimal course of treatment. i.e. type of knee replacement, or heart valve replacement Social collaboration between doctors In context social collaboration between doctors on the patient s care team enables quick, relevant treatment information exchange and treatment history Rules for intelligent notification Rules to trigger intelligent notifications to appropriate specialists to get timely input and approvals to proceed with treatment plan Process to manage patient flow Automatic scheduling of operating room resources, followed by recuperation, specialist visits and physical therapy Policy holder immediately sees authorization and a map of approved providers in5 miles Care process management with
  34. 34. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Decision Identification/Creation Ø  Decision Modeling Ø  Decision Optimization Ø  Decision Automation Ø  Decision Improvement 34 Discipline & Technology
  35. 35. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Decisions are your IP Ø  Cost money to manage change Ø  Slow to change Ø  Often not visible Ø  Dispersed & duplicated, Inconsistent Ø  Lack of clear ownership 35 Why do I care?
  36. 36. CONNECT WITH US: 36 Difficult to Manage public class Application { private Customer customers[]; private Customer goldCustomers[]; ... public void checkOrder() { for (int i = 0; i < numCustomers; i++) { Customer aCustomer = customers[i]; if (aCustomer.checkIfGold()) { numGoldCustomers++; goldCustomers[numGoldCustomers] = aCustomer; if (aCustomer.getCurrentOrder().getAmount() > 100000) aCustomer.setSpecialDiscount (0.05); } } }
  37. 37. CONNECT WITH US: 37 Simple and Visible
  38. 38. CONNECT WITH US: public class Application { private Customer customers[]; private Customer goldCustomers []; ... public void checkOrder() { for (int i = 0; i < numCustomers; i++) { Customer aCustomer = customers[i]; if (aCustomer.checkIfGold()) { numGoldCustomers++; goldCustomers [numGoldCustomers] = aCustomer; if (aCustomer.getCurrentOrder ().getAmount() > 100000) aCustomer.setSpecialDiscount (0.05); } } } 38 Centralize Decisions
  39. 39. CONNECT WITH US: Copyright ©2014 SAP. Reprinted with permission. Account   Closure     Simulation   Eligibility Account  Closure    Simulation  Eligibility _________________ Account  Closure  Simulation  Lock  Eligibility Account  Closure  Simulation  Pending  Items   Eligibility Account  Closure  Simulation  linked  e-­‐ product  capability -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Account  Closure  Simulation  Account  Status Account  Closure  Simulation  Account   Closure  Date Account  Closure  Simulation  Lock   Eligibility _________________ Account  Closure  Simulation  Customer    lock   Status  Eligibility Account  Closure  Simulation  Account  Lock   Status  Eligibility Account  Closure  Simulation  Card  Lock   Status  Eligibility -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Account  Closure  Simulation  Customer   Lock  Status  Eligibility _________________ -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Customer  Lock  Status  Type Customer  Lock  Lock  Document  Status Account  Closure  Simulation  Channel  Soft   Reject  Capability Account  Closure  Simulation  Account   Lock  Status  Eligibility  _________________ -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Account  Lock  Status  Type Account  Lock  Limit  Value Account  Lock  Lock  Document  Status Account  Closure  Simulation  Channel  Soft   Reject  Capability Account  Closure  Simulation  Card  Lock   Status  Eligibility  _________________ -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Card  Lock  Status  Type Card  Lock  Lock  Document  Status Account  Closure  Simulation  Channel  Soft   Reject  Capability Account  Closure  Simulation  Pending   Items  Eligibility _________________ -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Pending  Item  Type Pending  Item  Value Linked  e-­‐Products  Orphan  Status  in   Relation  to  Account  Closure _________________ Linked  e-­‐Products  Orphan  Status  in  Relation   to  Sole  Account  Closure Linked  e-­‐Products  Orphan  Status  in  Relation   to  Joint  Account  Closure -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Linked  e-­‐Bonds  Orphan  Status  in   Relation  to  Account  Closure _________________ Linked  e-­‐Bonds  Orphan  Status  in  Relation  to   Sole  Account  Closure Linked  e-­‐Bonds  Orphan  Status  in  Relation  to   Joint  Account  Closure -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Linked  e-­‐Products  Orphan  Status  in   Relation  to  Sole  Account  Closure _________________ -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Additional  Open  Current  Accounts  held  by   Account  Holder  Count Linked  e-­‐Products  in  Relation  to  Account   Closure  Count Linked  e-­‐Products  Orphan  Status  in   Relation  to  Joint  Account  Closure _________________ -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Additional  Open  Joint  Current  Accounts   held  by  Account  Holders  Count Additional  Open  Current  Accounts  held  by   Account  Holder  1  Count Linked  e-­‐Bonds  Orphan  Status  in   Relation  to  Joint  Account  Closure _________________ -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Additional  Open  Joint  Accounts  Held  by   Same  Account  Holders  Count Linked  e-­‐Bonds  Held  Jointly  by  Both   Members  in  Relation  to  Joint  Account   Closure  Count Linked  e-­‐Bonds  Orphan  Status  in   Relation  to  Sole  Account  Closure _________________ -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Additional  Open  Sole  Accounts  held  by   Account  Holder  Count Linked  e-­‐Bonds  Count  in  Relation  to   Account  Closure  Count      Account  Closure  Simulation  linked         e-­‐product  capability _________________ Linked  e-­‐Products  Orphan  Status  in  Relation   to  Account  Closure Linked  e-­‐Bonds  Orphan  Status  in  Relation  to   Account  Closure -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ Account  Closure    Simulation  Eligibility Row   ID Rule   Pattern Message   Class  1 Message 1 1 is  in {Active,  not  yet  used;  Active,   used} Is Eligible is eligible Is Contract   Present  Date is  in   {Close,   Close  and  log} is Eligible   2 1 is  in {Active,  not  yet  used;  Active,   used} Is Eligible is eligible Is Contract   Present  Date is soft  reject is   Soft  reject 3 2 is  in {Active,  not  yet  used;   Active,  used} Is Not  Eligible is Not  Eligible There  is  a  lock  on  the  account  &1  which   prevents  account  closure 4 1 is  in {Active,  not  yet  used;   Active,  used} Is Soft  Reject is eligible Is Contract   Present  Date is  in   {close,  Close  and   log,  Soft  reject} is Soft  Reject There  is  a  lock  on  the  account  &1   5 3 is  in {In  Release,  Process,  Created;   Being  Terminated;  Terminated} is Not  Eligible Account  &1  is  already  terminated 6 4 is  in {Active,  not  yet  used;   Active,  used} is   Not  eligible is Not  Eligible Closure  not  possible  -­‐  Outstanding   Pending  Items 7 5 is  in {Active,  not  yet  used;   Active,  used} Is  Not Contract   Present  Date is Not  Eligible Specified  Value  Date  &1  should  be  the   same  as  A/C  Presence  date  &2   Conclusion Messages Account  Closure   Simulation   Pending  Items   Account  Closure   Simulation  Account   Closure  Date   Account  Closure   Simulation  linked  e-­‐ product  capability Account  Closure  Simulation  Account   Status Account  Closure   Simulation  Lock   Eligibility Conditions Account  Closure     Simulation  Eligibility Account  Closure  Simulation  Card  Lock  Status  Eligibility Row   ID Rule   Pattern Message   Class  1 Message  Class  2 1 1 is   Not   in {Lost  Card,   Stolen  Card} is Eligible 2 2 Is  in {Lost  Card,   Stolen  Card} Is Active Is   Nucleus is Not  Eligible Closure  not  possible  -­‐  Lock  &1 3 2 Is  in {Lost  Card,   Stolen  Card} Is Active Is   BOSS is Soft  Reject Card  Lock&1  on  account  &2  Do   you  wish  to  proceed? 4 3 Is  in {Scheduled,   Inactive,  Closed} is Eligible 5 4 Is  Not   in {BOSS, Nucleus} is Not  Eligible You  cannot  close  an  account  in   channel  &1 Conditions Conclusion Messages   Card  Lock  Status   Type Account  Closure  Lock   Status Account  Closure   Channel Account   Closure   Simulation   Account  Closure  Simulation  Lock  Eligibility Row   ID Rule   Pattern Message   Class  1 Message  Class  2 1 1 is   Eligible is   Eligible is   Eligible is eligible 2 1 is   Soft  Reject is  not Not  Eligible is  not Not  Eligible is Soft  Reject Lock  on  customer  &1  Do  you  wish  to  proceed? 3 1 is  not Not  Eligible is   Soft  Reject is  not Not  Eligible is Soft  Reject Account  lock  &1  Do  you  wish  to  proceed? 4 1 is  not Not  Eligible is  not Not  Eligible is   Soft  Reject is Soft  Reject Lock  on  Card  &1  Do  you  wish  to  proceed? 5 2 is   Not  Eligible is Not  Eligible Closure  not  possible  due  to  customer  lock  &1 6 3 is   Not  Eligible is Not  Eligible Closure  not  possible  due  to  account  lock  &1 7 4 is   Not  Eligible is Not  Eligible Closure  not  possible  due  to  card  lock  &1 Account  Closure   Simulation  Lock   Eligibility   s Conclusion Messages Account  Closure   Simulation   Customer    lock   Account  Closure   Simulation   Account  Lock   Account  Closure   Simulation  Card  Lock   Status  Eligibility Standard Approach to Modeling 39Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics
  40. 40. CONNECT WITH US: 40
  41. 41. CONNECT WITH US: 41Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics Lower Cost of Development Rework time Rework Effort Development & Unit Test Technical Design Business Requirements Business Objectives Business Objectives Business glossary, process & logic requirements Technical design Effort Project Charter Business design document Technical design document Coding Code documentation Time Integration & Acceptance Test Testing Code documentation Development & Unit Test Technical Design Business Requirements Business Objectives Business Objectives Business glossary, process & logic requirements Technical design Project Charter Business design document Technical design document Coding Code documentation Integration & Acceptance Test Testing Code documentation Rework Rework Rework Rework In a classic development cycle, there are extensive handoffs from each step in the process, creating potential disconnects… …and even greater inefficiencies caused by inevitable rework cascading backward across the entire cycle…
  42. 42. CONNECT WITH US: 42 Decoupling Decisions
  43. 43. CONNECT WITH US: 43Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics Lower Cost of Development Rework time Rework Effort Effort Time Business Objectives Business Objectives Project Charter Development with a Business Rules Management System Business glossary, process & logic design Business design document Technical design document Business Rule Authoring Integration & Acceptance Test Testing Code documentation Rework Rework Rework With a Business Rules Management System, using more Agile Methodologies, the development lifecycle is shortened… …and the amount of rework is reduced, improved quality and reducing cost…
  44. 44. CONNECT WITH US: 44Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics Lower Cost of Development & Speed time to market Effort The Decision Model in the Development Process Business Objectives Business glossary, process & logic design, code generation, testing Project Charter Code documentation Time Rework time Rework Effort Rework With decision modeling development collapses to the minimum, speeding up time to market…
  45. 45. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Centralize Decision & Workflow Ø  Cache for performance (if necessary) Ø  SOA backbone Decision Management Workflow / BPM ESB / SOA MDM Cache System System System 45 Reference Architecture Monitor
  46. 46. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Channels have different answers.. Sometimes conflicting. Ø  Inability to capture & act on §  interesting behavior. §  events, risk, etc. Web Call Center Branch Channels Customer Behavior & Cross Sell
  47. 47. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Gain Consistency – Centralize Decisions Ø  Present Next best actions - Rules Ø  Better Recommendations – Predictive Analytics Ø  Recognize and save at risk customers – Analytics & Rule Ø  Recognize opportunities a the point of impact – Situational rules 47Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics Customer Behavior & Cross Sell
  48. 48. CONNECT WITH US: 48 Analytics
  49. 49. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Amazon E.g. Collaborative Filtering Algorithm §  Cart §  Purchased, rated, liked §  Link to Others with the same pattern §  Frequently bough together §  Also bought Ø  Next best action & Updates §  Account related actions §  Urgent updates Ø  Recommender Systems §  Retail, Facebook, Linked in etc. §  People you may know, viewed also viewed, browsing history etc. 49 Customer Cross-Sell
  50. 50. CONNECT WITH US: Customer cross-sell journey Capture Predict Act Customer Data • Demographics •  Account Activity •  Product Holdings •  Channel Activity •  Information Requests •  Complaints •  … Campaign Data •  Contact history •  Response/purchases •  Test campaigns •  … Analyses Predict who is likely to respond, based on their customer profile when receiving the campaign Scoring Marketing campaign process Key Performance Predictors and Campaign Results Rank best 3 offers Attitudinal Data •  Customer Surveys •  Twitter •  Discussion Forums •  Blogs •  … Website recommendation engine Sales campaigns
  51. 51. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Customer hits information pages on the site Ø  Web interest captured in Product B Decision Management Workflow ESB / SOA MDM Cache Web Call Center Branch Product A Product B Product C Product D … Product B Product A Product C Product D … 51 Customer Behavior - Interest
  52. 52. CONNECT WITH US: Region Interaction Customer Group Product Weight NY Web Gold Product A 1 Product B 2 Silver Product A 2 Otherwise 3 Model Gold Product B 3 Silver Product A 4 Bronze Product A 5 Bronze Product B 6 RI External Gold Product A 2 52Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics Allow for Change
  53. 53. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  External events change internal priorities based on rules/model 53 Decision Management Workflow ESB / SOA MDM Cache Baby Web Call Center Branch Product A Product B Product C Product D … Product B Product C Product A Product D … 53 Use Case – External Events
  54. 54. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Not interested in certain products Ø  Or tell me about it later 54 Decision Management Workflow ESB / SOA MDM Cache Web Call Center Branch Product B Product C Product A Product D … Product B Product C Product A Product D … 6 Months 54 Use Case – Call Center
  55. 55. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Workflow (BPM) kicked off by event Ø  Customer called Ø  Closed deal, update cache 55 Decision Management Workflow ESB / SOA MDM Cache Web Call Center Branch 55 Use Case – 6 Months Later
  56. 56. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Which product is more attractive to a wealthy customer? Ø  Who do we risk loosing most as a customer? 56 Decision Management Workflow ESB / SOA MDM Cache Web Call Center Branch Data 56 Improve
  57. 57. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Each bank / Merchant has it’s own rules & process Ø  Problem detected in one, not another, visibility Ø  Tracking success of strategies Bank Bank 2 Merchant Fraud Service 57 The Trilogy in Fraud Detection
  58. 58. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Centralize Decision & Process Management Ø  Leverage nexus, become more agile and efficient Decision Management Workflow ESB / SOA MDM Cache Bank Bank 2 Merchant 58 Trilogy, Fraud
  59. 59. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Customer withdraws multiple times ApproveDecline Reason Daily limit Score ExceededDecision Management Workflow ESB / SOA MDM Cache Bank Bank 2 Merchant 59 Use Case - Fraud
  60. 60. CONNECT WITH US: Business Processes Analytics Decision Management 60 The Business Trilogy
  61. 61. CONNECT WITH US: Ø  Scoping & Modeling Workshop Ø  ½ day General Assessment §  Process §  Analytics §  Decision management Ø  Are you ready to change? 61 Next Steps
  62. 62. CONNECT WITH US: Ryan Trollip practice director, decision management prolifics | office: (646) 380-2895 | mobile: (774) 641-3666 rtrollip@prolifics.com | yahoo IM: rtrollip_prolifics Howard Webb practice director, advisory & consulting prolifics | office: (646) 380-2948| mobile: (314) 602-3341  Howard.webb@prolifics.com | yahoo IM: hwebb_prolifics 62 Contact Information