Customer Experience Personalization: Enabling Cross Sell/Up Sell and Next Best Actions


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In this session, hear how Prolifics leveraged the events and rules capabilities of WebSphere Operational Decision Manager to create a personalization solution for a leading financial company. Personalization allows for a consistent way of communicating with customers across multiple channels on next-best actions, profiles and preferences, and responding in real time to changes in customers' characteristics across all media (including web assets, call routing, client rep systems, surveys, and correspondence). This allows for improved customer experiences, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and better response times. The solution leverages the full predictive cycle, from integration data, to analytics, to operational decisions, to a cached high-performing tag cloud that drives the individual customer experience.

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  • What do we mean?PersexpAll chan, web, rep, email, sales, branch, remote, mobile appsApplies to mostent that have multiple channels, bank, telc, financial, util, healthcare, hosp etc.Automation = cost savingsPers = qaulity
  • Old days, we dealt with people [Pick 2]Famer ask BM to go to lunchTornado – Changed insurer, Skip payments?School together and Congrats on child – tax free college savingsBM knows - no printed - enviro – emailIncrease 401k contribAnalyzeExpensive
  • Enter Automation…. Great cost & errorsHow did we get to robot menu hell, BM lunch to siting on the phone for an hourPendulum Cost vs Quality of serviceRace to the bottom cost –dragged qualitye.g. the bank I bank with is e.g. Free checking
  • Bank with Large bank, since started moving away due to personalizationFraud, perp groupRestaurant declined Checked web/rep, transferred
  • Auto Dialer, Web, Rep, phone app, txt – Routing
  • Marketing and analytic system for cross sell, offers,Prescriptive rules around deriving next best action, retirement calculator & recommendations on upping contribution.Preference Some parts of the site will allow for preferenceSales - some will have call centers targeting sales conversions from competitors , recovering abandonments capturing events
  • Categories of IngredientsPrescriptive e.g. Retirement Calculation, Institutional Clients (HC) w/ specific reqPredictive e.g. categorizing customersMost of the sources are Prescriptive & Predictive
  • Looked at ingredients what drives change
  • Events my impact one or more pers offeringsExplain abandon, interest change, gaming insurance Events – Child, Job change, later payment, Over payment, Hurricane, Flu outbreak
  • Limited att, 100 no, 3/5 maybe (web, rep, mobile, email etc.)Comp goals to push new product type? Target demographic/market change?Prioritize across offers, next best actions, recommendations, incentives, account abandonment, conversion opportunities etc. TemporalProfile typesSource conflict wins
  • Events may impact one or moreInteractions related to one offering/product
  • Interest in a add on product or serviceAnalytics - Income groupPattern detected on the web or could be cross channelCalled in a said no… not till next year, just bought a house
  • Finish Insurance DocumentationAdd on productIncentive to refer a friend
  • Building blocksNo one size fits all, many different option as there are requirementsSolution for the General patternReal world implementation, multiple clients, to various extents and capacities Backwards - Channel back to events and source
  • Prioritized Agnostic, tag not that interestingCMS web vs sales
  • Message brokerWeb services or multiple services depending on categorization of tags
  • With a rep interaction we have some timeIf necessary (which usually is) web perfAs the name suggests can scale out dramatically, handle v. large dataIntegration bus is used for other… ingredients Real world, analytics batch, profile info spread
  • General Requirements TC … are usually
  • Where do the tags come from??Integration Bus – pulling info from sourcesReal world, analytics batch, profile info spreadAs well as BRMS & Events system
  • Important part of PersMix analytical ADM and ODM
  • Can bring Quality with reduced cost by best leveraging many of the ingredients that are availableIn a coherent, consistent way
  • Customer Experience Personalization: Enabling Cross Sell/Up Sell and Next Best Actions

    1. 1. Decision Management, Personalization Ryan Trollip
    2. 2. Personalization – Quality of Service Automation brought value in cost savings, personalization brings us value in quality of service.
    3. 3. Personalization – In the perfect world  Based On  Profile  Events  Personalized  Prioritized next best actions  Offered exceptions  Target & customized Offers  Consider Preferences  Updates as events happen 3
    4. 4. Personalization – The Evolution  Automation reduces price  Cost savings over quality of service  One size fits all  Impersonal  There is value in both price and quality 4
    5. 5. Personalization – Todays experience  Departments Compartmentalized, no context  Impersonal One size fits all, big boxes  Channels have no context  No cross channel messaging  Annoying nagging upsell  Customer retention issues 5
    6. 6. Personalization A Solution 6
    7. 7. Personalization - The ingredients  Cross sell/up sell  Offers/Incentives & rewards  Next best actions  Customer preferences  Driving interactions based on profile  Targeting of groups  Driving Conversion  Recovering abandonments  Internal Events  Life Events  External Events  Etc. 7
    8. 8. Personalization 8 Source: inspired from James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions
    9. 9. Personalization - Drivers  Events  Interest  Interactions 9
    10. 10. Personalization - Events  Web & other patterns  Abandonment  Interest  Gaming  Life events  Facebook & LinkedIn  External & Internal Events  Credit score changes  Disasters 10
    11. 11. Personalization – Prioritization of interest  Limited Attention/real-estate  Aligned with Goals  Temporal Interest  Based on profile characteristics  Source Dependent 11
    12. 12. Personalization - Interactions  Similar to events but directly related to offering  Feedback on interest  Feedback on State  Owned outside  At Risk  Happy  Suppression or Suppress Until 12
    13. 13. Personalization – Interest 13 100 50 Analytics Web Rep
    14. 14. Personalization – Priority 14 100 50
    15. 15. Personalization The Solution Architecture 15
    16. 16. Personalization – The Tag Cloud » Channel Agnostic Tag 16
    17. 17. Personalization – The Tag Cloud » Channel Agnostic Tag » Service/s exposed to channels » WebSphere Message Broker 17
    18. 18. Personalization – The Tag Cloud » Channel Agnostic Tag » Service/s exposed to channels » WebSphere Message Broker » IBM WebSphere extreme scale 18
    19. 19. Personalization – The Tag Cloud  Highly Available  Fault tolerant  Channel Agnostic  Service or services for types of tags 19
    20. 20. 20 Personalization – Tag Sources  Marketing systems  Offer & Incentive management  Sales Systems  Conversions  Abandonments  At Risk  Analytics  Events patterns  Regulatory Rules  General preference rules
    21. 21. Personalization – Deploying Analytics 21 Copyright © 2009 - 2013 Decision Management Solutions
    22. 22. Personalization – Organizing The Tag Cloud  Tags & Priority  Relevant  Up to date  Tailored to profile, behavior etc. 22
    23. 23. Personalization – Rules & Events 23 Situational Awareness Contextual Decisions WebSphere ILOG BRMS WebSphere Business Events WebSphere Operational Decision Management Your business decisions.  Prioritize  Detect event patterns  Process Interactions
    24. 24. Personalization – Rules and Events  Business Visibility  De-couple from development  Fast changes  Call back to scoring models  Deploy PMML 24
    25. 25. Decoupling of Rules 25
    26. 26. Simple Decision Artifacts Supporting Complex Decisions Rule Flows 26
    27. 27. 28 Call Center Internet Agency Personalization – Events Make a personalized offer Trigger agent call back to assist Prioritize Multi-channel RespondDecideDetect Customer good prospect, find best promotion Determine best product Up the interest Customer requests series of quotes over the last month 2 web quote requests and 1 direct contact in 3 days: 2 or more pages on a product on the same day Event Correlations DecisionsRulesEvents
    28. 28. BPM and Events
    29. 29. Contextual and Situational Awareness Business Rules Business Events Context Result Action Rules Solution Externalized Business Decision Vocabulary Event Correlations Solution 1 Event data Event Data Event Rules F L O W Event Definition Vocabulary Contextual Decision Solution 2 ContextualSituational © IBM 2011 R U L E F L O W Action Rules Action Rules Event Rules
    30. 30. Decision Tables and Scorecards Built-in Gap/Overlap Checking Automatic Rule Generation Actions 31
    31. 31. Natural language syntax Automatic completion Inline error detection Intelligent Rule Editor 32
    32. 32. Actions Condition Values Automatic Rule generation Built-in Gap/Overlap checking Rule Authoring: Decision Trees Visualize decisions and all possible outcomes 33
    33. 33. Function Task Pre/Post Conditions Rule Task Flow Conditions Rule Authoring: Visual Ruleflows 34
    34. 34. Decision Center Console Direct MS edit mode Decision Table in MS Excel Rule Flow in MS Word Action rules in MS Word One click Direct access to MS editing  Action Rules and ruleflow edition through MS Word  Decision Tables edition thru MS Excel Lock of edited elements  Automatic synchronization 35
    35. 35. Multiple Release Management  Enable business users to make changes to a deployed rule application without interfering with work they are doing on an upcoming release  Merge and diff between releases 36
    36. 36. Multiple Release Management Visual Support  Detailed side-by-side graphical difference highlights between releases  Multi directional merge from one release to another 37
    37. 37. 38 Input Data Expected Results Rulset Tests Testing 38
    38. 38. Decision Center Console  Out-of-the-box ruleset testing in Rule Team Server  Business impact simulation in Rule Team Server  Scenario configuration and customization in Rule Studio  Audit - Decision Warehouse in Rule Execution Server 39
    39. 39. Decision Warehouse 40
    40. 40. 41 Personalization – Decision Management IBM Operational Decision Management  Bring Quality of Service  Flexible  Centralize Decisions  Timely and up to date  Control in business hands