Aetna - Enabling a Digital Strategy that Fits the Healthcare System Around the Consumer Using BPM SOA
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Aetna - Enabling a Digital Strategy that Fits the Healthcare System Around the Consumer Using BPM SOA



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Arup Datta, Prolifics
Joseph Arnold, AETNA

Aetna is making connected health care systems a reality and empowering consumers to live a healthier life. Key to the strategy is enabling new mobile technologies and partner integration. To enable this transformation, Aetna is implementing a BPM SOA center of excellence (COE) that will enable their business to rapidly orchestrate and integrate their systems & services in order to seamlessly provide users with data & IT resources with faster integration, lesser cost and higher return. We will showcase the BPM COE approach and the components being used to build it out. Aetna's Enterprise Architecture will ensure separation of business rules from data integrity rules and provide enterprise level decision services. This BPM architecture will also enable to integrate with Aetna's DataPower, Enterprise Bus and mainframe systems to communicate with the Data Access Services layer. The solution involves using IBM tools like ITCAM for monitoring, Service Registry and eXtreme Scale for caching needs.



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Aetna - Enabling a Digital Strategy that Fits the Healthcare System Around the Consumer Using BPM SOA Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ICU-2748 : Enabling a Digital Strategy that Fits the Healthcare System Around the Consumer Using BPM SOA Integration - Client Use Cases: Integration in Action Session Type : Lecture Date/Time : Wed, 30-Apr, 05:00 PM-06:00 PM Room : Venetian-Marcello 4401 A Presenters: Joseph Arnold Sr. Dir Architecture, Aetna Arup Datta Technology Manager – BPM, Prolifics
  • 2. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Agenda 2 Background Goals and Objective BPM SOA Strategy Technical Architecture Solution Conclusion Q&A
  • 3. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture 3
  • 4. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Healthier world This is the business we are in Aligned economic incentives between payers and providers A simpler, more transparent consumer experience Technology that seamlessly connects to our health system 4
  • 5. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Consumer- empowered solutions enabled by technology Online and self-service Focus on needs of who accesses health care Value and outcomes- based reimbursements Cost and delivery of care Consumer experience Administration and services Our focus TO Our health care system is transforming rapidly FROM Employee-centric and low tech Complex systems Focus on needs of who pays for care Fee-for-service 5
  • 6. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Goals and Challenges 6 Goals • A simpler, more transparent consumer experience • A seamless, integrated digital solution that is cost effective and nimble • An ability for business to adapt to market changes rapidly • An architecture that supports sustainable business agility • A set of tools that provide insight and ongoing optimization Challenges • Multiple data access paths • Multiple user identities • High maintenance, work efforts, and cost. • Redundant data access logic • Multiple consumer applications • Many non-modular, outdated codebases. • High costs and long time to implement services • Multiple platforms and acquisitions
  • 7. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture BPM / Service Strategy Enabling a digital strategy that fits the healthcare system around the consumer 7 Books of Record Mbr Claim Plan Enterprise Data Broker Enterprise BPM Applications Systems of EngagementSystems of Engagement • Mobile, Web, Social Enterprise BPM Applications • Human Interactions, workflow, collaboration Enterprise Data Broker • Orchestration and common message format Books of Record • Core data on diverse platforms *Enterprise Business Rules • Can be placed at all levels enabling smarter, nimbler decision management REUSE AGILITY SOE BOR Service our customers in a digital way Digitize business processes for re-use across all channels Transactions and queries as digital business services provide a core for our digital business strategy Control and optimization points provide flexibility and extend insight Enhance security, risk management, and consumer privacy
  • 8. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Service Broker Incubation Technology Process People It is critical to establish a sound foundation of people, process, and technology to ensure an effective and efficient service development competency to support the digital enterprise People: Identify/hire appropriate resource mix permitted by budgeted funds to develop services using agile methodology Process: Define the underlying processes needed to effectively and efficiently deliver services for both multi-channel and enterprise-wide usage Technology: Architect and implement the underlying technology components needed to develop and expose services for use throughout the enterprise 8
  • 9. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture 9 Incubation Project Tracks BPM SOA Framework for Application Development Data Model Architecture & Design Requirements and Rules Service Development Frameworks, Patterns Security, ID Management Deployment, Governance, SLA’s Skills, Mentoring & Learning Data Access Services
  • 10. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and Patterns • Naming Convention • Logging • Exception Handling • Multi Path • Versioning • Notification • Monitoring and Audits • Backend Systems communication patterns • Business Rules Implementation • Caching mechanism 10
  • 11. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Common Message Model (CMM) • One Enterprise Common Message Model • Every back-end source maps to CMM • Reconciles different names from back-end sources • All responses drawn from CMM • Consistent naming across responses • Designing to the CMM has advantages: • Map new data sources to CMM; available to current logic and responses • Orchestration and process logic uses CMM – enable reuse • There are implications to the CMM • Must be governed, managed for consistency • Consumers must break ties to back end structures 11
  • 12. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Technical Architecture 12
  • 13. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture Model 13
  • 14. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Impacts / Things To Do Different Programming to interface, not to implementation • Design early • Socialize the interface with consumers • Publish mock service/objects to speedup the process Externalize business rules from application logic • Business Rules as a Service Document & socialize • Standardized terminology, verbs, nouns, meaning • Common Message Model 14
  • 15. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Summary 15 • Rapid and continuous change is necessary to stay in business • IT must enable the delivery of data and services to consumers where and when needed and in a format they want • BPM technology provides a toolset to enable incremental movement towards your digital strategy • Broad capabilities for creating digital building blocks • Advance at your own speed • Supported by a solid roadmap
  • 16. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Questions ? 16
  • 17. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture 17 Session Topic & Description Date & Time Room BDL-3320 BPM, Rules & Analytics - A Business Trilogy - Are You Part of the Story, or Reading About it? Mon, Apr 28, 2014 [12:00 pm - 12:30 pm] EXPO Theater SCU-2695 BMI: Innovating with IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Operational Decision Manager, and Integration Tue, Apr 29, 2014 [10:30 am - 11:20 am] Venetian-Palazzo K ICU-3319 The Power of 3: PureApps, Softlayer and General Operational Effectiveness Tue, Apr 29, 2014 [12:00 pm - 12:45 pm] Delfino 4005 ICU-3358 How PSCU Implemented their Intelligent Platform through a SOA COE Tue, Apr 29, 2014 [2:15 pm - 3:15 pm] Marcello 4402 INO-2740 Extending IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository to Legacy IBM WebSphere Application Server Wed, Apr 30, 2014 [2:15 pm - 3:15 pm] Marcello 4405 ICU-2748 Enabling a Digital Strategy that Fits the Healthcare System around the Consumer Using BPM SOA COE @ AETNA Wed, Apr 30, 2014 [5:00 pm - 6:00 pm] Marcello 4401A ICU-2800 An Approach to an SOA Appliance and Application Center of Excellence by Staples Thu, May 1, 2014 [9:00 am - 10:00 am] Marcello 4401A Join Prolifics thought leaders and our clients at the following sessions…
  • 18. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Apendix 18
  • 19. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Technical Architecture – Highlights 1 Architecture Highlight # Comment 1 Process Server is a component of IBM's BPM suite. It provides the run- time environment for business processes and services developed using Process Designer and Integration Designer. 2 Process Center is the repository of business processes and business services. Process Center supports versioning of processes and services. 3 Integration Designer is the development/debug/unit test environment for developing business services. 4 Process Designer is the development/debug/unit test environment for developing business processes. 5 A Business Service is typically a short running process (micro-flow), mediating or orchestrating one or more services. Business services can use built-in adaptors and accelerators to speed up the development process. 6 Business Process is typically a long running (macro- flow) process involving one or more workflows, business process, business services and business users. It may typically include a user interface (Coach). Business Processes typically monitory business or workflow activity. 7 Process Server may support both SOAP (5) and REST(7) model. 8 WSRR - Websphere Service Registry and Repository provides * run-time WS-Addressing attributes * WSDLs 19
  • 20. Aetna Inc.Enterprise Architecture Technical Architecture – Highlights 2 Architecture Highlight # Comment 9 New services/processes developed using BPM 10 Application Services / Cobol APIs / Stored Procedures 11 The technology stack may include a rules engine such as IBM ODM. 12 The technology stack also includes a remote cache using IBM eXtream Scale. 13 Business Monitor can be used to monitor business events published by processes running at Process Server and at other servers. The monitor can also publish the events to PS to trigger additional processes. 14 SMTP - simple mail transfer protocol. BPM can use SMTP to email any notifications to email recipients. 15 Audit and Logging Services provide shared enterprise-wise audit and logging capabilities. 16 IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (IT CAM) may be used to monitor the health of BPM server components and diagnostics messages from EDB services. 17 Clearcase will be used for code asset management, version control and code promotion from dev to qa to production. 20