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  1. 1. Marina Bay Learning JourneyDone by:Yazin(28) 3S2
  2. 2. Contents• Principles of Governance• Introduction of Marina Bay Sands• How MBS served the community• Introduction of the solar powered fan• How it served the community• Introduction of Clifford Pier• Introduction of the solar powered fans in Marina Bay• Reasons why principles of governance is important in developing Marina Bay• Conclusion
  3. 3. Principles of Governance• Reward for Work;Work for Reward• Leadership is Key• A stake for everyone, opportunities for all• Anticipate change,stay relevant
  4. 4. Introduction of MBS• An integrated resort• Opened on 23 June 2010• Built by Las Vegas Sands• Also has a Skypark on the top• Contains many shops of both foreign and local brands and also a casino inside• Examples of local brands:Robinson,Seven Eleven,OCBC• Examples of foreign brands:Gucci,Prada,Ferrari Store
  5. 5. How MBS served the community• More job opportunities opened to locals• Earning more revenue for the Singapore economy• Attracts more tourist to come to Singapore• Makes Singapore known for being a modern country
  6. 6. How it served the community• It serves as a place for shelter• A place to relax with friends• A good place for shade• Allows people to feel cool and be able to conserve energy
  7. 7. Introduction of Clifford Pier• Built in 1933• Was a landing point for immigrants• Was later used as a terminal for both tourists and day trippers who boarded small boats and ferries to Southern Islands• Was later replaced by Marina South Pier when the Marina Barrage was built
  8. 8. Introduction of the solar powered fanin Marina Bay• Uses solar power to operate• Has a motion sensor to turn the fan on• Made to be used as shade for the people who want to hang out or seek shelter
  9. 9. Reasons why good governance isimportant in developing Marina Bay• The principle ‘Leadership is Key’ has been proven by the decisive decisions of the government and the excellent planning that had been made before hand in developing the Marina Bay area• This can be known from the exhibitions displayed at Marina Bay where there was a model built to show the present developments of Singapore and also future developments
  10. 10. • The principle ‘A stake for everyone, opportunities for all’ can be applied to the casinos built in Singapore recently. By doing so, this increases the number of job opportunities for locals and allows Singapore to make more revenue from the casinos allowing further development of Singapore with the money.
  11. 11. • The principle ‘Anticipate change, stay relevant’ can also be applied to the construction of the solar powered fans as it can be used to show others that Singapore is modern and uses modern technology like solar panels and motion sensors• The design of Marina Bay Sands can also be said to be modern as it has a complicated design and requires careful planning and modern technology to build it
  12. 12. Conclusion• I think that the principles of good governance has made the development of the Marina Bay area possible and has pleased many citizens as there are more job opportunities now.