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mblj_tai si ting_3s1_18 mblj_tai si ting_3s1_18 Presentation Transcript

  • Explain how Marina Bay serve as amodel to the Principles of Governancedeployed to help Singapore sustain its growth in the 21 st Century [:
  • Eco-frien dly structurebuilt. Breeze shelter – solar-powered - sensor-activated - conserves energy Escalators – with sensors - slow down if not used - conserves energy
  • Similarly, eco-friendly structuresare found in FHSS too[: THE BIG ASS FANS! THE TOILETS WITH SENSOR!
  • As seen in the picture below,-Grey buildings [those already built]- White buildings [ those not yet built,planned only]
  • Global brands.
  • rands.Local b
  • - Casino g malls - Shoppin - Hotels - Banks These help attract tourists, foreign investors and boost economies of Singapore.
  • So how does marina bay link to theprinciples of governance ?
  • - PM Lee Hsien Loong announced the govt’s decision to build an Integrated Resort in Marina South, and it will comprise of casinos, hotel facilities, shopping and other leisure ammenities, so as to boost the tourist industry, create more jobs and bolster the economy of Singapore.
  • - However, the decision sparked off wide-scale debate among Singaporeans, mainly about the social impacts of the casinos.
  • Yet, despite that debate, PM Lee Hsien Loong stillinsist on the execution of the decision, with theforesight that the integrated resorts built inMarina South will benefit Singapore andboost its economy.Hence, ‘Leadership iskey’ are shown here [:
  • - The government came up with the new idea of building the Integrated Resorts in Singapore.- Besides, they came up with another new idea of building the casinos as part of the integrated resorts.
  • - Singapore therefore has shown that they are opened to new ideas and are willing to take risks.Hence, ‘Anticipatechange and stayrelevant’ are shownhere [:
  • - The government have created many opportunities for Singaporeans to be involved in decision-making.- During feedback sessions, many people will then voice out their support and concerns about the government’s proposal.
  • - The government consulted the people on the issue of opening a casino as part of the Integrated Resort, and the people then voiced out their views on it.Hence, ‘A stake foreveryone, opportunity forall’ are shown here [:
  • 1. Textbook and Notes~~2. Google Images~~3. http://libguides.nl.sg/integratedresort