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  • 1. Name: Swan Htet Oo (35) Class:3s1
  • 2. QuestionExplain how Marina Bay serves as amodel to the Principle of Governancedeployed to help Singapore sustain itsgrowth in the 21st Century?
  • 3. Leadership Is Key The MBS was bulit under great leadership as it was built under reclaimed land. The MBS was also built as the leaders in the government saw the potential of increasing the budget in the economy of Singapore. This was done by opening the Marina Bay Sands which includes hotels, a casino, shops and the first ever sky pool, on top of the worlds largest public cantilevered platform, which overhangs the north tower by 67m .
  • 4. Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant The Singapore government took the risk in investing billions of money into the MBS project as the government know how profitable it would be to Singapore’s economy. As tourism has always been an important component of Singapore’s economy, the government saw the potential the MBS can bring to thrive our economy.
  • 5. Increase in TourismSKY POOL & SKY PARK
  • 6. ‘Anticipate Change and StayRelevant’ Under great Leadership. MBS was built. Opening of attractions and facilities. Increase in tourism. Increase in economy. (as tourist will spend money in the MBS)
  • 7. ‘Reward For Work, Work ForReward’ The policy encouraged Singaporeans and employees working in the MBS to work hard and give their best as they were awarded for their quality work. This benefited the employees and the economy of Singapore which attracted a lot of foreign talents.
  • 8. Marina Bay Sands
  • 9. ‘A Stake For Everyone,Opportunities for All’ The decision to build the Marina Bay Sands was not only asked among the government but also to Singaporeans. Singaporeans had the right to decide whether or not to build the MBS, everyone has equal rights to decide. Hence, the government was very consultative.
  • 10. Some of the local brands
  • 11. Some of the Foreign Brands
  • 12. In Conclusion… The Marina Bay Sands was built under the 4 principles of Governance. The Marina Bay Sands increased Singapore’s economy in many ways. The Marina Bay Sands allows everyone to enjoy themselves. The Marina Bay Sands provided the people with recreation and relaxation.