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  1. 1. How is the Marina Bay aresonance of good government? Done By: Marissa Jan (8) of Class 3S1
  2. 2. Marina Bay SandsThe Marina Bay Sands is a good example of leadership is key. A leader must be honest and capable and he must be able to think in the long term to ensure the stability of Singapore’s economy. Singapore’s government must do what is right and not what is popular, therefore the government built the Marina Bay sands even though some Singaporeans against the opening of the casino at the Marina Bay Sands as it would create social problems. The government foresee that the Marina Bay Sands would benefit Singapore’s economy in the long run thus they proceeded in building it.
  3. 3. Marina Bay SandsThe Marina Bay sands is also a good example of the government anticipating change and staying relevant. The decision of the government need to be forward looking, thus the government built the Marina Bay Sands because it can create more job opportunities in Singapore, it serves as a tourist attraction which boosts the tourism industry and therefore boosts the economy and that this will elevate Singapore’s international image in the worlds which will attract foreign countries’ attraction therefore attracting more foreign investors to invest in Singapore and this will in turn create more jobs. Therefore, Singapore’s will enjoy economic growth. For example, international brands such as Prada and Gucci can set up outlets at the shopping mall in the Marina Bay Sands.
  4. 4. Marina Bay SandsThe Marina Bay Sands also serves as a recreation place for Singaporeans. It has the casino for Singaporeans to enjoy and that is has a very nice landscape so that people can enjoy the scenery and relax. It is located near the Central Business District which makes it convenient for Singaporeans working there to come go and relax and wind down after a hard day’s work
  5. 5. ArtScience MuseumThe ArtScience Museum is designed as a symbolic gesture of welcome to guests from across the globe. This shows that the government anticipate change and stays relevant as this will not only boost the number of tourists visiting Singapore but also this can be enjoyed by the Singaporeans as this educates the younger generation. This will make the younger generation more knowledgeable and thus when they grow up, they would become more competitive and this makes Singapore more competitive in the world.Thus more foreign investors would want to set up their company branches in Singapore and this would create more jobs, therefore boosting Singapore’s economy.
  6. 6. Waterfront PromenadeThe government built the waterfront promenade is forSingaporeans to enjoy the paranomic view of the city skyline.This allows Singaporeans to come and relax and take a breakfrom the buzzing city life. This is a convenient place to go asit is located near the central business district. The governmentforesee that this help to improve the productivity of theworkers as they have a place to relax and thus this can boostthe economy especially because Singapore has a low birth rateand rely on increasing productivity for the country’s progress.
  7. 7. Central Business DistrictThe central business district is where all the commercial and financial districts are located at. The central business district shows the growth of the economy in Singapore and that all the foreign investors will set up their company branches in Singapore at the sign of a good economy and this will create more jobs and boost the economy in Singapore. The government is efficient therefore the central business district is thriving the economy.
  8. 8. Clifford PierThe Clifford Pier site including its adjacent former Customs Harbour Branch building has been safeguarded for conservation. The government did so because it is to remind Singaporeans of the history of Singapore so that Singaporeans do not forget their roots and take everything for granted. It is to educate the Singapore and its function serves as a reminder that due to the efficient government, Singapore is able to progress to what it is today.
  9. 9. Marina Bay Link MallThe Marina Bay Link Mall is an example o anticipating change and staying relevant. The government foresee that with Singapore’s progress comes the need for more buildings to be built. Yet due to the lack of land the government must built more buildings, thus the government decided to built the Marina Bay Link Mall. This is a shopping mall situated underground so that it would not take up too much land space in the Marina Bay area in which the land can be used for other more important needs in the future.
  10. 10. Marina Bay City GalleryThe government built the Marina Bay City Gallery as it enables Singaporeans to get a birds eye view of the city, find out fun facts about Marina Bay and chart the growth of Singapore. This will educate Singaporeans and the younger generation and that this will inspire the younger generation to be as forward thinking and creative as the government anticipates change and stays relevant. This will help improve the competitiveness of Singapore in the world and bring about economic growth.
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