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mblj_Lee Rong Huan_3S1_31

  1. 1. Marina Bay’s Contributions Strong visitor arrivals More spending per capita, and spending at “integrated resorts” have all helped fuel strong tourism receipts for Singapore Further support the city-states continuing growth as a major business and financial hub in Asia.
  2. 2. Marina Bay’s Contribution State-of-the-art office space and transport infrastructure provide seamless connectivity for companies and professionals to grow and exchange business ideas
  3. 3. Marina Bay SandsGood government planningReclaimed landSpace for recreation
  4. 4. Marina Bay Sands Opportunities for people to explore new living and lifestyle options Exchange new ideas and information for business Entertained by rich leisure and cultural experiences Commercial, residential, hotel and entertainment, to ensure that the area remains vibrant round the clock
  5. 5. Marina Bay Sands Attract tourism and foreign investments Promotes globalisation
  6. 6. Foreseeing planning Reclaimed from the sea from the 1970s to provide room for the long-term expansion of the city, Marina Bay is planned to seamlessly extend from the existing Central Business District (CBD) at Raffles Place. This long-term approach to planning allowed Singapore the unique competitive advantage of developing Marina Bay as a new growth area adjacent to the existing city centre.
  7. 7. Foreseeing planning The development parcels at Marina Bay will be based on an urban grid pattern and extended from the existing city grid network to ensure good connectivity. This grid framework has been developed to allow for the flexible amalgamation or subdivision of land parcels into plots of different sizes, including larger land parcels to cater for buildings with large floor plates to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency for financial institutions.
  8. 8. Foreseeing Planning Sites in Marina Bay are zoned White site to allow developers greater autonomy and flexibility in deciding the most appropriate mix of uses for each site, including housing, offices, shops, hotels, recreation facilities and community spaces. This increases the potential for mixed-use developments and encourages live-work-play communities.
  9. 9. Space for Recreation  Extended place fore recreation which encourages people to relax and enjoy  This helps to improve quality life  With better recreations, people who work in Singapore will be motivated to work to contribute more to Singapore’s economy
  10. 10. Examples Every effort is made to provide sophisticated infrastructure that offers modern conveniences and reliable access to utilities provisions. A comprehensive underground Common Services Tunnel houses telecommunication and utilities networks in a “plug-and-play” format, with 100% emergency backup services and the capacity for expansion to meet changing utility needs. A district cooling system also ensures uninterrupted 24/7 operations. Marina Bay is also well-equipped for digital lifestyle with an established Wi-fi infrastructure.
  11. 11. Examples Another key infrastructural project is the Marina Barrage which is a dam built across the Marina Channel to form Singapore s 15th reservoir and first reservoir in the city. The Marina Barrage creates a freshwater reservoir to boost Singapore s water supply, acts as a tidal barrier to prevent flooding in the low- lying city areas, and offers a spectacular venue for water-based recreation in the heart of the city.