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Mblj_Coral Ng Yue Shan_3s1_04

  1. 1. Name: Coral Ng Yue Shan Class: 3S1
  2. 2. Introduction of Marina Bay In the 1800s, Marina Bay was a place where many ships land at for immigrants, investors and traders to work, live, and trade in Singapore. Previously Marina Bay was adjoined to the sea. However, due to the land reclamation of Marina Bay, the place has changed, and the water flows into the bay now instead of directly into the sea. Now due to the good governance in Singapore and the advanced technology, Marina bay has changed to a place mainly for tourist attraction. Examples like malls, parks, casinos, etc. were built for tourist attraction.
  3. 3. Clifford Pier The Clifford Pier was built in 1933. It was a landing point of the sea passengers and immigrants. It was also know as the Red Lamp Pier. The Clifford Pier had been changed to Marina South Pier in 2006, to a retail, hotel centre, leisure and entertainment, This reconstruction was important to Singapore because the reconstruction would benefit Singapore in increasing the competitiveness between the other neighbouring countries. The benefits of the change of Clifford Pier are more investments, entertainment and jobs.
  4. 4. Clifford Pier These benefits of Singapore’s economy are linked to one of the Principles of Governance, “Leadership is Key”. With honest and capable leaders, Singapore’s Stability would be maintained and right decisions would be made for Singapore. This would in turn earn the trust and support of the public. One of the right decisions made was reconstructing the Clifford Pier to enable it to become a place for tourist attractions, investments, leisure and it creates more jobs for people to boost Singapore’s economy. Therefore, this shows how Marina Bay helped Singapore sustain its growth in the 21st century.
  5. 5. A ‘Green’ Singapore There are a few eco-friendly structures being built and designed for environment conservation purposes. One of the in which is the eco-friendly detectorfan whereby it converts solar energy from the sun into electrical energy and to kinetic energy, to allow us to enjoy the wind produced by the fan on a windy day and it helps conserve energy as it uses sensors and we will not waste electricity if we were to forget to switch off the fan.
  6. 6. A ‘Green’ Singapore Another thing that conserves the environment is land conservation. The government conserves land by keeping a piece of grassland plain, meant for leisure, to fly kites and exercise. This will also help reflect on Singapore’s environment of being clean and green.
  7. 7. Marina Bay Link Mall Marina Bay Link Mall is an underground shopping mall to conserve land space as the government felt that something useful can be done to that space. Not only can it attract more investors to invest in the underground mall, it can also allow the people taking public transport to buy things along their way when taking the MRT which helps people spend their waiting time.
  8. 8. Marina Bay Link Mall This idea, which benefits the public, is linked to ‘Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant’. The government anticipates changes and is forward looking. Therefore the government can see the benefits of conserving the land to built a shopping mall in Marina Bay not only for relaxation but also for economic growth like more foreign investments will be made in the country.
  9. 9. Marina City Gallery The Marina City Gallery shows the buildings of the whole of Marina Bay. There were also some descriptions about the different buildings being built like the Esplanade. The buildings were shown in different colours: grey and white. The grey buildings represents the old and past buildings that had already existed even before Marina Bay Sands was built. While the white buildings represents the present and new buildings. There are also a few transparent buildings which represents the future buildings that would be built in future.
  10. 10. Marina City Gallery This shows ‘Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant’ as the government looks forward to the future and plans to build more buildings that would probably help Singapore to sustain its growth in the 21st century by improving Singapore’s economy.
  11. 11. Marina City Gallery In the gallery, I have learnt that Marina Bay’s development is important because it helps Singapore to stay competitive with other neighbouring countries by improving the standards of Singapore and attracting more foreign investors in Singapore so that Singapore will grow economically.
  12. 12. Marina Bay Now in Marina Bay, there are banks, parks, mall, hotels that makes Singapore more competitive and connected to the world. This is due the good governance in Singapore which allows so much changes which leads to growth in economy. Now there are Parks, shopping malls, casinos to help entertain tourists and people in Singapore, which helps improve the quality of our life.
  13. 13. Marina Bay Sands It serves as a tourist attraction which attracts tourists by setting up malls and attracting foreign investors to invest in the malls. It attracts tourists all around the world as there’re different types of brands all over the world like Gucci, Chanel and Fendi. This was made possible because of the good governance in Singapore where the government is forward looking and decides to plan this to attract tourists.
  14. 14. Credits Google images