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Mblj tan wei rong 3_s2_37

  1. 1. Social Studies Project Assignment Tan Wei Rong 3S2 (37)
  2. 2. Question• Explain how Marina Bay serve as a model to the Principles of Governance deployed to help Singapore sustain its growth in the 21st Century
  3. 3. Contents• The Four Principles of Governance• Marina Bay Sands• Clifford Pier• A ‘Green’ Singapore• Marina Bay Link Mall• Marina City Gallery
  4. 4. The Four Principles Of Governance• Leadership is Key• Reward for Work and Work for Reward• Stake for everyone, Opportunities for all• Anticipate Change and Staying Relevant
  5. 5. Marina Bay Sands
  6. 6. Marina Bay Sands• Created to help contribute to Singapore’s economy ;attracting tourists and creating more jobs for the people.• Anticpate Change and Staying Relevant; Our government have anticipated that Singapore has a suitable port, thus many tourists visit Singapore and the Marina Bay Sands was build to further help out to attract tourists to Singapore.
  7. 7. Clifford Pier
  8. 8. Clifford Pier• The pier was used as a landing point of sea passengers and immigrants who came to seek a new life in Singapore.• A stake for everyone, opportunities for all; The government changed Clifford Pier into a tourist attraction used for entertainment and creating jobs and investment for the people. This will help to boost Singapore competitiveness against other countries in terms of economy.
  9. 9. A ‘Green’ Singapore
  10. 10. A ‘Green’ Singapore• Anticipate Change and Staying Relevant; The eco- friendly found in the previous slide is powered by solar energy• Energy conservation is important in Singapore as Singapore does not have its own resources and rely on other countries for it.• If the other countries stop supplying Singapore with resources, Singapore will surely crumble and fall.• Thus, our government is trying to think of ways for energy-conversation at the same time saving money to buy resources from the other countries.
  11. 11. Marina Bay Link Mall
  12. 12. Marina Bay Link Mall• Anticipate Change and Staying Relevant; The Marina Bay Link Mall was created underground due to the land constrains that Singapore are facing.• This is a way of land conservation as there is MRT operating underground too.• The government fully utilize the land and make good use of it.
  13. 13. Marina City Gallery
  14. 14. Marina City Gallery• Anticipate Change and Staying Relevant; The Marina City Gallery was built to help people know and see of the buildings that are important to Singapore and the buildings that Singapore plan to build in the future.
  15. 15. THE END