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  • 1. In 1970, land reclamation was carried out at Marina Bay,forming what is today the Marina Centre and Marina Southareas. In the reclamation process, Telok Ayer Basin wasremoved from the map, while the Singapore Rivers mouthnow flows into the bay instead of directly into the sea.
  • 2. There are many newly built buildings for example MarinaBay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, Shoppe at Marina BaySands etc.
  • 3. Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting MarinaBay in Singapore. Developed by Las Vegas Sands, it is billedas the worlds most expensive standalone casino propertyat S$8 billion, including cost of the prime land.
  • 4. MBS is an integrated resorts which have many shops, hotels and casinos.Since the tourist will have to stay in hotels, they will shop inplaces near the hotel this contributes to Singapores economy astourist will spent money there.The casino also contributes to Singapore’s economy as whentourist present their passports, they can enter the casino free ofcharge while Singaporeans have to pay S$100 for entering thecasino.
  • 5. The government of Singapore also played an important rolein the development of MBS. There are 4 main factors sothat the MBS can be completed also called LARA.
  • 6. Without a good leading team, the MBS will not havesucceed as good leaders are needed to accomplish theproject. Marina Bay will remain in the way how it will look afew years ago and the downtown of Singapore will still bein Orchard and not Marina Bay
  • 7. • From the MBS, it is shown that the government of Singapore is anticipating changes and staying relevant. This is because casino is a place where many people nowadays like to spend time in, by staying relevant, the government of Singapore introduced the IR (Integrated Resorts) which is very successful and earned a lot of revenue. By anticipating changes, the government also introduced daily entry levy of S$100 for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. This will discourage Singaporeans and PR from entering the casino. The government also set up helpline for problem gambling and also allow family members or relatives of gambling addicts to ban them from entering the casino.
  • 8. Like…
  • 9. All the people that help to develop MBS arerewarded, especially the Las Vegas Sands so that they willthink Singapore is a place that is worth developing and willcontinue to develop in Singapore.
  • 10. Corresponding to the previous factor, the developmentMBS is open to many people so that it providesopportunities for them to realise their full potential. Thisgives everyone a role in society like decision making in thedevelopment of MBS.
  • 11. • The Marina Bay has transformed into the center of tourism hub and the new Downtown of Singapore. All this will not be possible if there is no MBS. This also shows good governance in Singapore is important as without good government MBS will not be possible and Singapore will not be able to maintain its tourism sector and also eventually cause Singapore to lose its footing as a tourism hub.
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